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How To Sell Feet Pics On Instagram: You Can Earn $100 A Day

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There are numerous justifications for wanting to sell Instagram photos of feet.

Many presumptions are made about this line of work because it is generally regarded as a kink, yet businesses still need feet and hand models, particularly in the beauty and cosmetics sectors.

Go for it if you’ve ever wondered how much money is made selling feet. Regardless of the motivation, selling images of feet online, particularly on Instagram, can be lucrative.

How do you advertise your Instagram feet photos?

We will outline the steps you can take in this post. So let’s get to the meat of the matter.

1. Make A Business Instagram Account

If you don’t already have a unique Instagram account for your new company, you should do so right now. It is best to start thinking of this as a company since it is one.

If you wish to stay anonymous, you should create a new account, even though you might want to maintain your old profile and photographs.

Either a creator’s Instagram account or a business Instagram account should host your company. We recommend that you register a business account because the ultimate goal is to make money.

If you’d like, you can also link your Facebook profile. However, we’ll talk more about running advertisements on your images later.

Additionally, you should start considering creating a profile on a third-party platform to organize your material and handle payments. The best site for this is FeetFinder, where you may sell your images and increase interest in your foot-related material.

Since many models use it and have been paid through it, FeetFinder is one of the most well-known sites to sell foot pictures. It is 100% safe and secure for both you and your customers.

2. Get Professional Photographs Of Your Feet

It’s critical to put your best foot forward in this industry, pardon the pun. Your foot photos must be immaculate.

Get your feet professionally photographed by a photographer if you want to catch the eye of modeling scouts, or use a genuine phone with a really nice camera.

How To Sell Feet Pics on Instagram


Really crucial is quality. However, you are not required to engage a photographer if you simply want to sell pictures of your feet online as a pastime rather than your profession.

You are good to go as long as you have a quality smartphone or camera for Instagram.

It might sound simple to just “take feet pics,” but there are certain things to consider and basic photography standards that apply to social media. Your profile will be your portfolio.

You can purchase this Instagram as a Photography Portfolio course to master the fundamentals if you need assistance with photo preparation, concept, composition, frame, etc.

3. Enhance And Edit Your Pictures

There are many photo-editing tools that may make your image look polished. The most common seems to be Facetune.

Additionally, you can use Instagram’s editing tools to create the desired look before uploading.

Remember, Instagram is a photo-sharing platform, therefore quality has to be outstanding to be able to stand out from the competitors. The goal is to look professional and have a decent aesthetic.

Possessing your own presets that you can use on all of your images is another approach to maintaining a consistent style.

4. Post Regularly, And Be Active Online

It should go without saying that consistency is important for Instagram page growth. Your fans will be more interested in your content as you share higher-quality photos.

Remain Active On Instagram


Making a weekly calendar in advance will help you stay consistent by letting you know when and what to post.

One of the most important things any brand or influencer must do on Instagram to increase engagement and follower numbers is to post frequently.

5. Be Up-To-Date On The Latest Trends

Keeping up with the most recent trends is another simple strategy to stay current in your chosen sector. Take the concepts that are trending at the time and give them your own spin.

You never know, it might become popular, boost interaction, and ultimately boost revenue.

User-Friendly Platform


To keep up with the most recent foot image trends, make sure you are already following other content creators.

Despite the fact that this is a company, keep in mind that you will need to enhance your personal brand to attract more followers and eventually convert them into customers.

6. Set Up A Payment Process

The time has come to set up your payment links once you have created an Instagram account, customized your bio, and posted frequently.

You can include external payment links in your Instagram bio; Paypal or Payoneer is sufficient for your requirements. The simplest and most obvious method to do it is definitely this.

When your business eventually expands and you want to take it to the next level, you can create an account with FeetFinder, where the payment process is streamlined and hassle-free for you.

Additionally, we advise doing some research to find your ideal match.

7. Create A Rate That Works For Your Audience

Start small, yet with a huge idea. Start selling photos of your feet on Instagram by luring followers with a steep discount.

You can begin by offering your products for as little as $10 each. Increase your pricing once you feel you have generated enough first sales.

As an alternative, consider using the marketing strategy of offering discounts when purchasing many images.

To attract clients online, several people use this strategy. Initially, you can sell four photographs for $40 or offer a buy two, get one free deal.

8. Outsource Your Feet Picks To An External Site

The final step involves getting your own website or an account on a separate platform once you have begun making a few sales and customers are contacting you daily about additional work.

You shouldn’t just rely on Instagram to connect with customers and accept Paypal payments if you have a lot of orders.

Sell Feet Pics on FeetFinder

The truth is that a lot of individuals choose to use apps like FeetFinder. Apps like it are designed to store and promote this kind of information; paying your followers is quite simple to do, and more people can find you through them.

You are powerless to change it. Create an account on those platforms as well, and be open to this notion. Although they will charge you a fee for each sale, it is still something to think about if your sales are growing.

If you don’t want to use these platforms, you can construct a website on Shopify, which is a terrific platform for creating an online store but requires more understanding to set up correctly. 

By letting your fans know that you are active on other websites, you stand out and create the idea that your company is growing, which it is.

Embrace those external links, your Instagram followers might not only have an account there but might also share your link with someone who does.

Engaging more people increases your chances of selling more.

What Are The Benefits Of Selling Feet Images On Instagram?

The fact that Instagram has over 800 million users makes it a great place to start a business selling feet pictures. Here, are some of the unique benefits of selling your feet pictures on Instagram.

1. Easy and Low-Cost Startup

One of the main benefits of selling feet pictures on Instagram is the low barrier to entry. All you need is a smartphone with a good camera, an Instagram account, and a willingness to create high-quality content.

There’s no need for expensive equipment or a significant investment to get started, making it an accessible option for anyone looking to make some extra cash.

2. Flexible Schedule

Selling feet pictures on Instagram allows you to work on your own terms and set your own schedule. The convenience of creating and posting content whenever you want makes it an ideal side hustle for busy people.

This flexibility also means you can scale your business up or down as needed, depending on your personal goals and circumstances.

3. Creative Outlet

For those who enjoy photography and creativity, selling feet pictures on Instagram can be a fun and rewarding way to express yourself.

Experimenting with different poses, backgrounds, and props can help you develop your unique style and showcase your artistic talents.

Plus, the more creative and visually appealing your content, the more likely you are to attract potential buyers.

4. Potential for High Earnings

The foot fetish industry is a lucrative market, and selling feet pictures on Instagram can lead to substantial earnings if approached strategically.

By building a strong online presence, curating high-quality content, and implementing effective marketing strategies, you can tap into this niche market and generate a steady stream of income.

5. Anonymity and Privacy

Selling feet pictures on Instagram allows you to maintain a level of anonymity and privacy, as you don’t need to show your face or reveal your identity.

This can be particularly appealing for those who are hesitant to share personal information online or who prefer to keep their side hustle separate from their personal life.

6. Networking Opportunities

As you build your feet picture business on Instagram, you’ll have the chance to connect with other sellers, influencers, and potential buyers within the niche.

These networking opportunities can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and valuable insights to help you grow your business and increase your earnings.

7. Building Entrepreneurial Skills

Selling feet pictures on Instagram can help you develop valuable entrepreneurial skills, such as marketing, customer service, and time management. These skills can be applied to other areas of your life and career, making you a more well-rounded and resourceful individual.

Instagram: Is it illegal to sell feet photos?

No, it’s not against the law to sell Instagram images of feet. If you don’t have Instagram Shopping enabled in your account, Instagram must first authorize it before you can really sell anything.

So, by default, you can sell feet photos on your store if Instagram has allowed it. Remember that this is not legal advice; if you need an appropriate response, contact an attorney.

However, you must check the Instagram Community Guidelines if you’re wondering whether you can publish photos of your foot on the social media platform.

Providing sexual services on Instagram is legally forbidden, but from what we hear, posting non-sensual photographs of your foot and leading buyers to the website where you complete the final transactions is acceptable. Once more, this is not intended to be legal counsel.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Feet Pics On Instagram?

The amount of money you can make selling feet pictures on Instagram varies greatly depending on several factors, such as the quality of your content, your online presence, and your marketing strategies.

Some sellers report making a few hundred dollars per month, while others claim to earn thousands of dollars. In rare cases, successful sellers can even make a full-time income from this niche market.

In Yahoo Finance’s estimation, people make up to $70,00 a year selling pictures of their feet, which they might promote on Instagram or any other social media platform.

Who Sells Feet Pics On Instagram?

On Instagram, anyone can sell pictures of feet. As long as you adhere to their rules, there is technically nothing that prevents users from promoting their material on the app.

You don’t have to be a model or famous person to sell as long as you have customers that want to purchase your material.

In actuality, buyers of feet pictures frequently show greater interest in the content created by “regular” people. Being unknown may therefore be advantageous in this market.

You can sell your foot pictures by adhering to the Instagram community standards for promoting your content and the policies of whichever site you use to sell it. It really is that easy.

How Much To Charge For Feet Pictures

The cost of foot photos totally relies on the artist, market, and intended use. Naturally, those that offer them as fetishes, where they can sell for $5 to $100 or even more, appear to be doing better financially.

Since you can sign with a modeling label or independent brand to help you launch your modeling career, getting into feet modeling could ultimately be much more profitable.

You can bargain the price when selling photos to persons who have foot fetishes based on the client’s unique requirements.

They most certainly don’t sell for cheap; the base price for a bespoke photo from the majority of artists starts at $10 and rises based on the request.

There is a sizable market for photos of feet, and many people profit greatly from it.

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Conclusion: How To Sell Feet Pics On Instagram?

Compared to a few years ago, making money on Instagram is becoming a more popular habit.

Selling photos of your feet on the app is a way for you to earn money, and doing so is simpler than ever.

There are many people who are into them, and there are also many companies and modeling agencies looking for attractive feet to use in product advertisements.

We hope we have answered the majority of your questions if you were wondering how to sell feet photographs on Instagram.


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