Yoast SEO Plugin Setup WordPress: All Settings For Yoast SEO

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In This Post, We’ll See Yoast SEO Plugin Setup WordPress.

Today you will know 14 Critical Steps which are related to Yoast SEO Plugin Setup.

With the help of Yoast SEO Plugin on WordPress, you easily rank on the first page of Google Search Engine.

In today’s time, Yoast SEO is considered to be the most advanced plugins of WordPress, with the  help of Yoast SEO you  can make your post  SEO friendly so that your post can be ranked on the first page of Google Search Engine .

So let’s go without any break to learn more about this article on  How To Install And Setup WordPress Yoast SEO Plugins Step by Step Setting.

Type Of Yoast SEO Plugins:

There are two types of Yoast Plugins available. One is Free and the other is Premium Features, if you are a Beginner’s then use the same features as Free because you get all the options inside it. With which you can easily get ranked in Google Search Engine.

Yoast Premium Features

The Free Plugin You  Single Keyword  can Target, and  Yoast Premium Plugin  You  Five Keyword  can Target to.

So in today’s post of Yoast SEO Plugin Setup, you will learn to use Free Features in today’s 2020 Best Yoast SEO Guide..

Yoast SEO Plugin Setup WordPress:

Yoast SEO Plugin Full Setting

Setup —A  First you login to your WordPress Dashboard, after that your WordPress Dashboard will open.

Setup —B   As soon as your WordPress dashboard will open, after that you go to the menu of the menu bar in the left side and click on Plugin Option.

Setup —C   As soon as your Plugins page will open, you will get the option of Add New in the top side, click on it.


Setup —D   After this, you  will get the option of Search Box in the right side of the Plugin page,  you go to it and   search by typing Yoast SEO . Yoast Plugin will be shown in front of you.


Setup —E   When your  Yoast Plugin Tool  will be  shown, then you install  that plugin by clicking on Install Now . In a few seconds your  plugin  will be installed  .

Setup —F   As soon as your Yoast Plugin is installed, after that you will have  to activate this Yoast Plugin ,  you click   on the Activate Option to activate it, in no time  Yoast Plugin will be activated and the Munu of the Left Side of your page The show will start in

Let’s start setting up Yoast Plugin / Lets Start Yoast SEO Plugin Setup?

So friends, let’s learn all the setting from the beginning to the end of Yoast Plugin in the post of Yoast SEO Plugin Setup related to Step by Step SEO. Which you can get more and more organic traffic by using it on your website.


Note:- The  first option comes in Yoast Plugin of  General  , in which we set the Dashboard, after that we   also see the setting of Features .


“Setup —1”   When your Yoast Plugin is installed, first of all we have to complete its settings, to set it, you have to click on SEO in the menu, after that the page of General will open, then first of all you have to Its  configuration has to be done , so let us learn to do  Step by Step Yoast SEO Configuration .

Configuration Wizard

“Setup —2”    Here first you have   to click on the Configuration Wizard , as shown in the picture below.

When you   click on the Configuration Wizard, then the  Environment  page will open in front of you , if your website is fully ready to be indexed, ie live, then you can select A and click on Next.

Note: –  If your  Site Index  does not Ready for the Under Construction  to B to Select K And click on Next.
  • If your  website is live  or live to index then select on A.
  • If your  website is under construction  or is not ready for index then select on B.

“Setup —3”   After this, what kind of website is your website, this option will appear in front of you, many options will be visible in front of you,

To which your website is related. You same  to Select the Option , if to your Website Select the Option of a Blog then A Blog, to Click on then click Next.

“Setup –4”  After this the option of Company or Person will appear in front of you, if you are creating a website or blog for a company, then select the company, if you are creating a website or blog for your own, then select the  person. Then click on Next .

Search Engine Visibility

“Setup —5”   After this the page of Search Engine Visibility will come in front of you, in this you have to tell whether you want to show your Post or Pages in Search Engine or not,

You leave this option as Yes, do not change it, click on Next. Because  SEO is done for Google Search Engine  only.

Multiple Authors

“Setup —6”   After this you will have the  option of Multiple Authors , if you have  Multiple Authors on your blog then select No, if you want to run your own blog then select Yes and click on Next.

Do you know what is SEO?  And why every  successful blogger uses SEO  on the article of his blog or website, and   what are the benefits of SEO in a successful blogging field.

Title Settings

“Setup —7”  Now the  Title Settings  page will open, in which you  add the title of your blog  and according to you select the title separator and click on the next option.

“Setup —8”  After this,  if you want to get your website tracked through  Yoast Plugin, then let it be on Yes, if you do not want to be tracked, then select No and click on Next. Your configuration setup will be completed.


“Setup —9”    Here we move to the second option of our General Function, in which you will learn about the setting of Free Features of Yoast Plugin Step by Step very easily.

SEO Analysis: –  First of all we get the option of SEO Analysis, where we prepare our post, then we get an option of SEO Analysis below,

With which we can make our post SEO Friendly. It tells Green (Good), Medium (Improvement), Red (Problems), so leave it  enabled .

Readability Analysis: –   This  option  tells to show the short to long word of your post’s paragraph and sentence in a good way in your post. So let it be enabled as well.

Cornerstone Content: –  This option  marks all the most valuable content in your post . You can turn it off.

Text Link Counter: –  This option counts all the text links in your posts and pages, it counts all those text links. You can turn it off.

XML Sitemap: – In this option, we can  generate XML Sitemap of our website and  whatever you want to index your posts or categories in Google Search Engine, you   can still  keep it on .

Ryt Integration: –  This option keeps checking the Search Visibility of your website every day   , so you can turn it off.

Admin Bar Menu: –  This  option keeps showing Yoast SEO’s menu in your top  navigation . So you turn it off.

Security :-  No Advanced Setting For Author : – By turning on this option, the author  cannot remove the post from the  search engine , only Admin can remove it.

After doing all the settings in the Feature Option of General Function, click on  Save Changes  . All the setting  of your  Feature Option will be saved. Setup

Webmaster Tools

“Setup-10”   we add to different search engines to rank our blog post first   so that our website can be ranked in different search engines, and from that we bring traffic to our website post. Could.

So let us see in our post below that in which search engines we can add our post, so that we can grow our site.

Baidu Verification Code: – By adding  the URL of our blog’s home page to Baidu’s Search Engine, we can add our site to Baidu’s Search Engines by pasting that search engine’s Verification Code in the Baidu box given below.

Bing Verification Code: – In  this search engine, by submitting the URL of your home page to Bing  ‘s search engine, you can add your site to  Bing ‘s search engine by pasting that verification code in Bing’s box below.

Google Verification Code: – In  this search engine also, you can add your site to  Google’s search engine  by submitting the URL of your home page to Google Search Engine and pasting that verification code in the box of Google given below.

Yandex Verification Code: – In  this search engine too, you can add your site to Yandex’s search engine  by submitting the URL of the home page to Yandex Search Engine , like Google,  and pasting that verification code in the box of Yandex given below. Is.

“Setup —11”  After indexing your site in the  different Webmaster Tools given above  , you click on the option of Save Changes. Here in our  Yoast SEO Plugin Setup , the setting of General is completed, below we will read about Search Appearance.


Yoast SEO Plugin Setup In  the next setup of WordPress  , the option comes in Search Appearance, in which we will first talk about General Option, let’s start learning about this setting.

General :- In  this plugin,  it is very important  to set up the General Option, in this we tell the Google Search Engine on which topic our site has  been made  so that if a user searches the topic  related  to you, then your site can be shown in that result. .

Title Separator: – In  this option, the way you    can put Title Separator , that Sigh Show will start in the title of your post, you can select any one of these options which you want.

Homepage: –  your posts in this Option  to Fill the Title  which one of your Homepage  Unique Title  to become.

SEO Title: –   Here you can give the title of your homepage.

Meta Description :- In  this option, you can type a Best and Unique Description of your website   so that if someone searches your site in Search Engine, then it can show a  Unique Description  .

Knowledge Graph And Scheme. Org: –  If you are making a site for any optimization or a company, then select on  Organization  or  Company  , if you are making your site for yourself then select  on Person .

Prasonal Info :- In   this option you select the name of your User Admin Panel. After this, you add the logo of your website below so that your website can look unique.

“Setup —12”   Let us talk   about the Content Type of Search Appearance, in which we will get to learn many things related to Content.

Show Post In Search Result :-  Friends, if this option tells you to show your post in Search Engine Results, then you should leave it as Yes.

Show SEO Setting For Post: –  When you write the post, you get the option of SEO Optimizing at the bottom   , select it on Show so that you can optimize your post better.

SEO Title: – In  this option, you select the title of your post so that your post can have a better title show.

Meta Description :- In  this option, you should leave your Meta Description blank so that when you type your post, you can add Meta Description of your post at that time.

Page Setting

“Setup —13” Show Page In Search Results: –  If you want to index the page of your website, then click on Yes, you should leave this option selected on No.

Show SEO Setting For Page: –   If you want to SEO Optimize the page of your website, then click on Show, you can click on Hide this option.

SEO Title: – In  this option, you should leave the SEO title blank.

Meta Description :- In  this option, you should leave Meta Description blank.


“Setup —14” Media :- In   this part we will know about Media related Media & Attachment URLS in which we will read about Media URL.

Media & Attachment URLS :-  Friends, when we upload Image or Videos in our WordPress Blog Post, WordPress automatically creates Attachment URL of that image or video which is not of our use, then you leave it as default. .

“Setup —15”   we will see in this part about Taxonomies, friends, let us do step by step setting of this part also.

 Taxoomies Catagaries 

Show Catagaries In Search Result :-  If we want to index our site’s Catagaries in Google Search Engine then click this option on Yes, if you do not want to index then click on No.

SEO Title: – In  this option, you should keep the title of your categories as By Default Blank.

Meta Description :- In  this option, you should keep the Meta Description of your website as  By Default Blank  .

Show SEO Setting For Catagaries :- In  this option  , you should leave By Default Hide only.

Do you know what WordPress is?  And why does every  successful blogger use WordPress  and what are the benefits of using WordPress in the blogging field.

Tag: –   If you want to add the tag given in your post to Google Search Engine, then you can index your tag.

Show Tag In Search Results: –  If you want to index the pages of your website in Search Engine, then click on Yes, if you do not want to index then click on No.

SEO Title: – In  this option, you should keep the SEO Title of your page as By Default Blank.

Meta Description :- In  this function, you should leave your Meta Description blank.

Show SEO Setting For Tag: –  You can also show Show SEO Setting in your page, you can also hide it.

Farmats: – In   this option , you should leave the option of your Formats to be By Default Desable only.

Catagaries URLS: –  You should leave this option as simple as the default, with this option there  will be no problem created on your site.

“Setup -16”    Let   How To Set-Up Yoast SEO Plugin Setup  is Sikte in this post  Search Appearance  of  Archives Setting  about Step By Step

Archives Author Achieves:-  Enable Yoast Plugin’s option of setting this setting  only if you have more than one author on your site, if any user wants to see any post written by your author, then he can click on that author and see it. could. If you work alone on your website, then you should leave this option disabled.

Date Archives Settings: –  If you want to show all the posts of your website with date, then enable it or else disable it.

Special Page: –  Do not change anything in this option, you should leave this option as default.

In “Setup —17”  , we know about the important setting of breadcrumbs which are most important.    

If a user is visiting your site, then it tells your user where your post is placed on your website. It works as navigation at the top.

You should set this settings according to your theme or template, because friends, most themes or templates already have this option, so there is no need to enable it, you should leave this option disabled.

“Setup —18”    friends, now we will see   about the last setting RSS of Search Appearance, which we can setup and complete all the  settings of Search Appearance   .

RSS: – In  this option you do not need to set anything, if you have good coding knowledge, then according to the variable show that is happening in Niche, you can set up RSS.

In “Setup —19” , we will learn   to set up the Facebook Option of  Social Function  easily.    

 Facebook Setting: –  If you want to share your post on social media, then enable it, if you do not want to share your post on Facebook, then leave it disabled. If you enable it, then some of the options given below come openly.

Facebook App ID :-  To avoid URL Blocking  your post on Facebook,  fill your Facebook App ID in this option.


Frontpage Setting 
  • Image URL: – In  this option you can upload a unique image of your homepage.
  • Title: – In  this option you fill the Unique Title of your homepage.
  • Description :- In  this option you can setup the description of your homepage.

 Default Setting

Image URL: – In   this you can upload the images of your homepage to the image.

Here we also learn about setting up Twitter Share Option in our Yoast Plugin.

Add Twitter Card Meta Data: – In  this option, we should enable it so that our image can be shown on Twitter in a good way.

The Default Card Type To Use: – In  this, select you on Summary With Large Images, so that your Feature Image is visible from Twitter Achhe.

Pinterest: –  Let us teach friends how to set up Pinterest in our Social Option.

To set up our social media like Twitter, we fill our Twitter’s  Confirmation Code  here.

Do you know what is WordPress Dashboard? And how does WordPress Control Panel work? If not, then definitely read this post of ours which will prove useful for you.

Tools – Yoast SEO

“Setup —20”   Now we do the last  setting of Yoast SEO Plugin Setup  , in which we will get 3 options, in which we will first  import and export  and then after  setting up File Editor and third  Bulk Editor Functions of our Yoast SEO Plugin. Sadi setting will be completed.

Import and Export: – In  this option, you can import the backup of your other SEO Plugin’s setting in it and we can also download and export the data of our Yoast SEO Plugin.

File Editor: – In  this option you can edit Robots.Txt of your site.

Bulk Editor: – In this function you can add different title and description to your website in search engine.

Final Word :-

I hope you   must have taught in How To Set-Up Yoast SEO Plugin Setup • 14 Critical Steps, the setting of Yoast SEO and the post of Yoast SEO Plugin In would have proved useful for you.

Note: –   If you have not understood any setup of Yoast SEO Plugin, then you can ask us by commenting.

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