How to Fix iPhone Doesn’t Charge Problem?

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Despite the prime excellence of Apple products or any other mobile devices for this matter, there have been times when they have been known to malfunction due to various reasons. Sometimes, it is the application problem on the software side and sometimes the hardware side like the phone or the accessories.

A common issue faced is that the phone has stopped charging. Looking to solve this, we have decided to answer the queries that ask – ” why won’t my iPhone charge?”-  with the guide “How to fix iPhone that won’t charge”.

But first, let us have a glance at the device’s history:

  • The Apple iPhone was first released in 2007.
  • It is the highest-selling smartphone on the planet, with more than 15% of all smartphones being iPhones.
  • The latest Apple iPhone to release was the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S
  • All Apple iPhones operate on the Apple patented iOS operating system
  • Each year, a minimum of two iPhones have been launched since it was first launched in 2007.
  • There are two types of iPhone chargers: the 30 pins and the lightning pin charger.

Answers to Why Won’t My iPhone Charge!

Finally, before we get into the topic of how to fix your non-charging iPhone, here’s a guide on some myths revolving around this phenomenon:

  1. I need to replace my iPhone’s battery: There is little chance that your iPhone isn’t responding because the battery is dead. The battery is charged only with a get-go from the software component of the phone.
    So, overcharging and battery corruption is actually a rare phenomenon with the iPhone if it occurs at all. Buying a new iPhone battery probably won’t help you very much.
  2. If I leave it alone for long enough, it will switch off and start charging later: Some may find this incredulous, but sadly some people do think it’s true that if you leave your iPhone alone long enough, it will fix itself (magically) – this is sadly not the case.
    This idea originates from hardware booting devices, where malfunctions are fixed with a simple reboot. While this may sometimes be the case with separate components such as the camera, it does not happen with the battery as it is software controlled.
  3. If it’s not switching on, I can’t fix it myself: While this may surprise others, this is not always true. If your iPhone will not turn on, it can be soft reset back to a working condition by pressing the wake/sleep button with the home button and keeping it pressed for about a minute or till the Apple Inc. Logo appears.

So, now that we’ve passed that, let’s take a look at what could be the problem and how you can fix it. If your phone isn’t charging and it’s not a software problem, it’s usually an issue with the wall socket adapter, the USB cable or the charging socket (port) on your iPhone.

The Wall Socket Adapter: The wall socket adapter is the part of your charger that connects to the wall sockets. This is a secondary accessory to your USB cable, but if your iPhone isn’t charging it may be the result of this tiny device malfunctioning.

The easiest way to check if it’s working is to borrow a friend’s adapter and try to charge with your USB cable.

The USB Cable: Checking the USB cable is a good idea to find out if it’s the cause of your iPhone not charging. Start by inspecting it for fraying or damage (especially if you have a dog); the cable is usually frayed at the part where the cable connects to your iPhone.

If this is damaged, it might be time to find a new cable. Other than this method, you can consider using a friend’s USB cable with your wall socket adapter like you did for the wall socket adapter or to your computer.

If it doesn’t charge, then the problem is probably with the cable or the charging port.

The Charging Socket (Port): Damage to the charging port can be disastrous. To check it out, take a close look at it to detect damage. If all you find is some gunk buildup, then use a soft bristled clean and dry brush to clean it out. A new toothbrush or shaving brush would work best.

This issue was prevalent in most of the iPhones earlier, and Apple considered this problem seriously. Well, once none of these works, claiming the warranty is definitely the best option as you get a genuine and trusted result on what you expected from your phone.

Usually, when you claim for the warranty, most of the time Apple has replaced the phones with new ones and there are very few cases where they were repaired.

In this article, we have briefly discussed about the consequences of why Apple phones won’t charge or suddenly stops charging in between.

Throwing some light on the hardware side was something, which is quite essential as many of the blogs emphasize on the software side. Yes of course it is, but it is equally important to deal with the hardware issues as well.

So, the hardware problems we have spoken about might help you understand how to maintain them and use them.

This article must definitely have helped you learn how you differentiate between a software and a hardware problem, which will further help you diagnose your phone in a better way whenever it stops charging.

In the next article, we will discuss about how to use the iPhone more efficiently and also will co-relate the same with how much battery you can save by following the steps we discuss about.

Well, the fact that the battery strength and the performance of the phone are directly dependent on how we use it cannot be denied.

Stay tuned on the blog for more such usage and troubleshooting guides. If you’ve any queries on why won’t my iPhone charge, post your questions here and we’ll get them answered.


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