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How To Hire Hosting Services And What Is It? A-Z Tutorials

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How To Hire Hosting Services in 2023: Learn Here…

When you decide to start an online adventure, whether it is a blog, an eCommerce, or anything else, the first thing you have to know is that for this you will have to hire a hosting service, among other things.

Well, surely if you are a novice like me, the first thing you are interested in knowing, what is really a hosting service? I hope with this post I can tell you, in a language easy to understand. Let’s get to the mess!

What is a Hosting service?

But to talk about hosting, it is essential to know that it is a hosting service, and we can say that it is an online service, which is responsible for archiving and accumulating the files that your website has chronologically.

If you want some simple similes to understand, hosting is like a kind of library, which you hire to improve the efficiency and functionality of your page.

It is also known as a kind of virtual hard disk in which all the information of your website is stored, generating great support to the site making it more stableimproving the experience of users who visit your site and ordering it so that they can have a pleasant trip on your page.

In short, a hosting service is, said for newbies, where it will be to save all the information you want to be seen on your website, and that is accessible 24 hours a day. (forgive those who know more, I know that here many details are missing.

How to hire hosting services: What you need to consider

It would be important that when looking for a hosting service, we had clear several important aspects, such as the capacity we need or the simple fact that we need it because there are many who fall into various errors when hiring a hosting service.

In your case, and if you are a novice like me, surely if what you want is to start publishing on the network, you will not have any idea what you are going to need exactly, so at this point do not worry.

When you take a while, or “suffer” the process of how to migrate your websites, you will begin to really value some hosting and others. Soon I will tell you my personal experience, and what I really suffered (and still do) when migrating my websites.

At this point, what interests you to know, is that although not all hosting are the same, the important thing is not to fall into the trap of those supposed services, but that what they intend is to deceive you.

What should my hosting service have?

Despite all this, there are many page managers who are still not well informed about the subject of hosting, bringing with them a lot of known problems in the online community, since there are millions of sites that offer “supposed” hosting, and so many users and bloggers have been scammed. Friends, if you don’t know, the price matters, but below a minimum, it is impossible to be offered a decent service.

It is of the utmost importance that when hiring hosting, you are clear about some points that can prevent you from having real problems, once you get started with your online project.

  • What will be the real cost, after the first 6 or 12 months?
  • What type of support do they offer you and what is their scope. (telephone, via mail, 24h,….)
  • Real storage of the hosting to be contracted.
  • Control panel language. (if you don’t even know English, you may have a problem)

As I said at the beginning, basically when hiring hosting, you are paying a virtual company to store all the data that is on your page and that you can manage them correctly, knowing all this, it is important to know the aspects to take into account when hiring hosting services in order to avoid a scam of any of these who are looking for uninformed to get money.

Important aspects to hire Hosting

At the time of hiring a hosting service it is important that you take into account certain points, since if the service lacks these elements you will be using poor quality hosting:

Even if all plans are different, they must be clear with the specifications

In a way, most hosting plans have different aspects that make the site functional, however, all must handle certain elements such as explaining the capacity of the same, the payment method and functionality, the type of hosting, and who generates the support.

The hosting is not the same based on the functionality of the page

It is important that you know how to determine the difference between static and dynamic hosting. Static is characterized by being efficient in pages of static content, that is, those with simple HTML formats.

On the other hand, those of dynamic format is characterized by being used in pages of greater transit and interaction of users, Research Wikis, discussion forums of topics, pages with great multimedia capacity are characterized by having dynamic hosting.

Companies that offer you services that are too cheap are usually fake

Surely, we can say that we have all been deceived by the internet because sometimes you seem to have discovered an incredible advertisement and it only turned out to be a trap, the same happens with hosting, so be very careful of the extremely cheap, although surely you can find many good offers, as my mother would say, “nobody gives hard to four pesetas.

Which hosting company do I contract?

In this case, I am going to talk to you from the point of view of a Novice Blogger, and do two exercises, the first of what I have been able to investigate on the network, and the other about my personal experience when hiring a hosting service. (it’s short but intense I assure you)

When choosing your hosting service, it is evident, as I told you at the beginning, that you do not fall into the networks of a virtual scammer, since on the technical aspects, once you go to a trusted page, they will cover your needs for sure.

Best Hosting Hosting Companies Around the World

As there are an infinity of suppliers in the global market, I leave you only some, of the best known, that you can hire by entering their pages

  • Hostgator, one of the most famous and is available for about $ 3.96 per month
  • iPage, another of the most reliable and safe, costs $ 2.25 per month
  • FatCow, offers a great quality of service and a nice interface, $3.67 per month
  • Bluehost, offers incredible multi hosting packages, however, it is one of the most costly since it is paid $ 6.95 per month
  • com.RU, another of those that offer an incredible service with affordable prices of 4.95 $ per month.

My recommendation with the hiring of a hosting service

I started my career in the network a little over a year ago. And if I’m a Rookie now, you can’t imagine then. At that time I decided to hire a hosting service thanks to the recommendation of a Blogger, which I usually read. The hosting I hired was that of Webempresa

After a few months, I thought I had made a mistake since it seemed to me that my hosting service was very expensive, and I didn’t think it offered me so much.

I decided to switch to another hosting, and I opted for 1 & 1, much cheaper, and supposedly with unlimited capacity. In the latter case, only a few weeks after that change, I have been able to assess that not all hosting is the same.

In a few weeks, I will tell you my experience in the migration of my websites from one hosting to another, and I will go into the details, I will leave you my opinion as a user of each of them, and where to hire it.

  • 1 & 1: It is a hosting that is fundamentally characterized by its price, very economical, and by the amount of space they give you. If you are just starting out, and do not want to spend a lot of money, it may be your option, but in my opinion, it is not a hosting service for newbies, since you must have a minimum knowledge so as not to be totally lost. Also, the support service, which must be by phone, leaves much to be desired and you may have the feeling that you have been left “stranded”. In any case, you can hire the hosting service here.
  • Webempresa: Hosting service of some Spaniards. For me, and after a year of having used it, it has the best support service I have ever known. They attend via mail, and super fast, to others, they give you support on the applications you install. You can hire your service here. It is more expensive than 1&1 and space is greatly limited. Although if you are just starting out, you will have more than enough.

I hope this post has helped you, although believe me, that as you are going to turn on is tinkers in your hosting service, whatever it is, and giving you headbutts against the desktop.

Remember, leave me your opinions in the comments and if you want to follow me closely, subscribe to our newsletter.

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