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How to Make Money With Apps?

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How to make money with Apps? That’s probably one of the most searched queries on the internet. Because you might not have a toothbrush, you might not have the best pair of shoes, but one thing each and every person on this planet has right now is apps.

That might be a bit exaggerated, but it gives you the big picture, doesn’t it? So well yeah that’s what this piece is going to be about.

In this article, I’ll list some of the best money-making apps for you. And the best thing is, the only requirement for you to use these apps to make money is for you to have a Smartphone. Which you probably already have.

How to Make Money with Apps:-

The reason I’m writing this article is that it’s extremely easy to make money with Apps, now you might have the question, why would any app pay you, or how exactly to make money with apps?

Let me tell you, there are hundreds of apps that pay you for a number of reasons. Nope, they don’t require you to abduct someone or rob a bank, instead, it’s as simple as, watching a video and getting paid. (that’s just one of the ways!)

So that’s about it. Let me just get directly to the apps and the process of how to make money using the apps.

#1 FieldAgent

Money making apps

As the name suggests, it’s an application that makes you a field agent, at least on the commercial front. Basically what you’ve got to do is, install the application, select Map View, checkout, and accept the task if you feel like completing it.

Normal tasks:- It generally asks you to go to a certain store, or a certain point and snap a picture of something specific. A native job on the app would sound something like “go to GIP mall and snap a picture of the 30% off sale at the men’s section”.

#2 Reciept Hog

Apps to make money

Visit malls often? Shopping geek? Have lots of receipts? What if I tell you that you can encash even the receipts? Well yeah, that’s what Receipt Hog makes possible.

Basically, all you’ve got to do is, snap a picture of your Receipts, and in return, you get paid either via Paypal, or Amazon gift cards.

Whatever it is, I’d say getting paid for receipts that would otherwise have gone into the dustbin is a pretty sleek deal if you ask me.

#3 NCP Online

best money making apps

Talking about the Best Apps For Earning Some Extra Cash I can’t mention NCPOnline, Everyone of us buys products, right? And those products got bar codes! NCPOnline pays you for scanning these bar codes.

The other time when you get paid is, you’re occasionally contacted by the NCP team for interactions. They might ask for your opinion or feedback, anyway for every interaction, you get yourself paid.

So yeah that’s again easy money, isn’t it?

#4 Foap

apps that pay you money

You have a smartphone means you have a camera, right? Doesn’t matter what level photographer you are, Foap is the app that lets you sell just about any kind /quality/type of photograph.

The only requirement? It needs to be unique and snapped by you.

There isn’t a lot of rocket science to it, it’s simple. If you got a photograph, you can sell it online on Foap. And you wouldn’t believe the kind of prices the photos get sold for.

#5 Ibotta

make money from my phone

Just like there’s RecieptHog, there’s Ibotta. They both are almost the same thing, just two different applications. Ibotta too lets you scan your receipts, and offers you rebates and discounts on products and purchases.

There’s a Rebates section on Ibotta where you’ll find the rebates for your receipts.

#6 SlideJoy

make money from my phone

Normally, we all avoid ads. In fact, I hate them. But not when ads start paying me! And that too, without me needing to click on them.

Well yeah, that’s what SlideJoy does for you. It lets you put ads on your lock screen and pays you for them. Simple as that.

Nope, you don’t need to click on them. Just let them be there on the home screen. Payment methods include Paypal.

#7 SnapWire

best money making apps

I enlisted foap just some moments ago, didn’t I? SnapWire is another similar kind of app that pays you money but just a notch higher. Meaning, it’s more advanced, more professional, and you’d need a level higher picture if you’re going to sell anything on SnapWire.

But on the bright side, you can’t ignore the fact that the payouts or sell prices for the photographs are pretty high as well. It’s just that, the pictures really need to be good.

Let’s say they start from around $100-500! That’s some real cash, and in fact, this probably is the highest payout app on this list.

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Final Words

So that was it, folks, that’s all I had on How to Make Money With Apps, I’ve enlisted as many as 7 different apps to answer your questions that even remotely relate to make money from my phone.

All of these apps are free to download and you can start using them right away.

Nope, they won’t make you a millionaire, but an extra payroll every month no matter how small it is, helps, doesn’t it? Yes, the payrolls are small, but one app, that’s SnapWire is definitely the next-level thing.

Do leave your feedback in the comments, or if this piece really did help you I wouldn’t mind if you guys hit the share button and spread the word around.


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