Sellerboard Review 2023: Best Profit Analytics Tools For Amazon Sellers?

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Are you an Amazon seller looking for ways to increase profits?

Sellerboard is the perfect tool for Amazon sellers who want to increase their profits. Their profit analytics help sellers make data-driven decisions that will improve their business. 

They provide detailed insights into your sales, expenses, and inventory to make the most of your time and resources.

With Sellerboard, you can rest assured knowing that you have all the data you need to make informed decisions about your business.

They provide actionable insights so that you can take immediate steps to improve your bottom line.

In this article, we will check out Sellerboard Review in more detail.

Sellerboard Review 2023: What is Sellerboard?

Sellerboard is an Amazon seller’s dashboard for for-profit analytics and accounting management software.

Sellerboard takes into account all expenses, including returns (including the cost of damaged returns), inbound shipping, long-term storage costs, storage fees, and about 70 more “hidden” Amazon fees, and enables you to drill down into each product, variation, charge, and timeframe.

Sellerboard offers inventory management with automated replenishment alerts, an email campaign tool for review generation, and “Money Back” reports for obtaining Amazon refunds for missing or damaged products.

Moreover, they have just updated their alert alerts and PPC dashboard. This application is mainly meant for Amazon FBA firms (Fulfillment by Amazon).

Sellerboard Review

Numerous charges, such as storage fees, inbound shipping fees, and other costs, it FBA challenging. FBA merchants make up the bulk of Sellerboard’s user base. Shey is using FBA and FBM.

Moreover, it’s not only about profit analytics; it’s about allowing you to make more informed business choices.

The essential metric is profitability. Seller Central offers a variety of statistics and reports, but it may be challenging to estimate your real-time revenue.

Excel allows you to collect many reports and determine your profit. The training is geared toward rookies and experienced salespeople.

If you just sell a single product once or twice a day, it makes little sense to invest in a profit analytics tool since it is simple to calculate your profit manually.

Nonetheless, estimating the profit gets complex and time-consuming if you have a few more sales, a second product, or even a wide variety of products.

Therefore, examining a few solutions for profit analyses is wise, and Sellerboard comes into play here.

How Exactly Does Sellerboard Work?

The profit analytics tools of Sellerboard provide Amazon sellers practical recommendations based on data, seller insights, and a variety of proprietary calculations.

It starts by gathering sales and profit-driving data, such as conversion rates, rank position on search engine results pages (SERPs), seller feedback, and product rating.

The system then analyzes the seller’s data and provides recommendations for increasing sales and profitability.

For example, if seller feedback is low and the seller’s product rankings are falling over time, Sellerboard will recommend that the seller seek feedback more often or improve their listings.

My Favourite Features Of Sellerboard

1. Product Insights:

Sellers may utilize Sellerboard’s product insights feature to increase sales. The scientific procedure uses internal calculations, seller data, and other seller metrics such as feedback, reviews, etc.

Sellerboard Product Insights Features

By using Sellerboard’s product insights, you’ll be able to detect problems in your listings and make the required improvements.

2. Sales Tracker:

Over many dates, the Sellerboard sales tracker allows you to watch the number of units sold, the amount of income produced, and the profit obtained from Amazon items.

Sellerboard Sales Tracker Features

This is tremendously helpful for Amazon sellers who want to witness steady gains in their company, allowing them to take action and make modifications before it’s too late.

3. Rank Tracker:

Sellerboard’s rank tracking is a nice feature. It enables you to monitor and track your ranking positions.

Sellerboard Rank Tracker FeaturesIt allows you to see the effects of changes to seller performance, seller ratings, and listings on seller rankings. This will enable vendors to watch Amazon’s pricing swings.

4. Seller Insights:

Amazon merchants get data-driven suggestions from Sellerboard’s seller insights.

Sellerboard Seller Insights Features

It offers ideas for enhancing seller feedback, conversion rates, product ratings, and seller rankings, among other things.

5. Live Dashboard:

The Sellerboard live dashboard is the major interface of the program and offers an overview of the performance of your Amazon company.

Sellerboard Live Dashboard Features It may be adjusted to show the information you want to view, allowing you access to all essential data for seller feedback and conveniently tracking sales and seller ratings, among other features.

Sellerboard Pricing & How To Use

Sellerboard pricing starts at $15 per month. Therefore, if your monthly income is less than $ 3,000, you pay just $15. If you have more than that, you must pay a small surcharge since it is difficult for us to manage this volume of data.

On the website, a demo account is available. You do not need to register, provide your email address, or click “Demo” on the website to test the application for yourself without registering.

Sellerboard Pricing PlansIn the bottom right corner of the page is a small chat box that you may use to contact Sellerboard. They strive to respond fast. However, you may sometimes need to be patient.

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Conclusion: Sellerboard Review 2023

While Sellerboard confronts intense competition from all-in-one platforms and advertising tools, it remains the most preferred Amazon Analytics solution.

It offers cost-effective tools, a responsive customer support team, and data presented in an easily digestible format, all of which are packaged cost-effectively.

Sellerboard exposes your items daily to tens of thousands of new shoppers. It offers extraordinary features for your Amazon company, such as extensive seasonality, market trends, historical data, and more.

Every day, Sellerboard helps you evaluate your business’s overall health. It is the only technology that enables insight into the distribution of orders across many warehouses and the distributors accountable for each order.

Increasing conversion rates and optimizing sales may be accomplished by analyzing and evaluating the performance of various company components.

It is suitable for both novice and seasoned salesmen. Sellerboard is the optimal choice for merchants with a limited budget and many items to track within Sellerboard’s pricing range.

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