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Is Buff Game Legit? Can You Earn Game Rewards With It in 2024?

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Ever wondered if Buff Game is for real? I was curious too! So, I decided to check it out. Buff Game is a cool game that says you can get rewards for playing games. Sounds awesome, right?

But the big question is: can we really trust what they say? In this easy-to-understand guide, I’m going to talk all about the Buff Game.

We’ll see how it works, what other gamers think about it, and figure out if it’s safe and actually does what it promises. If you love playing games and want to know if you can get something extra from it, this is for you. Now let’s learn all about the Buff Game! 🕹️🌟🔎

What is a Buff Game?

buff game

Buff is an exciting reward program designed specifically for gamers, offering them an opportunity to earn various in-game rewards and real-world items by playing their favorite video games.

Developed by the Israeli company Overwolf, Buff operates as a free app with millions of downloads and a vast user base.

Buff is part of Overwolf’s platform, which aims to support developers in creating extensions and enhancements for video games. It has gained popularity among gamers, boasting millions of app installs, over 450,000 daily active players, and more than 3 million matches played daily.

Gamers can install and run the Buff app on their Windows-based PC (unfortunately, it is not available for consoles like PS4, PS5, or Xbox). While they play games, Buff runs in the background, tracking their gaming progress and rewarding them with points called “Buffs.”

These Buff points can later be converted into currency, which can be used to purchase a wide range of items. Gamers can acquire in-game items such as skins, game keys, and gaming hardware, enhancing their gaming experience.

Additionally, Buff offers the option to redeem earned Buff points for credit towards Steam codes or various gift cards.

Is Buff legit?

So, you might be wondering, is Buff legit or just another online scam? To get a sense of its reputation, I checked how is rated on a few different platforms:

Trustpilot: Buff boasts an impressive 4.4-star rating, signifying an “Excellent” reputation. With a substantial 5,044 reviews and verified company status, this is a positive indicator.

Google Play Store: On the Google Play store, Buff holds a 3.3-star rating. This includes feedback from 8.87k users and over 1 million downloads.

App Store: Similarly, on the App Store, Buff also maintains a 3.3-star rating with 511 ratings.

While the ratings on the app stores are somewhat average, Trustpilot presents a more favorable view of Buff.

However, it’s worth noting that I couldn’t find a profile for the company on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which would have provided additional information such as an address and any customer complaints.

Unfortunately, the Buff website also lacks a company address. Nevertheless, the company does offer communication channels, including the option to call or chat via Discord, as well as a contact form on its website for inquiries or assistance.

Which games are included in Buff?


Buff is a platform that lets you earn rewards while playing games.

It supports many popular PC games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Fortnite, Overwatch, League of Legends, Minecraft, PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege, Valorant, Call of Duty Warzone, and more.

For mobile gamers, it includes Brawl Stars, Clash Royale, and Clash Of Clans.

Even though Buff hasn’t been around for very long, they keep adding new games. But remember, it takes a lot of playing to earn Buff coins. You might win a lot of games, but you only get around ten coins per match. Since many rewards need over 1000 Buff coins, it takes a while to get enough for a reward.

Some rewards are only for premium users. Buff isn’t a way to make a lot of money, but it’s a fun way to get extra things for free while playing games.

Buff also offers a Premium subscription, with prices from $2.99 to $7.99 per month. This gives you more Buff points, better earnings from games, special raffles, challenges, access to a Premium Discord channel, and exclusive items.

If you focus on enjoying the games rather than just earning Buff coins, you might be surprised one day at how many coins you’ve gathered and can then trade for rewards. Just remember, it can take quite some time to collect enough coins.

How can I earn money by playing Buff?

Wining games can earn you Buff coins, which you can use to earn rewards with Buff Gaming.

However, there are no shortcuts or hacks to getting more Buff coins – it’s based on your game performance. You won’t earn Buff coins over time, so playing for hours won’t necessarily earn you more.

But there are other ways to boost your Buff coin earnings:

Buff Wheel

You can earn Buff coins by spinning the Buff Wheel.

Premium Subscription

Subscribing to the premium options (explained below) can increase your Buff coin earnings.

Daily Rewards

Collect daily rewards to earn more Buff coins.

In-Game Challenges

Completing in-game challenges can also help you earn Buff coins.


You can refer other players to Buff Gaming and earn rewards.

Watch Ads

You have the option to watch ads to earn extra Buff coins.

To redeem rewards like $5 gift cards, you typically need around 600 Buff coins. If you want to cash out, you’ll need at least 1,500 Buff coins.

The rewards in the Buff Marketplace include gift cards, in-game rewards, free Steam codes, gaming hardware, and in-game currency. Popular gift card options include Amazon, Domino’s, and Xbox.

How Does Buff Gaming Work?

Buff Gaming is a straightforward and user-friendly platform that allows gamers to earn rewards while playing their favorite games. Here’s how it works:

Download the App: To get started with Buff Gaming, gamers need to download and install the Buff app on their compatible Windows-based PC. It’s important to note that the app is not available for consoles like PS4, PS5, or Xbox.

System requirements for downloading Buff Gaming

If you’re interested in using Buff for gaming rewards, here are the system requirements for the Windows version of the app:

Operating system

  • Windows 10, Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8
  • Hard drive space: Approximately 50MB

In-game support

  • DirectX8, DirectX11, DirectX9, and OpenGL
  • Microsoft .NET Framework: Version 4.5 or higher


  • Minimum: A quad-core CPU from Intel or AMD
  • Recommended: CPUs from Intel or AMD with a frequency of at least 3GHz, such as the i3, i5 or i7 Gen 7


  • Minimum: 4GB
  • Recommended: 8GB

Once you’ve downloaded Buff, you can create an account to link the app to your Buff account and start earning rewards while gaming.

Additionally, if you prefer gaming on your mobile device, Buff is available for both iOS and Android devices with the following requirements:


Compatible with iOS devices


Requires Android 7.0 or higher

You can easily find and download the Buff app from the respective app stores for iOS and Android devices. This way, you can enjoy gaming rewards on your mobile device as well.

Play Games

Once the app is installed, gamers can continue playing their preferred video games as they normally would. Buff Gaming operates in the background while gamers enjoy their gaming sessions.

Earn Buff Coins

As gamers play and win games, they earn Buff coins. These coins are awarded based on their gaming achievements, and there is no need to reach specific levels or complete certain tasks to earn rewards.

Buff Gaming uses an algorithm to collect data, calculate statistical probabilities, and determine the earned rewards.

Redeem Rewards

The Buff coins earned during gameplay can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, including free gift cards and other prizes. The platform provides an opportunity to exchange gaming success for real-world items and in-game content.

Non-Intrusive Experience

Buff Gaming utilizes Overwolf technology to collect gameplay data without causing disruptions or affecting gaming performance. Gamers can rest assured that they won’t be interrupted with questions or tasks during their gaming sessions.

Buff Customer Support


To get help from Buff, you can use their email contact form, reach out through social media, or connect via Discord. Discord is a quick option, while email may take longer.

Buff has support channels in English and Spanish on Discord, which is helpful, but more languages would be even better. We tested their support on Discord anonymously and found them to be very responsive and helpful.

Buff also has a FAQ section that can answer many common questions. Overall, their customer support is excellent, especially if you use Discord, but it’s a good idea to have Discord to reach them quickly.

To get help from Buff, you can use their email contact form, reach out through social media, or connect via Discord. Discord is a quick option, while email may take longer.

Buff has support channels in English and Spanish on Discord, which is helpful, but more languages would be even better. We tested their support on Discord anonymously and found them to be very responsive and helpful.

Buff also has a FAQ section that can answer many common questions. Overall, their customer support is excellent, especially if you use Discord, but it’s a good idea to have Discord to reach them quickly.

Premium subscription plans of Buff Gaming



Buff Gaming offers three premium subscription plans that provide additional benefits for users. These premium plans offer extra rewards, more Buff coins, and special perks for a monthly fee.

The higher-tier plans come with greater benefits and are designed to enhance your overall experience with Buff Gaming.These plans include:

Premium Plan ($3.99 per month)

  • Offers 150% extra Buff coin earnings.
  • Provides 50 Buff coins each month.
  • Grants access to premium in-game items that can be purchased at a special price.

Premium Plus Plan ($5.99 per month)

  • Includes all the benefits of the Premium Plan.
  • Offers an additional 100 Buff coins every month.
  • Provides a 200% boost in Buff coin earnings.
  • Grants access to a dedicated Discord channel for communication.
  • Allows participation in raffles for bonus prizes.

Premium Elite Plan ($7.99 per month)

  • Includes all the benefits of the Premium and Premium Plus Plans.
  • Offers an even higher monthly Buff coin allowance of 200.
  • Provides a substantial 300% increase in game earnings.
  • Offers a 200% daily reward boost.

Is Buff safe to use?

In short, yes, Buff is considered safe to use. While there are mixed reviews, there are no glaring red flags about the company’s safety. However, it’s important to address some common safety concerns you might have about the platform.

According to the company’s website, Buff had to pass through security and authenticity tests to be featured in Overwolf’s Appstore.

They emphasize that Buff is malware-secure, free from viruses, and does not engage in cryptocurrency mining. The company places a premium on user security to ensure a worry-free experience.

Now, let’s delve into some of the safety concerns you might be wondering about:

Malware and Viruses

Buff has taken measures to ensure that its app is free from malware and viruses. Their commitment to user security is reflected in their claim that the app is safe in this regard.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Buff has stated that it does not engage in cryptocurrency mining. This is a common concern in the online world, and Buff’s assurance should ease any worries in this regard.


Buff’s presence in Overwolf’s Appstore, coupled with their security and authenticity tests, suggests that the platform is committed to delivering a safe and legitimate experience.

While no online platform is entirely risk-free, Buff’s efforts to address security concerns and their claims of malware-free, virus-free operation should provide users with a degree of confidence in its safety.

As with any app or online service, it’s essential to exercise caution and follow best practices to protect your personal information and devices.

Does Buff’ Collect Personal data?

During my research, I saw concerns over data collection have been raised by some users, as indicated by comments such as:

“They probably sell your data, so that’s how they make money, by selling your data to 3rd parties. It’s a bit risky, but if you really want to keep using it, it’s really up to you.” (Review from Reddit).

“I’d be cool with it not giving much money, but I’m more concerned with how they can afford to give you stuff for playing games. Do they sell your data? Do they mine bitcoin?” (Review from Reddit).

These concerns prompted further investigation into Buff’s data collection practices.

According to Buff’s FAQ section, the company is committed to protecting the privacy and security of its users. “We use your game performance and achievements to provide you with Buffs, but beyond that, we do not collect any user information.”

However, examining Buff’s privacy policy reveals a different perspective, stating, “We collect personal data about the users of the Services. We also collect personal data included in publicly available sources.”

It appears that while Buff may collect some personal data from users, they claim to prioritize user privacy and security.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of what data Buff collects and how it is used, it is advisable to review Buff’s privacy policy directly.

This exploration was initiated due to concerns raised by users regarding data collection practices.


  • Passive earning opportunity.
  • Wide selection of PC games.
  • Various reward options to choose from.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Slow accumulation of rewards.
  • Limited availability of mobile games.
  • Occasional unavailability of rewards.
  • Poorly rated mobile apps.
  • Geographic restrictions may apply.


In my opinion, while Buff Gaming is a legit app that pays you for playing games, it may not be the best use of your time.

It’s not very worthwhile, especially if you can’t easily cash out your earnings for gift cards. Plus, paying for boosted rewards might offset the rewards you’re trying to earn.

You may want to consider other websites and apps from where you can earn some regular passive income. They’re free to use and don’t require as much gameplay to earn rewards.

There are also many other ways to earn rewards that can have a more significant impact on your daily life.

So, if you’re gaming to make some extra cash, it’s a good idea to be smart about where you invest your time.

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