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SBI Forex Card Rates in 2024

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SBI bank offers two forex cards for traveling abroad. SBI forex card is accepted all over the world except in India, Nepal, and Bhutan as per FEMA rules.

  • State Bank Foreign Travel Card
  • Multi-Currency State Bank Foreign Travel Card

Both, existing as well as new customers of SBI can avail these cards. 

SBI Forex Card Rates

#1. State Bank Foreign Travel Card

State Bank Foreign Travel Card

State Bank Foreign Travel Card is a single currency card issued on the VISA International platform. You can use this card traveling abroad for different purposes including medical, tourism, business trip, and pilgrimage.

This chip-based card is available in eight foreign currencies including US Dollars (USD), Pound Sterling (GBP), Euro (EUR), Japanese Yen (YEN), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD), Saudi Riyal (SAR) and Singapore Dollar (SGD).

Charges of SBI Foreign travel card

1. Add-on cards fee – not more than 2

2. Inactivity fee –  No

3. Minimum Amount of Issue/Load – 

Currency Amount
USD 200
Pounds 120
Euros  150
CAD 200
AUD 200
YEN 15800
SAR 750
SGD 250

4. Maximum Amount of Load – As prescribed by the RBI/FEMA from time to time for the purpose of the visit abroad. Currently, it is equivalent to USD2,50,000 in a financial year for the purpose of overseas visits.

5. Maximum daily transactions Limit – 

ATM US$ 3000 or equivalent 
POS US$ 5000 or equivalent 
ECOM US$ 5000 or equivalent

6. ATM Balance Enquiry – Free at SBI’s ATM in India but chargeable in VISA ATMs abroad. You can also view or download statements for the SBI Foreign travel card free of charge at their onlineSBI portal.

7. Annual expiry fee –  

Currency Amount
USD, GBP, Euro, AUD, CAD 5
YEN 500
SAR 20

8. Validity of SBI foreign travel card – 5 years

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#2. State Bank Multi-Currency Foreign Travel Card

SBI Multi-Currency Foreign Travel Card

SBI Multi Currency forex travel card is accepted in the MasterCard platform. You can load this card in seven foreign currencies – US Dollars(USD), Pound Sterling (GBP), Euro (EUR), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD), Singapore Dollar (SGD) and UAE Dirham (AED).

You can add one card in case of loss/defacement of SBI multi-currency forex card. Also, you get a free online balance enquiry and transactions facility at

Charges of SBI Multi-Currency Foreign Travel Card

Types of Charges Rates
Initial purchase and load fee Rs. 100
Reload fee Rs. 50
Additional Card linked to the same funds Rs. 100
Cash out / Refund fee per transaction Rs. 100
Annual expiry fee  No
ATM fee per withdrawal US$1.75 / £1.25 / €1.50 / SG$2.00 / AU$2.50 / CA$2.50 / AED6.50
ATM Balance enquiry fee Free
Purchase from merchants (e.g. shops and restaurants) Free
Monthly inactivity fee (Debited from your Card if it has not been used for 12 months) USD 1.50
Shortfall fee USD 15.00
Cash over the counter fee US$7.50 / £4.00 / €6.00 / SG$10 / AU$9.74 / CA$10.00 / AED30.00
Card Replacement fee Free
Cross Currency fee 3% If transaction currency is different than the currency available on forex card

Limits available on the SBI Multi-currency forex card

Total Limits of Multi-currency SBI Forex Card USD (for Currency equivalent)
Minimum amount you can load on your Card US$200
Maximum load/reload and maximum balance allowed on your card at any one time As prescribed by the RBI/FEMA guidelines from time to time, for the purpose of the visit abroad.
Maximum load over 12 month period As prescribed by the RBI/FEMA guidelines from time to time, for the purpose of the visit abroad.
Maximum ATM Cash Withdrawal in any 24 hours US$10,000
Maximum spend at merchants in any 24 hours US$10,000
Maximum withdraw as cash over the counter at banks in 24 hours US$500
Maximum number of Additional Cards linked to the same funds 1
Maximum number of active accounts that can be held at any one time 1
Maximum PIN tries 3 per 24 hours

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Documents Required For SBI Foreign Travel Cards

  • Signed application-cum-agreement form, a declaration of transaction under the provisions of FEMA guidelines i.e. USD $250000 per financial transaction. 
  • Self-attested copies of Passport and PAN card
  • Self-attested copy of Visa or ticket
  • Form A-2 (Required amount exceeding USD 25,000 – exceeds LRS)
  • Address proof (If residential address is different from that appearing on the passport).

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In case you have any queries relating to the SBI forex card, please mention the same in the comment section below and share your experience.

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