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How to Show Battery Percentage on iPod?

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Most of the iPod users often ask one general question: How to show battery percentage on iPod? iPod is a highly used MP3 device, which offers unique features to its users.

This portable media player was first released in 2001. Ever since it has grabbed the top slot in the MP3 device market. It has got several updates over the years to meet the increasing demands of users.

Apple launched a new version of the iPod in 2015 with latest features. It is available in three different versions: iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, and iPod Touch. iPod shuffle is an ultra-compact iPod, whereas iPod Nano is a compact one. iPod Touch comes with a touchscreen.


It not only helps to play the audio on the device but it can also be used as an external data storage device. It has a storage capacity in the range of 2 GB – 128 GB.

It has exclusive facilities of Apple’s iTunes software, which is used to transfer songs from one device to another. This also can be used to transfer music, photos, games, and contact information.

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It comes up with an efficient battery, which lasts for a longer period of time. Despite this, one can experience battery issues if they are using it for long hours, so many of them ask ‘How to show the battery percentage on iPod?’ so that they can stay aware of the percentage of battery remaining and use the device judiciously.

The latest iPod is in its sixth generation. Ipod Touch has got extensive computing power such as a powerful A8 processor and a high-quality screen. The processor is five times faster than the earlier one. As the processing increases, the battery power runs out much faster in comparison with earlier iPods.

When a person buys a new iPod, he generally gets a doubt about how to get battery percentage, especially if he’s not used Apple devices before. There are many iPad users who also ask similar questions about how to show battery percentage, how to show battery percentage on iPod 5, or how to turn on battery percentage.

All the questions have one answer, which is explained in detail below.

How To Show Battery Percentage On iPod – Steps by Step Guide


A simple trick has to be done to set the battery percentage to be visible on the screen. The battery percentage indicator is a default program, which is provided by Apple. After enabling this feature, one can easily see the remaining battery percentage on the screen.

It can be seen on both the lock screen and the home screen of iOS. It can be found on the right-hand side of the battery icon. This will give you a better idea of the remaining battery power in the device. From this, one can easily charge up the phone before leaving home.

The battery indicator, which can be seen on iPod, is similar to that of the iPhone.

To enable the battery percentage indicator in iOS, you have to follow the steps listed below.

  1. Open the Settings app on the device and go to the General tab.
  2. Choose the Usage option and toggle the switch next to Battery Percentage to ON, which will enable the display of battery percentage.
  3. Exit from Settings.

Whenever you charge the device, at the upper right corner, you can now see a battery icon along with the battery-filled capacity and the indicator will show xx%.

The battery indicator updates the remaining power in the battery. If it is draining, then you will find the number to be decreasing, whereas when it’s in the charging mode, you will see it in increasing mode.

This indication gives you a better understanding of the remaining battery life. Also, it will give you a rough idea of how much percentage of battery is remaining on it. If you see a 4% drop in the battery, it means you will get a lesser amount of usage time on the device.

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As per expert suggestions, Apple must enable it by default as understanding the remaining battery level from normal battery sign is essential. Many of them still complain about not knowing how much battery is left.

By setting the percentage indicator to be visible for the remaining battery life, anyone can easily resolve the problem completely on their own.

Apple must consider adding an indicator using which users can see the remaining usage time of the device. And this indicator must be a standard one like the battery percentage calculator. If it can fetch the details on the device display, then it would be useful.

With this feature, one can minimize the usage of the device when the battery level is low so that the battery can stay longer. It can be easily added to the device, and this can eradicate all battery-related problems up to a certain extent.


The user can optimize his usage too as 3D games or heavy apps use a lot of battery. By this, he will also get to know which application is the best to download to prevent the draining of the battery and which one is not.

It can give confidence so that he will be able to make the right decision. Using this also results in other benefits such as one can easily understand which charger to use.

Final Words

Hope the above guide helped our readers understand how to display battery percentage on iPod and how to use the device optimally to ensure maximum battery life. These are the very basic things that every iPod user should know about so that he can get the best out of his Apple gadget and enjoy its benefits.

Stay tuned for more tips and guides for the top Apple gadgets. Do you know any more useful tips that can help consume battery? Share your views in the comments section below so that our readers can also benefit from the advice.


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