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Wondershare Filmora is video editing software designed specifically for Mac users. It was created by a Chinese corporation whose extensive software suite aids in the creation of high-quality films. It was previously known as Wondershare Video Editor and has received far more attention and popularity than its Apple equivalent, iMovie, which is a polished video editing application.

WF is one of the greatest video editing tools for beginners and pros, allowing users to make amazing films on their Macbook.

Is Filmora a secure platform?

The application is completely safe to use, and both the installer and the program’s executable files have passed Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes AntiMalware’s virus and malware scans. The Mac version likewise passed Drive Genius’s tests.

The official website’s installation application connects directly to their servers to ensure that you’re getting the most recent and reliable version of the software available. It does not attempt to install any unwanted adware, add-ons, or other third-party software during the installation process.

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Is Filmora free?

Wondershare Filmora coupons

Filmora is not free software, however, it does provide a full-featured free trial with one limitation: exported videos are watermarked with a Filmora banner over the bottom third of the output.

There are two primary purchase options: a one-year license that must be renewed yearly for $39.99 (or $44.99 for the Mac version) or a lifetime license for $69.99.

These licenses are only good for one computer, however, multi-seat licenses are also available on a sliding scale based on the number of copies you want to use at the same time.

If you already purchased the software but misplaced your license key or are reinstalling it on a different computer, you may recover your license key by selecting “Retrieve Registration Code” from the “Register” option at the top.

This will take you to the Wondershare website’s help area, where you may input the email address you used to purchase the product. You will then get an email with your registration code, which you may input to reclaim full access to the product.

Features of Wondershare Filmora

Here are the most pleasing features of Wondershare Filmora:

The majority of video editing software includes capabilities for doing basic editing tasks. Some examples are:

  • Trim: The ability to reduce the length or duration of movies.
  • Merge: This tool allows you to mix or merge two or more video segments into one.
  • Crop: A scissor-like tool for removing undesired portions of movies or a portion of a clip.
  • Aspect Ratio: You can choose a certain ratio, such as 16:9, to improve the appearance of your videos.
  • Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation: This tool allows you to change the color and brightness of video footage.
  • Rotate: This tool allows you to modify the clip’s orientation.

You may speed up or slow down video or frames per second depending on your needs.Filmora has a number of powerful tools that allow users to produce amazing films. Among its sophisticated features are:

  • Color tuning allows you to assign a specific color code to films that appear to be lacking in quality. To further improve your film, there are 45 color presets.
  • Color adjustment of films and photos is possible with 3D LUTs (Lookup table files). Tint, lighting, vignette, HSL, and temperature are among the color adjustment options.
  • The Pan and Zoom tool allows you to create and adjust animations to static photographs.
  • The Title Tab allows you to add words to the screen by choosing titles from the library. However, Filmora does not allow you to create your own titles.
  • Filmora includes a built-in screen recorder that may be used to make tutorials or how-to films. To begin recording your demonstration videos, run the tool from within the program.
  • Users may add text, effects, and overlays to the video track using the Magnetic Timeline function. When recording from a WebCam, it also aids in altering frame rate and resolution.
  • Green screen or chroma-key footage is supported by this video editing program.
  • Motion Paths: Filmora’s face identification technology allows users to link items and speech bubbles to a face or thing.
  • Scene Detection: This function analyses video clips for scene changes and cuts them to make editing easier.
  • Picture in Picture (PIP) is a nice feature that allows you to overlay smaller films into a larger one.
  • Flash & Hold: This is a one-of-a-kind function found in just a few video editing programs. Flash & Hold allows you to blur and fade films as well as generate fading still photographs.
  • Play in Reverse: This unique option accessible exclusively on Filmora allows you to play films in reverse. Auto Enhance: This automatic tool lets you change the contrast and brightness of the videos.


If you are a professional who routinely creates films and movies, Wondershare Filmora is one of the greatest options you can make.

It includes various complex capabilities that allow you to quickly produce spectacular films. Filmora has 500+ effects and filters, slow-motion effects, graphics support, and even a screen recorder to enable you to produce a wide range of films.

It is an excellent video editing program for both beginners and pros.

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