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As the internet is maturing the existence and web applications are emerging, web development is becoming essential for proper growth of business on internet. Either you are dealing with products or any type of services web development make your work easy to be done on the internet and gives some lots and lots of advantages with high increase in revenue as with web development you can hit the international market as your target market.

Web development is also referred as “back end” of a web site. Web development makes an impact on the result of web page and has a very little influence on the design of the site. In the beginning of the internet era, world was being provided with the simple HTML in which no one could get the sense of freedom to show his products and get order or do the marketing in proper way. As the time goes on and the need of selling products to whole world without visiting on the globe physically, Web development came into being. Through this newly born technology on the internet people save a lot of money which they used to spend to spread there products or services across the world.

Currently there are many companies which are developing software just to enhance the performance and enabling more and more features in web development. Web developments technologies might include ASP, PHP, MySQL, XML, XHTML, DHTML, JavaScript, AJAX and much more.

Now, most importantly, what actually web development offers? In answer to this question, there are many features web development is providing to be used, two of them are listed and explained a bit here.

Content Management System (CMS): This system is the core of web development and used to manage contents of a web site, providing the facilities for the creation, modification, archiving and removal of information resources from an organized repository usually saved in a database. While using standard HTML, it will be a static page, if change is required in text or an image is to be updated, changed or added then it means to modify the page manually and upload it to the server again, and for doing this much either you have to be a web programmer or you have to hire a one to do this little task. On the other hand, talking about CMS based web site, text or images are not used to be written on the page, this material is being pulled from online database when a user request a page.

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Order Management System: This system accepts order on the websites from customer or clients globally, process it independently, and monitor the status of order. Some of the main tools used by Order Management System are: store fronts, shopping cart, online forms and payment processing.

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