What Everyone Needs to Know About a Best Blog Host?

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In This Post, We’ll Talk About What Everyone Needs to Know About a Best Blog Host?

Let’s admit this.

Many bloggers fail because their hosting doesn’t support them.

They keep facing many hosting-related issues, keep raising support tickets and experience a lot of downtime for their blog.

Which ultimately brings their ranking down, because Google hates downtime.

I have gone through this phase, so I can understand your feeling.

Your hosting is the backbone of your blog. If it’s not strong enough, then it can hurt your blog terribly.

In this article, we are going to talk about one of the best blog hostings that you can use to host your blog and make it perfect from every perspective.

Let’s understand about WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

Many of the newbies get confused while selecting a right platform.

I have seen that most of them are confused between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Let’s understand this first.

In short – WordPress.com is FREE but it has a lot of restrictions and you’ll have to pay extra money to remove all those restrictions.

But still it’s a good option to start your online career at free of cost.

Why WordPress?

There are many CMS (content management systems) which you can use to start your blog, but the flexibility and freedom that you’ll get with this CMS is unmatchable.

  • You can enhance the functionality by installing plugins
  • WordPress is an open-source CMS
  • Optimizing WordPress is much easier than any other CMS
  • It’s more SEO friendly
  • WordPress visual editor is very easy to work
  • WordPress has very big user base community
  • Managing categories, tags, pages is very easy

So we highly recommend starting your blog with self-hosted WordPress.

To have a smoothly running WordPress blog, you need a quality web host.

So let’s talk about best blog hosts now…

Since the beginning of our blogging, we’ve been told one thing by the experts.

And that is: Use High-Quality Web hosting.

Now we know this.

Then we always want to look for discounts from different web hosting companies!

Why do we buy a web hosting account on every Christmas or Black Friday?

Because discounts attract us.

So, this is pretty much clear, we don’t get attracted with the web hosting service, we just get tempted by the discount.

We only see the discount, not quality.

I mean, some of us – not we all.

Got my point?

It’s a fact that we love discounts.

Top Companies in Internet Business utilize discounts for sales and promotions.

Godaddy loves to keep offering the customers different discount deals. They surely get success with this strategy, because I’ve personally availed their many offers, especially a discount on .com domains.

But when it comes to the quality, we need the best web host for our blogs.

Because you don’t want these things to happen:

  • Decline in search engine ranking
  • Slow Page load speed
  • Bad user experience
  • Frequent server downtimes

In this article, I’m going to share some insights on blog web hosting + psychology of buying + offering to let you understand what do you need to know about best blog hosting sites.

Probably, you’re new in the blogosphere – Congratulations, you’re about to enter one of the charming industries – but, remember, hard work is the key, and secondly, the more you learn, the more you earn.

That was for beginners.

If you’re a pro blogger or want to be a pro blogger, means you’ve launched your blog. It’s not the end; it’s just the start.

Don’t think that:

  • You don’t need to learn further about Web hosting.
  • You just have to focus only on content creation now.
  • You’ve installed SEO Yoast, and no need to do anything else.
  • You know about keywords targeting, and that’s it.

The biggest setback of having an approach of ‘knowing all’ is we stop learning. We don’t look for new things. We don’t want to explore new areas.

This might blow your mind.

Be ready.

One thing is sure.

After reading the next part of this article, you will feel a change in your buying behavior for web hosting.

Do you want to know why?

Keep reading…

How Do We Buy a Web Hosting Service?

Normally we get influenced by the peers or top guys that recommend or using the hosting service. We assume that if they’re using that, it means it’s worth it.

And, most of the decision making ends here.

Some of us keep on digging into it.

Everett M. Rogers coined the theory of Diffusion of Innovations in 1962 to portray the buying decision and buyer types.

This theory explains the buyer types – In every kind of buying process, you might come across these kinds of customers.

Let’s simplify this for web hosting business.

Bloggers and Webmasters who aren’t proficient with web hosting services, VPS management, and Dedicated Servers knowledge look for reviews and recommendations.

It’s not bad at all. Keeping an eye on the industry’s trend and norms help you to avoid going off the track.

Following are the ways that web hosting customers adopt to find out about web hosting companies:

#1. By reading the reviews

Web hosting reviews is one of the popular methods to find out about web hosting services. Bloggers, Webmasters, and Internet marketers write their reviews on the products and services they use for personal and business sites.

#2. By observing the community

Observation is an essential tool to get success in any kind of business. Smart bloggers don’t make a decision without the consideration and satisfaction. They keep on looking and finding the alternatives. They keep on looking for the options to choose, and whenever they need to pick one, they have an option under their fold.

One of the ways to know more and more popular web hosting services is by looking at the footers of the blogs. Almost all bloggers mention their web hosting (with referral links) on the footer.

#3. By finding through search engines

You won’t make it to the home in this buying process if you don’t dig into the search engines. Take some time out for searching and look into it.

You might find a dozen of options.

Without knowing the options (web hosting companies), how would you find the reviews for them?

What Do You Need to Know About the Best Blog Host?

Besides the search terms, reviews on top blogs, and recommendations from the influencers, there are certain things that set the criteria of whether or not to buy a web hosting service.

It’s time to analyze what are the credentials that make any web hosting service best and necessary for our blog, because the fact is, you might find a couple of ways to optimize your WordPress blog, you’d be able to decrease the images size with tools like WP Smush or Compressor.io, you’d definitely like to read about MAXCDN caching system to reduce the server load.

CloudFlare helps many companies and bloggers to make their sites and blogs load easier.

But, the things you would realize after start using a blog host are valuable.

And, you deserve to know that what it takes to become a best blog host.

Take a look:

#1. Product Offering

Top web hosting companies offer different solutions with their shared web hosting and VPS plans – Some attract customers with low pricing while some pull customers with their discount deals.

From full-proof security to secured checkout system, and reasonable pricing to amazing features, each and everything that counts valuable for customers come under the product offering.

It’s exactly what is being offered.

Data protection, backup system, uptime guarantee, resources addition & easy allocation and much more options add value to the (web hosting) product.

The product offering helps a customer to differentiate the service from another service provider in the same business line.

#2. Packages and Pricing

The pricing comes after the analysis of the product offering. If there isn’t anything worth impressing, then a customer might not move forward towards the package and pricing.

At this stage, a customer doesn’t make the mind, but he/she would be near to make a decision. And the price might be a game changer.

We all know what a customer wants.

A customer wants a better product in the low price.

Experts never pursue the pricing – they consider it though, but more rely on the productivity, effectiveness, and quality of the service.

Because they want to focus on the business, not on web hosting, which is why they pick up the best hosting service.

#3. Customer Assistance

The importance of customer assistance can only be judged in the hour of need. Imagine, you just purchased a VPS Cloud Plan from a random web hosting company, and you forgot the procedure to setup the server…

In that panic situation, the support guidelines written on the host website seem to vanish in front of you.

Sounds similar?

Did you face this situation when you purchased your first VPS plan?

It happens to some people. But, it’s all right.

Do you know that 24/7 live chat support, fast and quick ticketing system, knowledge base are the basic customer assistance tools everyone should check in any web hosting service?

#4. Quality and Reliability

No matter how many discounts the web hosting company offers or how quick they are in fixing up the problems, the quality of the servers will remain the top criterion for the performance review.

The quality will be the utmost concern for the new customers who would be seeking to jump to any web hosting service.

In order to host the blog, a blogger must consider a quality web server in the first place, because pricing, customer care, or offering do not matter, if the server provider is unable to provide the quality service.

Pingdom is an incredible service to analyze the site performance as far as web hosting server is concerned.

Looking for the downtime reminder?

Try UptimeRobot.

Your Turn

Are you ready to move your blog?

Tired of seeing down times?

Well, better late than never.

What do you think about using the best blog hosting for your blog?

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