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1Win Affiliate Program Review 2024: Is It Worth Promoting?

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  • Multilingual platform
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  • User-Friendly Interface


  • Admin fees may be charged

The 1Win Affiliate Program is a partnership program offered by 1Win, a popular online casino and sports betting platform. By participating in this program, individuals can earn a commission by promoting 1Win’s products and services.


Are you finding a fun way to make some extra money while surfing the internet? That’s how I found the 1Win Affiliate Program and now it’s your chance to do so.

It’s a cool way to earn money by sharing info about 1Win’s stuff. I thought I’d try it out, and guess what? It’s pretty neat! You don’t need to know a lot about technology or selling things.

If you’re looking for a simple way to make some extra cash, this might be just right for you. Keep reading, and I’ll tell you all about why the 1Win Affiliate Program is a great choice! 🌟

What is 1Win?

Before diving into the 1Win Affiliate Program, let’s first understand what 1Win is. Knowing about 1Win helps us get why their affiliate program is interesting.

1Win Affiliate Program Review

1Win is a big name in the betting world. It’s one of those top online betting platforms that lots of people use.

Imagine this: over 19 million people across more than 200 countries bet with 1Win. That’s a lot of people, right? And guess what? More and more folks want to join in.

Keep reading because I’ll explain how the 1Win Affiliate Program works and some cool features it offers.

Don’t miss out on these details! 🌍🌟

What is the 1Win Affiliate Program?

The 1Win Affiliate Program is a partnership program offered by 1Win, a popular online casino and sports betting platform. By participating in this program, individuals can earn a commission by promoting 1Win’s products and services.

Overview Of 1Win Affiliate Program

This document will provide a detailed overview of the 1Win Affiliate Program, including its advantages, requirements, and commission structure.

Advantages of the 1Win Affiliate Program

1. High Commission Rates

The 1Win Affiliate Program offers competitive commission rates to its partners. The commission percentage varies depending on the type of player referred and the revenue generated.

They’ve got two ways you can earn: RevShare and CPA.

  • RevShare:

This means Revenue Sharing. When you’re part of this, you get a piece of the earnings from the players you bring to 1Win. How much? Well, it starts at 50%.

So, if the players you refer bet and 1Win earns, you get half of what 1Win makes from them. Pretty cool, right?

  • CPA:

This stands for Cost Per Acquisition. In simple terms, you get paid for every new player you bring to 1Win who meets certain criteria. The cool part? You can earn up to $250 for each of these players.

So, if you’re good at getting folks to join and play, this could really add up!

2. Wide Range of Promotional Tools

1Win provides its affiliates with various promotional materials and resources to help them promote the platform effectively. This includes banners, text links, landing pages, and customizable marketing materials.

3. Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Affiliates have access to a dedicated affiliate manager who can provide them with guidance and support throughout the partnership. The manager can assist with marketing advice, promotional materials, and tracking progress.

4. Transparent Tracking and Reporting

1Win provides its affiliates with real-time tracking and reporting tools to monitor their affiliate commissions.

Affiliates can track clicks, conversions, and earnings, allowing them to optimize their campaigns for maximum results.

5. Lucrative Bonus Programs

The 1Win Affiliate Program also offers various bonus programs to motivate its affiliates. This can include referral bonuses, performance bonuses, and periodic promotions.

Who can Join 1Win Affiliate Program?

Wondering if you can join the 1Win Affiliate Program? The great news is, it’s open to just about everyone! Whether you’re new to this whole thing or you’ve been in marketing for a while, 1Win welcomes you.

The program is super flexible, so it’s perfect for all kinds of people. Here’s who can really shine in the 1Win Affiliate Program:

Anyone Eager to Learn:

You don’t need to be an expert from the start. If you’re excited and ready to dive in, 1Win is ready for you. They even have resources to help you learn about betting and online casinos.

Website Owners and Bloggers:

If you already have a website or blog about online gambling, casino games, or sports predictions, you’re in a great spot. You can use 1Win’s marketing tools to make money from your existing audience.

Social Media Influencers:

Are you big on social media and have followers interested in gaming or betting? Then this program could be a new way for you to earn.

Bloggers and Vloggers:

Content creators who focus on gaming, strategies, or reviews can find a good fit with 1Win.

Marketing Pros:

If you know your way around SEO and affiliate marketing, 1Win can be a great place to expand your skills.

The bottom line? 1Win is open to everyone – from gaming enthusiasts to marketing experts. It’s a place where you can grow, learn, and start earning, no matter your background or experience level! 🌟💼🎲

Commission Structure

The 1Win Affiliate Program offers a fixed commission structure based on the type of player referred and the revenue generated. Affiliates can earn commissions on the following products:

1. Casino:

Up to 45% of the casino revenue generated by players referred.

2. Sports Betting:

Up to 45% of the sports betting revenue generated by players referred.

3. Live Casino:

Up to 45% of the live casino revenue generated by players referred.

The revenue share percentage is calculated by dividing the total revenue generated by a player by the total amount of revenue generated by the platform during a specific period.

The exact commission amount is calculated based on the specific terms and conditions of the 1Win Affiliate Program.

Signing up for the 1Win Affiliate Program is super easy, and I’ll tell you how to do it.

First, you need a working phone number and an email address. These are important because you’ll use them to talk with your personal manager at 1Win.

The cool part? You don’t have to go through a bunch of extra steps to verify your account. Once you sign up, you’re all set to start!

Remember to check your email after signing up. Why? Because 1Win will send you a welcome email.

This email is packed with all the info you need to get started. It’s like your guide to the affiliate program.

Here’s a tip: When you’re talking to your personal manager, share your achievements and tell them about your audience.

This matters because your earnings (like how much you make for each person you bring to 1Win) can depend on your experience and how many people follow you. So, the more you share, the better it might be for your earnings! 📧

Withdrawal of Income

Getting your money from the 1Win Affiliate Program is pretty straightforward. Let me talk about how and when you can do it.

1. When to Withdraw:

You can take out your earnings every Tuesday. That’s the day 1Win makes payments.

2. First Withdrawal Condition:

Before you can withdraw for the first time, there’s a small task. You need to bring in more than 10 people who deposit at least $70 each.

Don’t worry, if you haven’t hit this target yet, your money won’t disappear. It’ll just wait for you until you meet this goal.

3. Ways to Withdraw Your Money:

1Win gives you several options to get your cash. You can use:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Cryptocurrency (like BTC, USDT)
  • Webmoney

And a bunch of other methods

So, you’ve got plenty of choices to pick what works best for you. Whether you’re into cards, crypto, or other ways, 1Win has got you covered.

Just remember to hit that initial target of 10 people, and you’re good to go for withdrawals! 💳💰

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Conclusion: 1Win Affiliate Program Review

The 1Win Affiliate Program offers an attractive opportunity for individuals to monetize their online presence by promoting 1Win’s online casino and sports betting products.

With its competitive commission rates, a wide range of promotional materials, and dedicated affiliate support, the program provides affiliates with all the necessary tools to succeed.

By joining the 1Win Affiliate Program, individuals can generate extra income and gain valuable experience in the online gaming industry.

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