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OMI IN A HELLCAT Net Worth 2024: Biography, Girlfriend, Parents And Real Name

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A YouTuber and entrepreneur from Philadelphia, Omi In A Hellcat is popular on YouTube. An estimated $50 million is his net worth. The majority of his YouTube videos are vlogs highlighting his day-to-day activities and his flashy lifestyle.

Occasionally he will give a motivational speech to motivate his followers. The owner of an expensive fleet of luxury cars is known for his love of Dodge Hellcats.

Entrepreneurship was Omi’s main source of income. For nearly five years, he delivered pizzas, but he had always aspired to be more. Then he began re-selling games, fire sticks, and other items on Craigslist to start out his entrepreneurial journey.

He then moved into the IT industry, where he managed servers for games such as Grand Theft Auto 5 and Minecraft.

Omi In A Hellcat Net worth

As well as app development, he also ventured into IPTV, which streamed television over the internet. After creating a fortune, he ventured into other industries such as real estate, construction, and nightclubs.

YouTube star OMI In a Hellcat, better known as OMI Carrasquillo, creates music and videos related to automotives. “OMI In A Hellcat” is his most popular YouTube channel for making automotive content.

OMI In a Hellcat is estimated to have a net worth of around $50 million by 2021.

Early life

On the 6th of August, 1986, Bill Omar Carrasquillo was born in the United States as OMI In A Hellcat. He was born in Philadelphia to Julio Carrasquillo, a real estate agent.

He was not able to be taken care of by his mother due to her drug addiction. The couple raised him together.

Omi In A Hellcat

OMI IN A HELLCAT: Net Worth & Career

Prior to getting involved in several other businesses, OMI worked as a pizza delivery guy for five years. In addition to reselling games, he formed a hosting company where he hosted popular games such as Grand Theft Auto 5 and Minecraft.

Later, he developed software. Indeed, he has developed and sold several successful apps.

In addition to IPTV, OMI also founded an IPTV application called “Gear TV Reloaded”. After an FBI raid of his house, the IPTV was shut down. Despite IPTV’s closeness, he already generated a great deal of money.

Other entrepreneurship deals, such as real estate, construction, and nightclubs, he used the IPTV earnings for. “Philly 21” and “Unicas” are two of his nightclubs.

“OMI In A Hellcat” was OMI’s self-titled YouTube channel where he made automotive posts. Since February 5, 2016, he has been posting videos on his daily life on his YouTube channel.

He recently published a video titled “Taking Delivery of 2021 Durango Hellcat (Trakktion response)”, which was premiered on June 3, 2021. Songs like “Waste My Time”, “Know The Feeling”, and “Call Back” have become popular.

Omi In A Hellcat Social Status

OMI IN A HELLCAT: Personal Life

A lady named MiMi appears to be dating OMI In A Hellcat. Her videos frequently feature OMI. On Instagram, OMI also posted a picture with her. A picture of him and Mimi was shared on May 5, 2021, with the caption “With My Favorite Person”.

OMI is also the father of two sons, Omir and Nomar, from his previous relationship. Information about his past relationships has yet to be released.


According to estimates, OMI in a Hellcat’s net worth will be about $50 million by 2021. From his YouTube channel, he earns approximately $500 per day, which makes his annual income $180,000.

Aside from real estate, construction, restaurant, and nightclubs, OMI earns handsome sum from his other ventures. His properties in Philadelphia number more than 300.

How much money does OMI IN A HELLCAT earn on YouTube?

There are over 500,000 subscribers to the channel as of 2019, and over 80 million views have been generated. An average of 100,000 views are generated per day by different sources. Ads that appear on the videos should generate an estimated profit of $500 per day ($180k per year).

As a result of YouTube taking a cut, YouTubers receive between $2 and $7 per 1000 views. Approximately 40% to 80% of views are monetized.

Omi In A Hellcat Career

This is affected by a number of factors, including the device used to view, the viewer’s location, ad inventory, the number of ads on a video, how many people skip ads, the type of advertisement, ad engagement, and the content.

In an auction between advertisers, the cost of an advertisement view is determined by the number of views. Each advertiser must bid at least $0.01 per view.

In addition, Google offers a program called Google Preferred, where companies with deep pockets can target ads on the top 5% of popular content. Advertisers pay higher rates in this program.Β 

In addition to ads, YouTubers also profit from YouTube Red, a service that enables viewers to watch videos without ads as well as view premium content on YouTube.

YouTubers earn money based on how long viewers watch their videos. Generally speaking, the longer the videos are viewed, the more money YouTubers earn.

After the fame

“OMI In A Hellcat” became famous after he began posting automotive videos to his YouTube channel. He launched the YouTube channel on February 5, 2016 and began posting videos about his everyday life.

The video was debuted on June 3, 2021, and it was titled “Taking Delivery of 2021 Durango Hellcat (Tracktion reaction).” Some of his most popular songs are “Waste My Time,” “Know The Feeling,” “Call Back,” and “Sense.”

Omi In A Hellcat Net Worth

Despite not being arrested, however, the FBI has charged him with fraud.

FBI agents investigated his TV streaming company and tax returns. Tax evasion and copyright violations are alleged through his streaming platform. Money laundering has also been alleged.

All of his belongings, including high-end items, were removed. A variety of items were included, including cameras, laptops, and televisions.

Despite the allegation, the rapper claims that his assets are all legitimate. A construction company and a landlord found a way to make it work. His YouTube channel also makes him money.

At what high school and university did he study? Which major did he choose?

He is an American, as we all know. In other words, it is most likely that he completed his education at home. It is still unclear exactly where he studied.

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FAQ: OMI IN A HELLCAT Net Worth 2024

πŸ‘‰ Who is Omi in a Hellcat?

OMI In a Hellcat is an American automotive YouTuber and music artist known as Bill Omar Carrasquillo

πŸ‘‰ How old is Omi In a Hellcat?

In 2022, he will be 36 years old.

πŸ‘‰ Who is Omi In a Hellcat wife?

Mimi is the spouse of Omi in Hellcat.

πŸ‘‰ Is Omi In a Hellcat arrested?

Yes, he was in prison. However, now he has been released.

πŸ‘‰ What’s is the main source of Income of Omi In a Hellcat?

Omi In a Hellcat earns the majority of its income from YouTube.

OMI IN A HELLCAT: Social Media Reach

There are approximately 786K subscribers to Omi In a Hellcat’s YouTube channel, which indicates a solid social media following. On YouTube, more than 71 million people have viewed his videos.

Moreover, he has 1 million Instagram followers and 575 posts.

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Omi In A Hellcat

He also has 31K Facebook followers with many posts. He has a Facebook page where his followers can follow.

The number of followers Omi In a Hellcat has on Twitter is approximately 12, which indicates that he is not a good social media follower. His Twitter account was created on February 20, 2021.

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