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9 Best Private Proxies 2024: [Top-Rated 😍 Proxy Providers]

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In everyday terms, private proxies are like secret helpers for businesses. They’re used to doing essential things online, even when rules might stop them.

Imagine getting information from the internet or doing work that websites usually say no to – that’s what private proxies help with.

Let’s talk about finding the best private proxies. If you’re looking for these special tools and want to know which ones are the greatest, you’re in the right place.

After you read my comparison of different proxies, you’ll be able to find the absolute best one. It’s like I’ve done the detective work for you so that you can make the smartest choice.

So, let’s start with the best private proxies.

9 Best Private Proxies 2024

So, if you’re looking for the Best Private Proxy Services, here are a few good choices.

1. Oxylabs

I’ve found Oxylabs to be a top-notch provider of private proxies. Their proxy network is super advanced and one of the best out there. They’ve got a whopping 100 million IP addresses spread worldwide, which is like having a huge collection of online identities.

What’s remarkable is that Oxylabs is excellent for things like web scraping. You know, when you want to gather information from websites?

Oxylabs Overview

Let’s say you’re running a business and want to know what your competitors are up to. Oxylabs can help you do that by allowing you to access data without any hiccups.

Another thing I love is that they offer different types of proxies, like SOCKS5 and HTTPS. It’s kind of like having different tools in your toolbox.

For instance, SOCKS5 is a super versatile tool that can handle many tasks, while HTTPS is like a security shield that keeps your connection safe.

And guess what? They even let you decide whether you want your proxies to change automatically. It’s like having a magical button that switches your online identity whenever you want.

Imagine you’re checking the prices of flights for your vacation. You can use one proxy, and when you’re done, you can switch to another one. It’s like having a fresh start every time.

2. Bright Data

I have included Bright Data in my list of the best private proxies, here are my reasons for the same. They have a crazy amount of IP addresses, like 72 million of them, spread all around the world. It’s like having tons of online identities in your pocket.

What’s super cool about Bright Data is how fast they are. Even if you want to use proxies in specific places, they’re still lightning-quick.

Imagine looking up stuff online and it feels like zooming around in a race car – that’s Bright Data for you.

Overview Of Bright Data

Now, what makes Bright Data stand out is their failure rate, which is almost like a magic trick – it’s only 1%. This means your online experience with them is smooth. You know when your internet suddenly stops working? Well, with Bright Data, that rarely happens.

Now, they’re really smart about using these IP addresses. They switch them around like playing different strategies in a game.

This helps you stay online without getting blocked by websites. Think of it like changing your moves in a game to keep winning – that’s what Bright Data does.

They’re into different types of proxies – like ones from data centers, residential areas, and even mobile ones. It’s like they’ve got all the proxy flavors you could want. And guess what? Usually, proxies change on their own, but with Bright Data, you get to decide when to switch.

Here’s something interesting: they might not be the cheapest option, but they’re so sure you’ll like what they offer that they give you a whole week to try their service for free. It’s like test-driving a car before you decide if it’s the one for you.

But remember, once you decide to go for it and pay, there’s no turning back. They don’t do refunds, kinda like buying a ticket to a show – once you’re in, you’re in.

3. ProxyEmpire

Β So, confused why ProxyEmpire is listed here. They’re pretty awesome regarding valuable features and being easy to use.

Their packages are excellent because they promise you’ll have access 99.9% of the time, and you can use as much bandwidth as you want. And guess what? They don’t sneak in any hidden charges – what you see is what you get.

ProxyEmpire Overview

When you sign up with ProxyEmpire, things kick off super quickly. Their system is all automatic, which means as soon as you pick a package, you’ll get your proxies and you can start using them. It’s like ordering something online and getting it instantly.

And here’s the neat part: ProxyEmpire has made everything work like magic without needing humans to step in. It’s like having a robot friend who handles things for you.

So, when you buy a package, their system automatically confirms it and lets you dive into their fantastic service.

When it comes to using the proxies, you’ve got choices. You can use your IP address or set up a username and password to get authenticated. It’s like deciding whether to use your fingerprint or a secret code to unlock your phone.

Now, let’s talk numbers. For five private proxies, it’s $10 per month. This package lets you send up to a hundred requests at once. It’s like having friends over and all of you want to use the Wi-Fi simultaneously – ProxyEmpire’s got you covered.

Oh, and something cool: once you rent proxies, they’re all yours. Nobody else gets to use them during your rental time. It’s like renting a movie theater for you and your pals.

If five proxies aren’t enough, they’ve got a $400 package with up to 400 private proxies. It’s like having a whole stadium to yourself.

But here’s the deal – they’ve got a two-hour refund policy. If you change your mind within two hours of using the proxies for the first time, they’ll give you your money back. But that might be tricky because their download speed is lightning-fast.

Customer service is good, but they don’t offer a free trial. And one more thing, their proxies are based in the United States.


If you’re after private proxies that are versatile, and reliable, and let you try them out before you decide, SOAX could be the right fit for you.

With their premium packages, they give you unlimited IP addresses. It’s like having a bag of different disguises that you can use to hide your online identity.

Soax Overview

They use particular IP addresses that are like VIP passes – they’re not blocked on any website or platform. It’s like having a golden key that opens all doors.

People trust SOAX a lot because they’re reliable. It’s like having a super dependable friend you can count on.

Now, here’s something interesting: you can try out any of their plans for just one dollar, and it lasts for three days. It’s like getting a trial pass to a theme park to see if you like the rides. And if you enjoy it, you can talk to their customer service to keep using it for longer.

They’ve got plans for all kinds of needs – personal or business. It’s like picking the right size of pizza that suits your appetite. Plus, they offer both WiFi and mobile proxies.

Think of it like having different routes to travel – one is like using the highway, and the other is like taking a scenic route through the countryside.

If you use their 4G mobile proxy, it’s like your internet provider thinks you’re using a super-fast network. It’s like driving a sports car on the internet highway.

And guess what? You can customize things too. You can tell them the names of cities and countries you want to “visit” online. It’s like choosing your travel destinations.

Oh, and one last thing – you can change how often your IP address changes. It’s like deciding whether to switch your costume every hour or daily.

5. Proxy-Seller

Proxy-Seller is budget-friendly when it comes to private proxies. They’re all about HTTPs and SOCKS5 proxies, superpowers for internet users worldwide.

While they’re open to anyone, they’re especially helpful for ad agencies and social network managers. These people want to conquer social media and make a big splash online.

Proxy-Seller Overview

Here’s a cool thing – with Proxy-Seller, you can jump over any digital barriers websites put up. It’s like having a secret passage. If a website doesn’t let you in from one country, you can use a proxy from another country to sneak in and access the same stuff.

Imagine you’re at a virtual party and the bouncer says no, but then you use a secret entrance and get in anyway – that’s how Proxy-Seller works.

They’ve got proxies from many places – USA, UK, Canada, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, and more. It’s like having a collection of costumes to pick from, depending on where you want to go online.

What’s remarkable is that their private proxies are just for you. It’s like having a private VIP room at a party – only you get to enjoy it.

They’re super confident in what they offer, and they promise your proxy will work 99% of the time. But if, for some reason, your proxy gets blocked, they’ve got your back with a new one.

If you’re scratching your head on how to set up your private IP, their customer service team is ready to lend a hand. It’s like having a tech-savvy friend always there to help you.

Now, why do people love Proxy-Seller? Well, they’ve got many private proxy plans for different periods. It’s like choosing between a one-day and a month-long pass at an amusement park.

They even let you make your own subscription plan, which is like building your own burger with all the toppings you love.

And guess what? Their technical support is available all day, every day. It’s like having a hotline to solve all your internet mysteries. Plus, they’ve got loads of networks – over 100 – which is like having tons of roads to choose from when driving.

6. Smartproxy

If you’re looking for a variety of private proxies with lots of options and support, Smartproxy could be a perfect choice.

They’ve got a fantastic collection of over 40 million unique private IP addresses. They work with customers from 195 countries all around the world. It’s like having a huge library of online identities.

Smartproxy Overview

What’s remarkable is that their network is super flexible. You can connect it with web applications and scripts that do things automatically. Imagine having a virtual assistant that does tasks for you – that’s what Smartproxy offers.

Their servers use accurate private proxies, and search engines see them as coming from regular devices like phones and computers.

This is a big deal because it helps you gather data without getting blocked. Imagine you’re searching for flight prices, and the website treats you like a regular traveler – that’s what Smartproxy does.

They’re really helpful for people and businesses that need a lot of public data. For example, retail companies use their proxies to compare prices from different websites.

What’s unique is that they have loads of exit points, like different doors to the Internet. This means you can get the data you want without any restrictions. It’s like having keys to every door in a big building.

Once you sign up, Smartproxy’s IP rotation gives you access to tons of IP addresses. It’s like having a magic trick that makes it seem like you’re in different places all the time. And guess what? You can even use a different private IP address for every connection. It’s like having a new identity each time you visit a website.

Their customer service is excellent – they’re available 24/7 to help you out with anything you need. It’s like having a friend who’s always there to answer your questions.

And here’s a cool thing: they’ve got a three-day money-back guarantee. It’s like trying out a new game and getting your money back if you don’t like it.

7. Private Proxy

A private Proxy is a strong option if you’re looking for a private proxy that can keep you safe online and meet all your needs. They stand out because they have a particular way of working with customers.

They don’t do things one-size-fits-all; instead, they look at each request carefully and offer the best solution based on what’s needed.

PrivateProxy Overview

You’ve got choices when you start with Private Proxy. You can contact them directly and chat about what you’re looking for in a private proxy.

Or, you can jump right into a free trial to test things out. It’s like trying a new game before you decide if you want to play it all the way.

When it comes to their private proxies, they’ve got rotating ones that change and static ones that stay the same. If you’re into residential proxies, they start at $5 a month. And if you’re looking for data center static proxies, those begin at $9 a month.

And here’s something cool: they don’t hold back on the good stuff. You get unlimited bandwidth, like having a never-ending stream of internet. Plus, you can make as many connections as you want. It’s like inviting all your friends to a party – no one’s left out.

If you want to switch your proxy for a fresh one, Private Proxy’s got you covered. You can do it for free once a month. It’s like changing your outfit without any extra cost.

8. The Social Proxy

Let me tell you about The Social Proxy – they’re in the top 10 private proxy providers for a reason. They’re smooth and super easy to use. It’s like having a ride ready to take you where you want to go.

They’re great for businesses and regular folks who want to grab public information online. Think of it like checking out news articles or updates on social media – The Social Proxy helps you do that without any trouble.

The Social Proxy Overview- Best Private Proxies

Here’s the cool part: they’ve got your back regarding safety and privacy. They make sure you stay anonymous while surfing the web. It’s like wearing a disguise when you’re exploring the online world.

Now, what sets them apart is that they mainly provide residential proxies. These are like internet addresses from actual homes, so websites trust them more. It’s like being a familiar face in a neighborhood – you’re less likely to get questioned.

The Social Proxy gives you two ways to prove you’re you – either with a username and password or using your IP address. It’s like deciding whether to show your ID card or use a secret handshake to enter a club.

But there are some rules – you can only connect up to five devices simultaneously. It’s like having a limit on how many friends you can invite to your party.

And you can send 20 requests simultaneously with one IP address. Imagine sending messages to 20 friends simultaneously – that’s what The Social Proxy lets you do.

Now, let’s talk money. They charge a bit more, around $9.97 for each private IP address. It’s not the cheapest deal, but their quality makes up for it.

It’s like choosing between a fancy restaurant and a fast-food joint – you know the fancy place might be pricier, but the experience is worth it.

Because their private proxies work so well and they’ve got lots of different locations, they’ve become a favorite for many. It’s like finding a cozy cafe that serves your favorite drink just the way you like it.

9. SSL Private Proxy

If you’re looking for private proxies that keep you safe, let you explore the internet with different virtual locations, and offer many perks, SSL Private Proxy could be the right choice.

Their packages are pretty cool – you get unlimited bandwidth and private proxies for a whole month. It’s like having your own secret online passage that no one else can see.

SSL Private Proxy Overview- Best Private Proxies

You can also pick which city you want your virtual location to be in. Imagine you’re playing a game and you get to choose where your character lives – that’s what SSL Private Proxy lets you do.

Here’s something neat: with their private proxies, you can send up to a hundred requests simultaneously using just one IP address. It’s like sending a bunch of messages to your friends, and they all get delivered instantly.

And guess what? When you rent a private IP address, it’s only for use. It’s like having your own personal parking spot – no one else can take it.

SSL Private Proxy is like a giant storehouse with 120,000 private proxies. It’s like having access to a whole collection of secret doors that lead to different places on the internet. And guess what? Once you pay, you get access within an hour. It’s like buying a ticket to a show and getting in right away.

Oh, and something cool: they switch your IP addresses around monthly. It’s like changing your online disguise so no one can figure out who you are.

If you’re wondering about trying them out, they’ve got your back with a three-day money-back guarantee. It’s like test-driving a car and being able to return it if it doesn’t feel right. But, so that you know, they don’t offer a free trial.

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Conclusion: Best Private Proxies 2024

In conclusion, the realm of private proxy providers is diverse and dynamic, offering a wide array of options to cater to various needs.

From enhanced security and anonymity to efficient data collection, these providers have carved out their own niches in the digital landscape.

Smartproxy, SSL Private Proxy, SOAX, and others showcase the importance of flexible pricing, vast IP address options, and customizable features.

Whether you’re seeking online privacy or a business looking to navigate the digital space seamlessly, the best private proxy providers mentioned above have something unique to offer.

The key is to consider your specific requirements and choose the provider that aligns with your goals for a safer and more efficient online experience.


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