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6 Best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs 2024 | Highest Recurring Revenue

Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency – some of the links on our website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!).

Are you looking for a reputable email marketing affiliate program to promote? Here are 5 of the best in 2024. With so many options, deciding which program is right for you can be tough.

Email marketing is an indispensable strategy for brands of all sizes, ranging from small business owners to global eCommerce enterprises and virtually every brand.

The reason behind its widespread adoption is its remarkably high return on investment (ROI), surpassing that of other marketing channels.

Consequently, there is a significant opportunity to generate substantial profits by endorsing various digital marketing tools designed to enhance email marketing effectiveness.

In 2023, the global market for email marketing software was valued at $3.4 billion, and projections indicate that it will reach an impressive $2.3 billion by 2027.

5 Best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing

Email marketing affiliate programs are a great way to monetize your website or blog. ActiveCampaign is a great email marketing service that offers affiliates a generous commission rate of 30%. Plus, there are no limits on the number of sales you can make, so you could earn a lot of money by promoting ActiveCampaign.

In order to become an ActiveCampaign affiliate, you first need to create an account. Once logged in, click on the “Affiliates” tab and select “Join Program.” You’ll then be asked to provide information about your website or blog.

Once your application is approved, you can promote ActiveCampaign using your unique affiliate link. You can promote ActiveCampaign in various ways, including blog posts, social media posts, and email newsletters.

If you’re looking for a great email marketing service that offers generous commissions and no limits on sales, then ActiveCampaign is a great choice. Sign up today and start earning money!

2. MailerLite

MailerLite is an email marketing platform with a user-friendly interface and many features. It’s perfect for small businesses, bloggers, and online marketers who want to grow their email lists and send beautiful emails.

Mailerlite affiliate program

MailerLite is a tool that allows you to create and send newsletters, email campaigns, and other automated emails. It’s a great tool for small businesses and bloggers who want to keep in touch with their customers or followers but don’t have the time or resources to do it themselves.

MailerLite also has an affiliate program that allows you to earn a commission by promoting its services. The commission rate is 20% for the first three months of a customer’s subscription, then drops to 10%.

To become a MailerLite affiliate, you must sign up for an account first. Once logged in, click the “Affiliates” tab and the “Become an Affiliate” button. You will then be directed to complete a short form and submit it.

Once your application has been approved, you can access the affiliate area to find marketing materials and track your commissions. You can promote MailerLite in many ways, including on your website, blog, social media channels, or in your email signature.

3. Moosend

Moosend is an email marketing platform that enables businesses to create, send, and track email campaigns.

It offers many features, including customizable templates, automated reports, A/B testing, and segmentation. Additionally, businesses can use Moosend to create landing pages and sign-up forms.

Moosend affiliate programs

Moosend is a great tool for businesses of all sizes. It’s easy to use yet packed with features that enable businesses to create powerful email campaigns. Additionally, the platform offers automation features that help companies to save time and money.

Moosend’s affiliate program can benefit both you and your audience. You can introduce your audience to a tool that will help them cut back on cost while increasing engagement and conversion, while you can earn a passive income through lifetime commission.

The Moosend Affiliate program offers a tiered commission structure. More specifically:

  • Bronze Group (0-5 paid accounts) with 30% recurring commission
  • Silver Group (6-10 paid accounts) with 33% recurring commission
  • Gold Group (11-25 paid accounts) with 35% recurring commission
  • Platinum Group (26-35 paid accounts) with 37% recurring commission
  • Diamond Group (36 or more accounts) with 40% recurring commissions

To become a Moosend affiliate, you must create an affiliate account and join the Moosend Partner Program. Once you have been approved, you can access your affiliate dashboard, where you will find links to banners and text links that you can use to promote Moosend.

4. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Email marketing service provider Constant Contact is expanding its small business-focused AI capabilities with a new virtual assistant named “Connie.”

The new assistant, currently in beta, is designed to help small businesses manage their email marketing campaigns, providing feedback and recommendations on improving results. Connie is available through the company’s online chat interface.

“Connie is our way of bringing the power of AI to more small businesses,” said Constant Contact CEO Gail Goodman. “She provides real-time feedback and recommendations so businesses can continue to improve their email marketing results over time.”

According to Constant Contact, businesses that use its AI-powered tools have seen an average increase in open rates of more than 18 percent and a decrease in unsubscribes of nearly 25 percent.

Constant Contact’s new virtual assistant is designed to help small businesses manage email marketing campaigns, providing feedback and recommendations on improving results.

Email marketing affiliate programs are a great way to make extra money. They can also help you promote your business or website. Constant Contact is one of the most popular email marketing platforms. It offers many features, including customizable templates, contact lists, and detailed reports.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn commissions for every new customer you refer to the platform. You’ll also receive marketing materials to help you promote Constant Contact.

To become an affiliate, create an account with Constant Contact. Once logged in, click on the “Affiliates” tab and then “Join Now.” You’ll be asked to provide some information about yourself and your website. Once your application is approved, you can start promoting Constant Contact.

The best way to promote Constant Contact is by adding a link to your website or blog. You can also add a banner or widget to your site. You can also promote Constant Contact on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Consider signing up for Constant Contact if you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-use email marketing platform. And don’t forget to become an affiliate and start earning commissions!

5. GetResponse

One of the things that makes GetResponse so popular is its simplicity. Setting up an email campaign is easy, and you can create beautiful newsletters using the drag-and-drop editor.

You can also create autoresponders; messages automatically sent out to your customers after they sign up for your list. This is a great way to keep in touch and inform them about new products or sales.


GetResponse also offers a lot of different tracking features.

You can track how many people open your emails, how many click on the links inside them, and how many unsubscribe from your list. This information can help you improve your campaigns and ensure you’re sending out the most effective content possible.

Finally, GetResponse is also affordable. You can start using it for free, and various pricing plans are available depending on your needs. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable email marketing service, GetResponse is worth considering.

GetResponse also offers an affiliate program that pays commission for referrals. The commission rate is 30% for the first purchase and 10% for all subsequent purchases.

Signing up for the GetResponse affiliate program is easy. You create an account and add affiliate links to your website or blog. You earn a commission when someone clicks on your link and signs up for a GetResponse account.

The GetResponse affiliate program is a great way to earn money by promoting a top-rated email marketing service. If you want to increase your income, the GetResponse affiliate program is a great option.

6. Ontraport

Ontraport goes beyond the realm of email campaigns.

Ontraport affiliate program

While it certainly encompasses email marketing capabilities, it also facilitates the creation of online courses and their integration with payment systems for membership sites. Additionally, it empowers website owners to design landing pages, subscription forms, and various other essential components for conducting business online in the 21st century.

However, acquiring access to these extensive features comes at a price, as Ontraport’s monthly subscription plans range from $79 to $497. By becoming part of its affiliate program, you can earn 25% of the revenue you generate, receiving weekly payments for the duration of the customer account’s existence.

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Email marketing is still a powerful tool, and affiliate programs are a great way to monetize your email list.

We’ve provided you with a list of the ten best email marketing affiliate programs for 2024.

These programs offer high commissions, generous bonuses, and valuable resources to help you grow your business. So what are you waiting for? Start promoting these programs and see your profits soar!

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