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11 Best Basic Computer Courses List for Beginners That You Should Know in 2024

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If you are a student, you are probably in one of the most exciting times of your life. Up until the 10th grade, you are expected to learn about things like geography, history, different languages, and more. You learn the basics of each of these subjects, and you don’t really get to choose which ones you want to learn more about.

The trouble starts, though, after you finish class 10. After class 10, you have to choose a stream, such as arts, commerce, computer science, or science. You can pick any one of these.

You have to choose your stream based on what you like and don’t like, what you want to do in the future, and other things. You should be very careful about which stream you choose. This will determine how your career will go in the years to come. So, this is one of the most important choices you will have to make in your life.

There are, however, a few independent paths you can take. In this article, we’ll talk about computer classes that are good for people who are just starting out. The article talks about some classes that will help you get a good job and build a good career.

11 Best Basic Computer Courses List for Beginners That You Should Know in 2024

Best Basic Computer Courses

The computer is one of the most important things you can study if you want to start your own business. Computer courses are in high demand right now, and this is one of the most useful ones that can help you get a good job. India’s IT industry is one of the ones that is growing the fastest in the world.

It is also one of India’s most important industries in terms of making money. So, this could be a good opportunity for you, and you could think about taking a course in computers.

Due to the growing need and popularity of the profession, there are a lot of short-term and long-term courses available. Start by taking a basic computer course, and then choose a career path that interests you. But you should make sure you’re really interested in the course before making any decisions. This is not going to be an easy class, and you will have to put in a lot of hard work.

Computer Courses and their demand these days

Well, in the modern-day, technology is an integral aspect of everyone’s life. In addition, an increasing number of businesses are utilizing increasingly modern technology to improve and develop their operations.

There is an increasing advantage for professionals who are well-equipped and schooled in some of the most fundamental computer courses.

Soon, the IT industry will be the greatest revenue-generating industry in the country, and as an IT expert, you will be in high demand. Therefore, you may begin by enrolling in a foundational course in the field and then choose the precise course in which you wish to excel.

The selection may be made based on your desires and interests. Before undertaking any endeavor, you should be cautious and perform your own study, since this may make or break your career.

If you are truly interested and willing to put in the effort, enroll in the course, and you will be prepared for a successful career in computer-related courses.

List of 11 Best Basic Computer Courses List for Beginners

Course Name Course Duration Eligibility
Web Designing 4 Months to 1 Year After 12th Pass
Certification Course in Computer Technology 6 Months to 1 Year After Graduation
VFX and Animation 2 Months to 3 Years After 12th Pass
Tally 4 Months to 2 Years After 12th Pass
Microsoft Office and Typing Courses 3 Months


After 10th Pass
Cyber Security 10 months to 1 year After 12th Pass
Software and Programming Languages 1 to 2 Years After 12th Pass
Diploma in IT or Computer Science 1 to 2 Years After 12th Pass
Hardware Maintenance 3 Years After 12th Pass
Digital Marketing Course 1 to 12 Months After 12th Pass
Adobe Photoshop Course 2 Years to 3 Years After 12th Pass

What Are The Basic Computer Courses List for Beginners? 

1. Web Designing

This is one of the best courses you can take if you want to learn about computers from the ground up. In a course on web design, you will learn how to keep and improve a website in many ways. You have to learn different languages, like Java and others.

What Are The Basic Computer Courses List for Beginners?  Image credits to

Most of the time, this is a one-year course. But there are also courses that take less time.

Short courses that last between three and four months are also easy to find. But if you want to work as a web designer, taking the one-year course will help you a lot. After you finish this course, you will have no trouble finding a job or starting your own business.

2. Certification Course in Computer Technology

This is thought to be one of the best courses for learning how to use a computer. This course is best for people who are just starting out because it not only teaches you about computers but also covers a lot of topics that are important to the industry.

In this course, the main things you learn about are MS programming, MS Excel, accounting, desktop publishing, and others. This course is great if you are just starting out and want to work in computers.

11 Best Basic Computer Courses List for Beginners Image credits to

3. VFX and Animation

Here, we’ll talk about another interesting computer-related course that can be a great place to start for people who are new to the field. Animation is a very difficult course, but it can lead to a very good career.

You will learn a lot about many different things in this course, such as animation, 3D, graphic design, and more. There are now a lot of colleges in India that offer this course.

This subject is in high demand, especially in the movie business. People today love these kinds of movies. People, especially kids, like these kinds of movies. Visual effects in movies is another area where this kind, of course, could help you get a good job.

Visual effects are a very important part of a movie. If you take this course, you can look for a job in the same field. The pay for this job is also pretty good, and if you’re willing to put in the effort, you can do it on your own.

4. Tally

A first-year course in Tally is pretty interesting. Also, if you take the time to learn this basic computer course, you can make a very good living from it. This is a course that has to do with accounting and is used by both private and public companies to keep track of all financial transactions.

Even if you already know the language, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest versions. This can be a very useful course and help you keep good records in an organized way.

If you learn this, it will open up a lot of doors for you, and you can make a good living and have a great career in this field. The National Institute of Technology (NIIT), which is one of the best places to take the course, is one of the best places to do so.

The latest version of the language is taught in the course at the college in Durgapur. After you finish this course, you can be sure that it won’t be hard to find work in private institutions.

5. Microsoft Office and Typing Courses

The Microsoft Office and Typing course is another basic but important course you should take. It is very basic in the sense that not only people who have studied computer science but also people who have studied other things should know about it. We will talk about MS Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint, and other parts of Microsoft Office.

11 Best Basic Computer Courses List for Beginners- Microsoft Office and Typing Courses Image credits to

These topics are very important for many different kinds of jobs. So, we strongly suggest that you pay close attention to these topics because they are very important for many roles.

For instance, if you work in finance, you will be expected to know how to do different things in both Excel and PowerPoint. This is why this course is important.

You can take a typing course if you want a typical typing job. This isn’t too hard to do, and it will speed up how fast you can type. Taking such a course will make it easy for you to get jobs like data entry jobs.

6. Cyber Security Courses

Cyber security is an area that is becoming more and more important every day in the modern world. So many banks and other financial institutions have a lot of information about their customers. Some of this information may be very sensitive and keeping it all safe takes a lot of work and technical know-how.

Cyber security comes into play at this point. This is an important field to study because keeping sensitive information safe is very important. Appropriate cyber security helps keep people safe and protects the business as a whole.

If you go into this field and finish the course, you’re likely to get a job as a security specialist. Not only that, but you can also start your own thing on your own. This will help you grow and make a lot more money.

This course is getting more and more important over time, and it will only keep getting more important in the long run.

7. Software and Programming Languages

This is one of the most basic courses you could take if you want to work in the field of computers and want to do something with software and programming languages.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can hire experts at AssignmentCore to do your coding homework from scratch.

You will need to know how to use computer languages like Java and others if you want to learn how to use different programs. This can give you a great chance of working for well-known software companies like TCS, Infosys, and others.

Software and Programming Languages Image credits to

If you work for one of the well-known companies above, your chances of going abroad and making a career there will increase by a lot. You will make a nice amount of money in the end. There are both long-term and short-term courses that will help and are available.

Programming languages like Java, C++, C, and Python can be hard to learn if you don’t know the basics of how to code. So, if you want someone to do your programming homework, codingzap can help you learn how to code and program.

8. Diploma in IT or Computer Science

There are two options for enrolling in the course. The first is achieving the requisite grade in standard ten and finishing it successfully. If you have finished the 12th grade in the scientific stream, you may be able to enroll in the IT diploma program after completing the 12th grade.

In addition, you must have mathematics as one of your 12th-grade science major topics.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the sector of IT, this course is quite beneficial. By doing so, you will have simple access to the nation’s leading software businesses.

This will also make it easier for you to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the IT profession. You will become a software developer if you follow this path.

The computer science class is similar to the one described previously. This course introduces and familiarises students with software applications, programming languages, hardware applications, and other related subjects. The courses listed above provide excellent job prospects and a highly well-established and acknowledged professional path.

9. Hardware Maintenance

Last but not least, hardware maintenance is another basic course you can take that has to do with computers. This is a good path to take if you’re not too interested in software products or engineering in that area. In the hardware maintenance line, you’ll learn a lot about how to take care of the hardware.

You can learn how to fix different kinds of hardware and become an expert at it. You can also do this on your own or work for a company as a professional. If you do this as a job, you will also make a good amount of money. In addition to hardware, you can also do networking.

You learn a lot about computer parts like printers, monitors, and other similar things. If you’re willing to work hard and are interested, this is a pretty interesting course.

As the above article shows, there are a lot of basic courses you can take if you want to learn about computers. But before you sign up for any of the above courses, you should do your own research and then sign up for a course. This is a very important class, and you can’t afford to take it lightly.

You should only take a computer course if you really want to learn about computers and are willing to work hard for it.

10. Digital Marketing Course

One of the most interesting courses around the world right now is digital marketing. Online marketing is what every business wants to do, so the need for people who work in this field is growing every day. Digital marketers can easily get jobs with higher pay at different companies.

Also, they can start their own business in digital marketing and make more money. If you want to learn how to do online marketing well and make a good living, you might want to think about taking this course.

Digital Marketing Course Image credits to

Depending on the institute or online learning platform you choose, this course can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

Digital marketing is a way to reach your target audience using online tools like social media, emails, search engines, and others. Unlike the traditional way of marketing, you don’t have to do any of the marketing activities in person.

By taking this course, you will learn everything there is to know about online marketing and be able to work for the company of your choice. You’ll also learn how to create and run digital marketing campaigns for the company where you work.

After you finish the 12th grade at a recognized university or board, you can sign up for a digital marketing course.

If you want to start a career in marketing, this course is exactly what you need right now. You can also take the course at the PG level. So, if you have a bachelor’s degree and are looking for a marketing course, you can sign up for this one.

Digital marketers have a lot of options for jobs. In the world we live in now, every business is moving its marketing to digital platforms to get better results.

This is why there is a lot of need for digital marketers in India. Digital marketers can start making as much as 4 lakhs per year and can make as much as 25 lakhs.

Some of the best jobs for digital marketers are SEO Executive, Email Marketer, SEO Manager, Social Media Manager, Content Marketer, Digital Marketing Consultant, etc.

11. Adobe Photoshop Course

Every day, more and more people want to take the Adobe Photoshop course because editing photos and making graphics are so popular. One can take an Adobe Photoshop course if one knows how to use editing tools. The course teaches how to use Photoshop to make graphics and edit pictures in any way you want.

In simple terms, the course is about making, designing, and editing images. It also has a user interface for organizing workspaces, making illusions, refining selection, and doing other things that are similar.

This course is usually offered at the undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and diploma levels, and even at the doctoral level. By taking this course, a person can work as a web designer, a logo design specialist, a graphic designer, a costume designer, a website designer, etc.

It is one of the most popular courses and one that changes quickly.

It will give you a good future. Many design and editing companies and photo studios need skilled workers who know how to use Photoshop. This course will teach you everything you need to know about Photoshop.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any way I can develop computer skills by taking basic courses in computers?

Some people think that basic computer courses are not as good as other computer courses, but this is not true. Here are some common computer skills that can be learned by taking a basic computer class.

Graphic design, database management, using an operating system, computer programming, using productivity software, communication tools, digital marketing, and so on are all computer skills.

Remember that these basic computer skills are very useful and important if you want to work in the IT field.

  • Do I gain any benefit from taking a basic computer course if I am a mechanical engineer?

There are different kinds of basic computer courses. Some are about programming, while others are about design. So, you need to choose the course carefully.

Remember that basic computer skills and a good foundation are needed for core programming and design, which a mechanical engineer might not have.

But you could learn all of these things and move on to the IT field if you wanted to. But you should know that programming might not be good for a mechanical engineer, but designing and using Microsoft Office could be useful.

  • Do you think taking computer courses online is a good idea?

Yes and no, it depends on who runs for office. Remember that an online basic computer course might not help someone who doesn’t know much about computers or how to use them.

At the same time, it might be hard even for someone with good skills. Not all of them, though, would find it hard.

Because of this, we only suggest that you take basic computer courses online if you can follow them well. Remember that online courses and regular courses are very different, especially when it comes to computer courses.

  • What is the average time it takes to master basic computer skills?

Basic computer skills come in different forms. Some skills have to do with programming, some with designing, and so on.

But it takes different amounts of time to get good at different basic computer skills. It depends on the person.

I might learn it in six months, but you might learn it in four months, and others might learn it in a year. Someone will always be better or worse. So, there is no way to give an exact time.

  • How can you increase your earnings by taking a basic computer course?

As of right now, a job in cybersecurity or programming could be one of the most important and well-paid jobs. If you want a better-paying job, you should look into cybersecurity or computer programming courses.

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