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How To Move Out At 18 With No Money in 2024– 7 Step Blueprint

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I know that some people live in bad homes and want to get out.

I won’t try to make you want to stay in hell.

I think you should leave right away.

But with no money in the bank, it’s not straightforward. But it can still be done!

And that’s what this article will be about. Read on to find out 7 ways to move out if you don’t have any money.

7 Step Blueprint- How To Move At 18 Out With No Money

How To Move At 18 Out With No Money
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1. Move Into Your Car (And consider staying there!)

Move Into Your Car
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Did you know that living in your car is becoming popular?

People who live in their cars full-time can be seen in videos.

Look at it:

You’re probably asking yourself…

“Why would anyone in the world move into their car?”

I thought the same thing at first.

But then I realised it.

Those who live in their cars have the most freedom of all. They live their whole lives on the road, going wherever they want.

These people do, of course, make a living online. If you don’t have any money, it’s harder.

If you do decide to move into your car, start with the basics.

You need to eat, drink and have a place to take a shower.

I recommend the local gym if you need a shower. Besides that, you can also get a good workout.

Some gyms also have water fountains where you can fill up a water bottle.

Exercise is a great way to improve your mood when things aren’t going well.

2. Budget Your Money Correctly

Budget Your Money Correctly
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When writing this article, I’m assuming you have a small amount of money set aside.

Several hundred dollars, for example.

If so, you need to figure out how to spend your money.

Think about things you need, like food and water.

If you only have $200, you can eat cheap noodles until you find another way to make money.

Gasoline is the most expensive thing.

But it’s also super important. You need a car that works so that you can drive around and look for work.

I would set a budget of $5 a day to keep things simple. This gives you 40 days to find a job and get paid if you have $200.

Quite a bit of time.

3. Utilize Your Connections

Utilize Your Connections
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Sometimes it’s hard to see the chances that are all around us.

Until we have to deal with something hard.

Then things start to make sense.

You might have moved into your car because you wanted to get away from a bad home. But do you forget about the people you know?

Maybe someone in your family would be willing to help you out.

You could also ask a friend if they have a couch for you to sleep on.

When I’ve needed help, friends have always been more helpful to me.

There’s another side to this, too.

You can also use your connections to find a job, as well as a place to live.

If you know any business owners in your area, be sure to ask them for a chance. In these situations, it helps a lot to show that you care and are willing to work hard.

I know you’re having trouble right now, but try to sound sure and excited on the phone.

4. Get A Job

Get A Job
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You can’t keep living in your car without money forever, right!?

Getting a job is the next step in your journey.

Most people make it too hard to find work. But it’s not really all that hard.

You should be ready to take anything you find at this point. Don’t stress about finding the “perfect job.” The only thing you should care about is making money.

You can worry about the “perfect job” when the time is right.

So, how should you look for work?

I would tell you not to bother with online applications. Online, everyone and their grandmother is applying for first jobs.

You need to go back to basics.

Start taking your CV with you to bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. This not only makes it more likely that you’ll get the job, but it also makes a good first impression.

If you’re willing to put yourself on the line for an employer, it shows you’re confident, which is something they want.

I’ve already done this before. And trust me, getting a job doesn’t take long.

Most of the time, more than one job offer comes my way. This gives me options and lets me choose the best salary.

Having said that, I’ve found that online applications are better for jobs that require a lot of skill. But I don’t think this is a good idea because it makes it harder to hire people.

And you don’t have much money left, huh!?

5. Meet The Right People

The more difficult your life is, the more you need other people.

And not just for emotional support, but also for the opportunities.

When you live in your car, it’s important to meet new people. You will have chances that you did not expect.

Not so easy to do, though.

Not really, no.

Just put yourself in situations where you can talk to people. Don’t worry about what to say and how to “look cool.”

In fact, when you’re in pain, your mind won’t think about these things.

If you already have a job, it will be even easier. You will start talking to people at work and getting to know them.

Because the point is to succeed, right!?

So, one of your coworkers might know about a better chance for you.

6. Start With A Room Share

Start With A Room Share
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You should have a job and some money by now.

Why not start with a room share instead of spending all your money on an apartment?

Yes, it isn’t the best.

But at least you won’t have to sleep in your car, right?

It also gives you another chance to meet new people. After all, you can’t be unfriendly when you live with other people. is a good place to look for a roommate.

They’ve been in business since 2004, which is longer than Instagram has been around. They’re the most trustworthy company in the game. In the US, you can find places to stay at reasonable prices.

Even if they aren’t as nice as a penthouse, they are better than nothing.

Once you have a place to sleep, your energy will go through the roof. This gives them more time to work on making more money, finding better housing, and building a business (if you want).

7. Look After Animals For Accommodation

Did you know that you can live rent-free in someone else’s house?

People need someone to take care of their pets when they go on vacation. Some people put them in kennels, but not everyone thinks this is a good idea.

Also, some dogs don’t like to leave their homes.

I think the name for that is separation anxiety.

That’s where you can help, though.

Sites like Trusted House Sitters help people find pet sitters for their homes. They are very well known and have more than 12,000 five-star reviews on Trustpilot.

The only bad thing is that it’s not completely free. You have to pick one of the three paid plans.

I’d choose the “standard sitter” option because it includes insurance.

Never a bad thing to have, right!?

If you’re anything like me, you break plates all the time.

Moving out without money? Here’s a better way

I know that the above plan is not for everyone.

It would have to be very hard to live at home for you to even think about doing it.

But there is a “smarter” way to do it.

You can get some money before you move out instead of trying to make it work from your car.

And I don’t mean working a regular 9-to-5 job.

There are smarter ways to make money.


Let’s talk about them below…

1.Flip Furniture

You may already know about this.

But it makes a lot of money.

People move all the time and try to get rid of old furniture at the same time.

You can sell furniture on the Facebook marketplace once you have it.

You could also use Craigslist or eBay.

But the burning question is, “Where do you get furniture!?”

This question can be answered in two ways.

You can drive around the streets like in the old days. After a while, you’re bound to see something left in the front yard of someone’s house.

It doesn’t even have to be furniture, to be honest. People leave everything from refrigerators to power tools in their driveways.

Using the Internet is the second choice.

Again, great places to look are Craigslist, eBay, and the Facebook Marketplace.

Most people who get rid of old furniture don’t want money.

Even if they want money, they are still worth looking into. It’s not hard to find great deals that you can sell for a huge profit.

2. Look For Tractor Tires

I bet you didn’t know how much money tractor tyres are worth.

One tyre can cost between $500 and $1,000.

But it all comes down to how good the tread is. If it looks old and worn, farmers might not want it.

But if you find something with a good tread, you should be proud.

The golden ticket has been found.

You can stop working and live a free life.

Only kidding.

Don’t jump the gun just yet.

So, where do you get tyres for tractors?

I think you should look in your area’s junkyard. You could even ask farmers in your area if they have any extras.

Even if they want money, you might be able to get them for less.

As soon as you find a tractor tyre, the fun part starts!

Selling it.

Again, your best friends are Craigslist, Facebook, and eBay.

You can also go to farms near you and talk to the owners there.

3. Uber Eats Driver

I know that to do the first two jobs on this list, you need a car.

You can’t carry tractor tyres and furniture on your back, after all.

But you can be a driver for Uber Eats.

Let me explain…

You can bring food to people without a car if you use a bicycle. This saves you not only time, but also money.

No car means no gas.

So, does everyone need Uber Eats?

Definitely, anyone who can ride a bike.

And what’s the best part? You can get money right away. If you can cash out right away in the app, you don’t have to wait a whole month.

You can also choose to be paid once a week or every two days.

These benefits are great, but the thing I like most about Uber Eats is how easy it is to get started.

Just fill in a few details and you’re done.

Acceptance shouldn’t take more than two or three days. And once you’re accepted, you can start delivering food.

When you’ve saved enough money from Uber Eats, it’s time to move out on your own.

4. Sell Your Old Stuff

Everyone has old things lying around that they no longer use.

If you need “escape money,” why not sell something? I mean, if you’re going to move out, you probably won’t need much.

Check out the basement or the attic, that’s what I’d say.

You might even find something valuable if you’re lucky.

Electronics are the most valuable things you can find. If you can find some old electronics from the 20th century, you might have found your way out.

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Conclusion- How To Move Out At 18 With No Money

Some people won’t be able to follow the steps in this article.

But if you’re at the end of your rope, it may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

But it would be smarter to save money by doing one of the things above. This gives you more choices and makes things easier all around.

No matter what you do, good luck!


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