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ICICI Credit Card Reward Points – A Complete Guide 2022

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ICICI bank offers different reward points on different credit cards depending upon the card type. You can get 3 types of reward points on your credit card spendings – 

  • Payback reward points
  • Handpicked rewards
  • ICICI rewards

Let’s dig deep about ICICI credit card reward points. 

ICICI Bank Credit Card Reward Points 

You can earn different rewards points depending on your reward program. 

  • Each Payback Point = Rs. 0.25 
  • The handpicked and ICICI rewards are product specific that you can ensure by visiting the catalogue

#1. ICICI Payback Reward Points

When you get an ICICI credit card eligible for payback reward points, you also get a payback number. You can use payback number or your linked mobile number to earn the payback points while spending.

You can also earn bonus points when you spend on payback exclusive partners.

Credit cards eligible for Payback rewards

  • ICICI Bank Diamant Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Cards
  • ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit Cards
  • ICICI Bank Coral Credit Cards
  • ICICI Bank HPCL Platinum Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Expressions Credit Card

You can earn payback reward points when you use it on various payback partners online as well as offline. 

The payback points are automatically added to your account when spending online using your payback number. Whereas, you can provide your linked mobile number with a credit card to earn payback points while transacting offline. 

Payback has partnered with more than 100 brands including HP petroleum, pantaloons, hushpuppies, pizza hut, CCD and many more.

The ICICI Bank Payback Rewards Benefits

  • Earn points with payback partners 
  • No limit on rewards points earning
  • Expiry date – 3 years
  • Redeem with exclusive range of products
  • Bonus points on shopping with exclusive partners
  • Online as well as Offline redemption facility

Let’s discuss various ICICI credit cards offer how many reward points in the table below

Credit CardRegular Reward PointsExtra Rewards
ICICI Bank Coral Card (Contactless)2 PAYBACK points on every Rs. 100 spent (except fuel)
ICICI Platinum Chip Card (Visa)2 PAYBACK points on every Rs. 100 spent (except fuel)
Ferrari Platinum Credit Card2 PAYBACK points on every Rs. 100 spent (except fuel)
ICICI Bank Carbon2 PAYBACK points on every Rs. 100 spent (except fuel)
ICICI Bank Expressions Credit Card3 PAYBACK points on every Rs. 100 spent (except fuel)
ICICI Bank Rubyx Mastercard Credit Card2 PAYBACK on every Rs.100 spent (domestic)4 PAYBACK on every Rs.100 on international spendings
ICICI Bank Rubyx Platinum American Express Credit Card3 PAYBACK on every Rs.100 spent (domestic)6 PAYBACK on every Rs.100 on international spendings
ICICI Bank Sapphiro Mastercard Credit Card2 PAYBACK on every Rs.100 spent (domestic)4 PAYBACK on every Rs.100 on international spendings
ICICI Bank Sapphiro Platinum American Express Credit Card3 PAYBACK on every Rs.100 spent (domestic)6 PAYBACK on every Rs.100 on international spendings
ICICI Bank Unifare Mumbai Metro Credit Card2 PAYBACK points on every Rs. 100 spent (except fuel)4 PAYBACK Points on every Rs.100 spent on Auto Bill Pay (Recharges)

#2. Handpicked Rewards

ICICI hand picked rewards is an exclusive reward program eligible for a selected ICICI credit cards. 

The Hand-picked Rewards Benefits

  • You earn points every time you use credit card
  • No limit on how many Hand-picked Rewards you can earn.
  • Points have no expiry date.
  • You can redeem points with exclusive partners in various categories such as fashion, dining, holiday, gadgets and many more.

Credit cards eligible for handpicked rewards

  • ICICI Bank Sapphiro Visa Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Rubyx Visa Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Visa Signature Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Platinum Identity Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Ascent American Express Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Limited Edition Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Business Ascent American Express® Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank American Express® Gold Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Corporate Platinum Credit Card

You can earn handpicked rewards when you use it on everyday shopping, high value purchase such as jewellery shopping, international travel, automatic bill payments. You can also earn rewards when your family member uses the supplementary card.

You can check out different exclusive offers to redeem your handpicked rewards on ICICI Bank Handpick Rewards Redeem Portal

Hand-picked Rewards Detailed List as Below –

InterMiles200 InterMiles (Only for InterMiles members)JP0003300
AmazonAmazon Gift Voucher worth Rs. 1000/-SR50211500
ArrowGift Voucher worth Rs. 500/-HR1001620
ZodiacGift Voucher worth Rs. 500/-HR1002650
GiveIndiaFeed the Annamrita midday meal to 5 school children for one year worth Rs. 1100 (through Annamrita-ISKCON Food Relief Foundation)SR50111600
GiveIndiaCorrect the vision of 2 poor patients by donating a set of spectacles worth Rs. 550 (through Sankara Nethralaya)SR5012800
GiveIndiaProvide medical support to underprivileged mothers and newborn babies worth Rs. 550 (through Foundation of Mother and Child)SR5023800
GiveIndiaSupport poor farmers in agriculture and their kid’s education worth Rs. 1,100 (through Manuvikasa)SR50241600
GiveIndiaSupport elderly and destitute women worth Rs. 550 (through Maitri India)SR5025800
GiveIndiaSupport the education of a poor tribal child for a year worth Rs. 1,100 (through Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences)SR50261600
GraphiteGraphite Premium Men’s Leather WalletAC50031120
FabindiaGift Voucher worth Rs.1,000/-SR35931250
FlipkartFlipkart Gift Voucher worth Rs.1,000/-SR50091450
LifestyleGift Voucher worth Rs.1,000/-SR35871250
Mainland ChinaDining Voucher Rs.1,000/-SR35071250
NikeGift Voucher worth Rs.1,000/-SR35041250
TanishqVoucher worth Rs.5000/-HR12287000
Shoppers StopGift Voucher worth Rs.1,000/-SR35101250
WestsideGift Voucher worth Rs.1,000/-SR35801250
CromaGift Voucher worth Rs.1,000/-HR10561300
Pizza HutGift Voucher worth Rs. 1,000/-HR10151300
HidesignGift Voucher worth Rs. 1,000/-AC60271500
GUESSGUESS for Women EDP Spray-75mlHR10594000
Genesis La ModeVoucher worth Rs.10000HR122015500
MakeMyTripMakeMyTrip Gift Voucher worth Rs. 5,000/-SR50277250
MakeMyTripMakeMyTrip Gift Voucher worth Rs. 10,000/-SR502814500
YatraYatra Gift Voucher Rs.10000/-SR502914500
BookmyshowBookmyshow Gift Voucher Rs.1000/-SR50301400
CentralCentral Gift Voucher Rs.1001/-SR50321400
BataBata Gift Voucher Rs.1000/-SR50331400
Big BazaarBig Bazaar Gift Voucher Rs.1000/-SR50341400
Baskin RobbinsBaskin Robbins Gift Voucher Rs.500/-SR5035700
TitanTitan Gift Voucher Rs.1000/-SR50361400

#3. ICICI Rewards

ICICI provides another reward opportunity to limited credit card users. These reward points are separate from handpicked and payback points.

You can earn ICICI rewards if you have any of the cards listed below.

Credit cards eligible for ICICI rewards

  • ICICI Bank American Express® Green Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Big Bazaar Gold, PLC & Silver Credit Cards
  • ICICI Bank Easy Deposit Preferred Gold Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank e-BOR Preferred Gold & Silver Credit Cards
  • ICICI Bank Foreign National Platinum Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Gold Next Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Virtual Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Gold Business Credit Cards (Corporate Liability)
  • ICICI Bank Gold Corporate Credit Cards (Corporate Liability)
  • ICICI Bank Silver Corporate Credit Cards (Corporate Liability)

The ICICI Bank Rewards Benefits

  • Earn points whenever you use credit card 
  • No limit on how many rewards points you can earn
  • They come with no expiry date
  • You can redeem points from exclusive range of gift items and vouchers

ICICI Rewards Detailed List as Below –

You can also check out the latest rewards redemption options using the ICICI Rewards link.

ParkerParker Pen Set-Vector, Standard set of 2SR12861000
Shoppers StopGift Voucher worth Rs. 500/-RT03011075
WestsideGift Voucher worth Rs. 500/-RT04011075
LifestyleGift Voucher worth Rs.500/-SR28241075
BenettonGift Voucher worth Rs. 500/-AP02081110
ArrowGift Voucher worth Rs. 500/-AP02041125
AmazonAmazon Gift Voucher worth Rs. 1000/-SR50222400
CentralCentral Gift Voucher Rs.501/-SR50371200
BataBata Gift Voucher Rs.500/-SR50381200
Big BazaarBig Bazaar Gift Voucher Rs.500/-SR50391200

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How to Check ICICI Credit Card Reward Points 

You can check your ICICI credit card reward points in 3 ways –

#1. iMobile

ICICI imobile

Assuming that you have already installed ICICI iMobile app and signed up using your internet banking user id and password.

Let’s go ahead.

Step1. Login to iMobile

imobile login

Step 2. Go to “Services” in the bottom right corner

imobile services

Step 3. Tap on Account services 

imobile account services

Step 4. Tap on “View Reward Points”

imobile view reward points

Step 5. Select your credit card/ account number and tap on “Submit”.

imobile submit

You would be able to check and redeem your Reward points.

#2. Internet Banking

Step 1. Goto ICICI netbanking website and login using your netbanking user id, password or registered mobile number.

ICICI netbanking login

Step 2. Click on “Exclusive Offerings” option as shown below 

icici netbanking exclusive services

Step 3. Click on “Reward points” in the drop down menu.

ICICI netbanking reward points

Step 4. Click on “View Rewards”. 

Icici netbanking rewards

You will be able to see your accumulated reward points as well as you can redeem them.

Icici netbanking rewards redeem

Here you can redeem your reward points as per your choice that we’ll discuss in the next section.

#3. SMS

You can also check your PAYBACK point balance by sending an SMS from your registered mobile number (with PAYBACK).


  • Type  “DCPBAL last 4 digits of your ICICI Bank Account Number” & send the message to  9212146468.

You will receive a message mentioning your accumulated reward points.

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ICICI Credit Card Reward Point Redemption

#1. E-Vouchers

The best way to redeem the reward points is to convert them into e-vouchers of various brands such as Amazon, flipkart, lifestyle and many more.

E-vouchers give you flexibility to utilize them in your upcoming shopping. You can convert Amazon vouchers into amazon pay balance and pay on your regular spendings as well.

#2. Buy from Catalogue

You can buy any product listed on the rewards catalogue and get them delivered to your home.

ICICI rewards and handpicked rewards point has better redemption value but they provide limited items in the catalogue.

On the other hand, Payback has lower redemption value but they provide you numerous redemptions options.

#3. Airmiles

You can also redeem your icici rewards, handpicked rewards and payback reward points into airmiles. 

You can redeem as intermiles voucher from the icici rewards catalogue or you can go to payback website and redeem the reward points into air miles.

#4. Redeem to Cash

You can request ICICI customer care to convert your reward points into your credit statement. There’s no other way out. 

You can call on 080-40146444 and they will redeem your reward points into cash within 7 working days.

How to Redeem ICICI Reward points

#1. How to redeem PayBack reward points

1. iMobile App

You can now redeem any type of reward points whether ICICI rewards, handpicked rewards or ICICI Payback Rewards from your iMobile app depending on which reward program your credit card is eligible for.

Step 1. Login to iMobile app on your smartphone

imobile login

Step 2. Click on Manage Cards

icici imobile manage cards

Step 3. Click on “Latest Bill” tab and click on “Redeem Now

icici rewards redeem using phone

You will reach the Payback (or ICICI rewards) catalogue page

Step 4. Select the item as per your choice.

icici rewards catalogue on phone

Step 5. Check out the order details and then click on”Continue” and “Place order”.

icici rewards continue

Your electronic product such as e-voucher would be delivered to your email id in a couple of minutes, whereas any physical product would be delivered within 15 days from the date of order.

2. Payback Website

You can also redeem your ICICI reward points directly from the website. 

Step 1. Go to Payback website and login using your payback card number or your registered mobile number and 4-digit pin.


Step 2. Select the product from the catalogue and place the order.

Choose product

3. Payback Partners

You can easily redeem your ICICI payback reward points offline while shopping at Payback partner outlets such as Big Bazaar, Pantaloons, Lifestyles and many more.

You have to provide your registered mobile number at the cash counter and ask the assistant to redeem the payback points. He will update you about your current rewards value, that you can utilize as per your requirements.

4. AirMiles

You can visit and select option Airmiles from the homepage and login using your user credentials.

payback airmiles

You can redeem your payback reward points against airmile vouchers that you can use while booking airline tickets.

#2. How to redeem ICICI Handpicked rewards and ICICI rewards

Depending on your ICICI credit card, you can enjoy the handpicked rewards and redeem them into e-vouchers, airmiles as well as some products listed on their catalogue. 

There are two ways to redeem the handpicked rewards –

1. Netbanking

The simplest way to redeem your handpicked reward points is by directly going to handpicked rewards catalogue. You can better understand following the steps below –

Step 1. Go to Handpicked Rewards Catalogue and for ICICI Rewards go to ICICI Rewards Catalogue, rest of the process is same.

icici handpicked rewards catalogue

Step 2. Find the product of your choice from the catalogue and click on redeem now

icici handpicked rewards catalogue - Copy

You’ll be redirected to the login page

Step 3. Log in using your netbanking username-password or registration mobile number.

ICICI netbanking login

Step 4. Check the quantity and other descriptions. Finally click on “Place order”.

You will receive your electronic gift such as Amazon or bata voucher over email whereas any physical product would be delivered within 15 days of order.

2. Calling Customer Service

If you don’t have the internet banking facility, you can also redeem your ICICI rewards by calling the customer service on Customer Care Number- 1800 200 3344.

However, you have shortlisted the product that you want to get against the reward points. Keep the product code handy, and when the customer care representative ask you to provide the product code you can tell immediately to save time.


#1. What is the ICICI credit card reward points expiry?

ICICI credit card reward points expiry are as below –

  • ICICI handpicked rewards and ICICI rewards has no expiry
  • ICICI Payback points come with 3 years expiry

#2. What is the minimum number of reward points required for redemption?

You don’t need any minimum reward points to redeem. You can redeem as many points you have.

#3. Can I return the rewards item?

No redeemed product is non-returnable, and non-exchangeable to any other product.

#4. Is there any fee charged on ICICI reward points redemption?

Yes. You have to pay fee on reward point redemption as below –

  • Rs. 99 + GST for Handpicked and ICICI Rewards
  • Rs. 25 + GST for Payback points

#5. Can ICICI Amazon Pay credit card also earn rewards points?

No. Since the ICICI Amazon pay credit card is a cashback card. You will receive your cashback as your Amazon pay balance only.

#6. Can I redeem rewards points to Cash?

You can’t redeem rewards points directly to cash but you can redeem them as Amazon vouchers or Mobikwik vouchers to use them for payments.

However, you can redeem your reward points as statement credit to your credit card account.

Final Words 

That’s all guys. I hope you are now aware of each and everything about ICICI credit card rewards. If you still have any question, please do let me know in the comments section. I’ll try to add your question in teh FAQs with best possible answer.

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