Top 16 Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins 2023

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Are you willing to easily build and customize your WordPress site? So you should have a look at these WordPress page Builder Plugins.

As these,  WordPress Page Builder Plugins will let you create, edit along with customizing your site’s layouts just without writing any codes here.

At the starting of a blog, many WordPress beginners mostly find it difficult to change or customize page layouts right on their sites.

Many of the premium WordPress themes come with different layouts and really they are extremely hard to customize who is not having any knowledge of HTML and CSS.

That is the time when many users ask how they can make WordPress drag and drop?

Don’t worry you will get many WordPress Page Builder Plugins that are mainly available for WordPress. Here they will allow you to customize each component on your site just without writing any single line of code.

These components include adding multiple columns, parallax background, content slider along with full-width images and more. Here users can simply use these components as the blocks to build their own layouts right within the WordPress Themes.

Here in this post, we have compiled a list best WordPress Page Builder Plugins that will help you in customizing your WordPress site effectively. So let’s get started with the list here.

List of Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins

1) Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder

Here this one is the premium WordPress drag and drops page builder. No doubt this one is the best WordPress Page Builder Plugins on the market.  This plugin is extremely fast and mainly comes with a built-in on-boarding tour that will rapidly familiarize the users with the interface.

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It comes with a live drag and drop interface. Here you will get to see all of your changes as when you will add them just simply by dragging the elements from the right sidebar along with directly dropping them on your page.

Here you can simply click on any elements right on the page to simply edit its properties. It has many basic and advanced modules that mostly cover almost everything you are willing to add.

There are many modules to add sliders, carousel along with buttons and content blocks. This one is really very easy to use for beginners.

2) Elementor


Here Elementor is another powerful drag and drops page builder for WordPress. This one is mainly built from scratch to ground up the speed and you will immediately notice how fast it is.

Basically, this one is the live page builder plugin that truly indicates you will get to see all your page live as you will be editing it with Elementor. You can simply create sections along with the number of columns for each section.

You can simply then drag and drop the widgets from the left panel right to your section. Here, Elementor comes with tons of widgets that include the most commonly used website elements.

It will provide a basic text widget to the accordion, sliders along with testimonials and social media, tabs, and here all the widgets come with their own settings.

3) Divi

Basically, Divi is a drag and drop theme along with a WordPress page builder. This one is an extremely easy-to-use theme right with the 20+ layouts and templates for many different kinds of websites. Here you can easily save and create your own Divi layouts.

You can also export layouts right from the Divi installation into another. It also comes with tons of elements that you can easily drag and drop right anywhere in the layouts. Its pricing starts at $69 per year.


4) Themify Builder

Somehow if you are already using s WordPress theme by Themify then this builder is already a part of your theme. And if you are not using the theme then you can simply get the Themify Builder plugin.

This one is a really simple and intuitive page builder that provides easy-to-use modules that you can simply add right to your pages and the posts.

Here these plugins will also allow you to simply edit the pages right from the admin area along with your live site. With the live editing, you can simply get to see exactly how your change will work and appear on your site.

It also comes with easy-to-use layouts that you can simply apply directly to your pages.


5) Page Builder by SiteOrigin

No doubt this plugin is really having more than one million installs, and this one is one of the most popular WordPress Page Builder Plugins in the market.

The best part about this plugin is, it’s absolutely free, and this plugin is fully functional.  Here, Site Origin Page Builder is fairly easy to use and work with any of the standards.

This plugin will allow you to simply use WordPress widgets and it comes with many widgets of its own. You can also download and install any of the widgets.

Here it will also provide a history tool that will definitely allow you to switch back and forth in order to undo/ redo changes that you have already made. No doubt this plugin is a really huge time saver and you can easily revert and undo the changes.


6) Visual Composer


Basically, this one is a premium WordPress plugin that has many tools which will make the WordPress page easy. It mainly brings several modules and more than 60 pre-made layouts and it will also offer many multisite supports.

You can simply make the correction either from the admin panel or from the site itself.

Here visual composer comes with two types of editors the one is a WordPress website with a backend schematic editor or by building process right to the fronted to watch all the live results.

Right with few clicks you can make rows and columns of the page, drag elements around the pages. It also offers a “Shortcode Mapper” that really grants to add third-party shortcodes right to your visual composer elements.

Visual Composer

8) Thrive Content Builder


Here, Thrive Content Builder creates beautiful and impressive content and layouts. This one is the ultimate tool for anyone to develop a marketing website along with business-focused tags.

Here you can simply edit anything, but here it mainly makes a huge difference right to your content creation experience along with the quality and productivity.

The main advantage of having this editor is everything that happens immediately as possible. And here you don’t have to wait for the things to load or going through the multiple steps in order to add or edit the content right on the page when any change is needed.

With this Thrive Page Builder, you can simply create beautiful testimonials that is one of the powerful elements that can be simply added right to the pages.

It is fully responsive and it will let you create many layouts and it has mobile-friendly designs along with animation effects.


9) Visual Editor Custom Buttons


Visual Editor Custom Buttons mainly offer accessibility while creating the content. In order to create fantastic posts, here a format of the post plays an important role.

Basically, plugins are the best way to modify anything right on the sites. Here many plugins like the Visual Editor Custom Buttons mainly provide a way to add and remove the tools along with buttons.

Here this plugin is more advanced than that and it brings many significant numbers of readily use buttons along with the icons. You can also add your own.  Right with this editor, you can also add the bottoms right in the visual editors and in the HTML editor too.

Visual Editor Custom Buttons

10) Fronted Builder


Here, Fronted Builder is one of the plugins that help you in creating an application. It is mainly useful and small, but really this one is the powerful plugin that mainly allows editing, managing along customizing the site just without the backend interface panel.

It is possible to add a variety of the page’s elements along with viewing immediate live results and removing the errors instantly.

It basically requires less time in order to introduce the basic elements like images, videos and buttons, etc just without remembering any of the shortcodes.

Basically, it is equipped with many options like “live editing” where you can easily add, remove along with changing the features right from the basic level to the advanced ones.


11) Page Builder by Pace Themes


Here this one is a simple plugin and an intuitive page builder that will help in creating the custom layouts and it is really very easy to use. It also brings the common tools right for customization with the routing module and the pre-built layouts.

It also creates pages and posts right with the dynamic layouts and it has complete control all over the content of any page along with the CSS and typography. Here your content can simply adapt to any of the display sizes.

It also includes modules that will really allow you to insert the contents along with custom modules without using any codes here. It also supports the WordPress widgets that can be simply added anywhere in the content.

Here some of the benefits that it mainly works with any of the themes, icons along with fonts and it is developer-friendly.

13) Tailor Page Builder


This plugin, Tailor Builder is basically built with the latest WordPress coding standards, which really makes it a powerful application platform. Here it will expose some of the endpoints along with offering developers to collaborate with the Tailor-specific resources types.

It mainly builds beautiful layouts for the content in a faster and easier way. It also retrieves element types along with all the saved templates and the items of the given pages.

This plugin is very easy to use and it mainly supports WordPress features like multimedia, shortcodes and it also supports many built-in widgets.

Here this plugin will also control the global layouts settings along with the specific layouts settings along with adding the CSS and JavaScripts.


14) MotoPress Page Builder


Here this one is another competitively priced front-end page builder. Here you will have to go and paid add-ons for the common elements like the pricing tables along with the contact forms.

But here the base plugin mainly includes the elements you will need for any of the pages. Here you will have access to the buttons, grids along with sliders, and many more.

And if you are using MotoPress Theme then it will integrate nicely to help you in customizing the theme. Here the front-end editor is not as fluid as many of the other plugins. No doubt, in terms of price this theme will truly nail it.


15) WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress


Here, WPBakery Page Builder is one the best top-selling page builder plugin at the CodeCanyon. It powers over 2 million of websites on the web. This plugin also provides the front-ended as well as the backend content editing experience.

Basically, its just not a backend editing tool but it is one of the feature-rich WordPress front-end editors.

Mainly this plugin comes with 50 predefined content elements that you can simply drag and drop anywhere right on your website pages. It also has 100+ predefined layouts that you can use in order to build your pages. It also offers optimum page-building possibilities.

16) Cornerstone 

Basically, Cornerstone is one of the premium WordPress Page Builder Plugins which is mainly available at CodeCanyon. And it is one of the most powerful and popular plugins there on the market.

This plugin is a mainly 100% front-ended page builder that basically works with the pages and the posts.

Here this approach will definitely make your task much better simply by reducing the time you take while saving the changes along with prewiring it in another tab and window. It also has more than 40 elements that can be easily dragged and dropped anywhere right in your pages.


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EndNote: Top 16 Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins 2023

Now you have got the list of vital website editor WordPress Page Builder Plugins that are mainly available to enhance your work. I hope this post- List of best WordPress Page Builder Plugins suits your purpose well.

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These are Top 16 Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins that are mainly available to enhance your work.


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