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Mistplay Review 2024: Can You Earn Cash for Playing Games?

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  • Diverse gift card options
  • Wide selection of games across genres
  • Availability in numerous countries
  • Gift card rewards start at $0.50


  • No desktop version or iPhone compatibility
  • Lacks a substantial sign-up bonus

Mistplay, launched in July 2016 by founders Henri Machalani and Eugene Joannides in Canada, is an Android app that has gained popularity with over 10 million downloads from the Google Play store.


We’re all glued to our phones, spending countless hours immersed in mobile apps and games, aren’t we? Which is your favorite game nowadays?

Mobile gamers number 3.1 billion as of 2023, and the number is predicted to grow as technology advances and accessibility expands globally.

But what if you could transform your playtime into profit? A relatively new player in the mobile game rewards space, Mistplay promises to reward users with cash and gift cards.

So, would you like to explore more? And know more about it? I am sure you do. And who minds some extra cash in their pockets?

Now, the question arises: is Mistplay a legitimate platform or just another empty promise? And how much can you realistically earn by engaging in your gaming passion?

To answer these questions and provide you with an insightful analysis, I’ve downloaded and thoroughly tested Mistplay.

In this review, we explore the app’s earning potential and the available games and equip you with knowledge to make an informed decision about downloading it.

Learn more about Mistplay and see if it aligns with your gaming and earning goals!

What is Mistplay?

Mistplay, launched in July 2016 by founders Henri Machalani and Eugene Joannides in Canada, is an Android app that has gained popularity with over 10 million downloads from the Google Play store.

Mistplay Review

With a commendable 4.1 out of 5-star rating based on 357,000 reviews, Mistplay connects with game app developers seeking users for their new releases.

In a unique partnership, game developers pay Mistplay to increase the visibility of their apps. As a user, Mistplay rewards you for playing these featured games. Mistplay users earn rewards simply by engaging with the recommended games in this symbiotic relationship.

Is Mistplay a legitimate platform?

Yes, Mistplay is a legit platform that allows you to earn free gift cards by playing games. I personally tested the app and successfully earned rewards by engaging with new games.

The app has garnered thousands of positive reviews and has verifiable payment proof, solidifying its legitimacy.

However, it’s important to note that Mistplay is not a high-earning opportunity. While it serves as a great side hustle for your phone, it doesn’t offer a full-time income.

In essence, if you’re already spending considerable time on gaming, Mistplay provides a fun way to earn money through your phone.

Just manage your expectations, as it won’t lead to significant earnings like $100 a day. Mistplay is a genuine side hustle but not a primary source of income.

How to play Mistplay?

To begin using Mistplay, follow these simple steps:

  • Download the App: Get Mistplay from the Google Play Store and install it on your Android phone.
  • Adjust Settings: Make some adjustments to your phone settings to ensure Mistplay functions correctly. Specifically:
  • Allow Mistplay to be displayed above other running apps.
  • Disable your phone’s power-saving mode.

These changes are essential for earning points through the app. Failure to make these adjustments may result in the inability to accumulate points. Ensure that you follow these steps to fully enjoy the Mistplay experience and start earning extra rewards.

How to earn with Mistplay?

To earn rewards on Mistplay, you play and download games, each offering different points or having specific requirements like reaching certain in-game levels or playtime milestones.

Mistplay uses a three-tiered points system:

  • Units: You earn units when you play games, and you can redeem them for gift cards.
  • GXPs (Game Experience Points): GXPs track your level within an individual game. The longer you play a game, the more GXPs you accumulate. Higher GXP levels result in more Units and PXPs.
  • PXPs (Player Experience Points): Your Mistplay player profile rank is determined by your PXPs. Increasing your PXP score enhances your ability to earn more GXPs while playing games. Leveling up your Mistplay profile also grants bonus Units.

The process becomes more straightforward as you engage with Mistplay and explore various games.

Refer to others

Another simple way to earn on Mistplay is by referring your friends. When you invite friends to join Mistplay, you receive a referral bonus of 100 Units, equivalent to around $0.40-$0.50.

While it might not be a significant amount, it’s free money, and gaming with friends can make the experience even more enjoyable.

Win With Streaks, Contests, & Freebies

Mistplay offers rewards for consistent use through streaks. If you use the app for 7 consecutive days, you receive a bonus of 14 Units.

The platform also conducts contests with grand prizes of 10,000 units, usually requiring players to download a new game and reach a specific level to participate.

To kickstart your Mistplay journey, you get a 200-unit welcome bonus.

Additional Units can be earned easily by following Mistplay on social media, subscribing to their newsletter, or utilizing special promotional codes called ‘Mistcodes,’ which can be redeemed for extra units.

Keeping an eye on Mistplay’s social media channels or subscribing to their newsletter is the best way to discover these Mistcodes.

How to cash out with Mistplay?

Mistplay allows you to cash out your earnings by redeeming free gift cards or receiving PayPal cash. In the shop, you can exchange your Units for electronic gift card codes or Avatar upgrade codes for your Mistplay profile once you have accumulated enough Units.

The current gift card options on Mistplay include Amazon, Prepaid Visa, Best Buy, Steam, Cineplex, Google Play Store, Roblox, Sephora, and iTunes. Gift card rewards start as low as $0.50, but opting for the $10-$25 gift card options gives you better value.

It’s important to note that Mistplay’s gift card options may change, and availability can vary depending on your location.

Additionally, Mistplay has introduced free PayPal cash as a reward option, starting at $10. This enhancement allows users to earn real money through this Android gaming app.

List of Mistplay Games

Mistplay offers different games based on your location, and the availability of games depends on how much game developers are willing to pay to promote their games on Mistplay.

List of Mistplay Games

The types of games you’ll find on Mistplay can be categorized into genres such as strategy games, word games, single-player games, puzzle games, and casino/card-related games.

For example, in a region near Toronto, some of the top Mistplay games include Pirate Kings, King of Avalon: Dragon War, Yahtzee, Coin Master, Originals: Interactive Story Series, Solitaire Clash, Scrabble Go, Slotmania, Tropicats, Bingo Tour, and Wordscapes.

These game categories are popular, and many of the games allow players to spend real money to enhance their progress. As a result, game developers find it valuable to acquire new users through Mistplay, making these genres prevalent on the platform.

Is Mistplay worth it?

Yes, Mistplay is worth it if you already enjoy playing Android games and want to earn free gift cards as a fun side hustle. However, if you don’t like mobile gaming or are looking for a more significant source of income, Mistplay may not be worth your time.

To make Mistplay worth it, you need to actively play and enjoy the games in your Mistplay MixList. It takes time to earn points, and you’ll benefit from shuffling between games to maximize your points.

Increasing your level in individual games becomes more challenging over time, so having a diverse selection of games helps avoid diminishing returns for your playtime.

Who can use the Mistplay app?

To use the Mistplay app, you must reside in a supported country, such as the United States, Canada, Singapore, or many European countries. Unfortunately, if your country isn’t supported, you won’t be able to use the app, and using a VPN is not allowed.

Mistplay is designed for users aged 13 and older, as it is rated T for teen. This makes it one of the few money-making apps that teenagers can use.

However, it’s crucial to note that Mistplay is currently only available for Android devices, and if you have an iOS device, you won’t be able to use the app. Although an iOS version is in development, there is no specific release date provided on their website.

What Is Mistplay Status?

Mistplay Status is a new program introduced by Mistplay that rewards users for making in-game purchases on eligible games within the program.

As users spend money in these games, they earn Loyalty Gems, and accumulating enough of these gems allows them to level up their overall status.

Various tiers of the loyalty program are available, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each offering several perks, such as more Loyalty Gems for leveling up.

While Mistplay Status may not be as lucrative as other cashback platforms, it provides a unique opportunity for users who spend money on in-app gaming purchases to earn additional rewards. Please note that Mistplay Status is still in the process of rolling out to all users.

Is Mistplay Safe?

Mistplay is considered safe for use, and it undergoes rigorous safety testing before being listed on the Google Play Store, where it is available for download.

However, like with any app, it’s recommended to review the Terms of Service to understand what data is being collected and stored by the app.

This information can help you make an informed decision about whether Mistplay aligns with your privacy preferences and concerns.

Can you earn “real money” with the Mistplay app?

Whether you can earn “real money” with the Mistplay app depends on your definition of “real money.” Mistplay primarily rewards users with gift cards, but there is an option for PayPal cash rewards once you reach the payout threshold.

If you consider gift cards to have the same purchasing power as cash, then Mistplay allows you to earn what you may consider “real money.”

How much money did I earned with Mistplay?

I decided to give Mistplay a try for an afternoon to understand how the app works before sharing my thoughts. The app is user-friendly, and I appreciated the variety of games available.

During my approximately 45-minute gaming session, Mistplay recorded only the time I was actively playing. In that period, I managed to reach level 4 in the in-game app and level 2 on Mistplay itself.

For my efforts, I earned 39 Units. However, this translates to less than $0.10, hardly a significant amount. This experience underscores the key aspect of Mistplay: it’s crucial to genuinely enjoy the games you play to make it worthwhile.

I kept my testing time relatively short at 45 minutes because, to be honest, I’m not a fan of mobile games. Nonetheless, I believe it’s essential to try out these apps firsthand before sharing reviews to provide a genuine feel for how they operate.

Is Mistplay a scam?

​​No, Mistplay is not a scam. The app legitimately rewards users with free gift cards and cash for playing Android games. It has a positive track record, as evidenced by thousands of favorable reviews on the Google Play Store.

While some negative reviews may stem from dissatisfaction with earnings or attempts to use VPNs, Mistplay is considered a genuine and leading gaming rewards app based on user experiences.

Pros and Cons Of Mistplay


  • Diverse gift card options
  • Wide selection of games across genres
  • Availability in numerous countries
  • Gift card rewards start at $0.50
  • One of the top-paying apps in the Android gaming sphere
  • Opportunity for passive income if you’re already a mobile gamer
  • Now offers PayPal money in addition to gift cards


  • Extremely low earning potential
  • Game rewards decrease as you level up
  • Lacks a substantial sign-up bonus
  • Not an enjoyable side hustle for non-gamers
  • No desktop version or iPhone compatibility

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Conclusion: Mistplay Review 2024

In conclusion, whether Mistplay is worth it depends on your personal preferences and interests. While it provides an honest platform for earning free gift cards and PayPal cash through mobile gaming, it may not be a significant source of income.

It’s essential to have realistic expectations about your potential earnings and consider using the app if you genuinely enjoy mobile gaming.

Mistplay offers a variety of games, and if you approach it with the right mindset, you can earn some free rewards. While it’s not a scam, it’s crucial to be aware of what Mistplay can realistically offer.

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you might find Mistplay to be a fun and rewarding experience. Downloading Mistplay is a simple way to explore this opportunity.


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