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Sellics Review 2023 Is this the Best Amazon Seller Tool ? (Sellics Pricing & Features)

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It is a pretty easy task to get started with your Amazon Business. The massive challenge faced by marketers and business owners in growing their venture as well as rising over their competition. In today’s time, you need multiple tools in order to boost the growth of your venture with the help of the right metrics at the right time in order to make business decisions that can fetch you profit.  Sellics Review For the successful growth of the Amazon Business, you need to combine various analytics tools for getting the data that is needed. This is where we have tools like Sellics Sellics, which is basically a one-stop solution for Amazon sellers. It bundles up 3 to 5 various analytics tools all in a single package. The tool can be used for optimizing the ranking, managing reviews, monitoring competitors, tracking various metrics related to performance, and much more.  In this curated post, we will be trying to cover all the aspects of this platform so that you can decide if Sellics can work for your Amazon Business or not.

Knowing More About Sellics

Sellics started as a basic keyword rank tracker and was founded in the year 2014. Over time, it added numerous other features in all these years for becoming a comprehensive solution for Amazon Sellers. The platform is associated with several big brands, which include L’Oréal, Chal-Tec, Private Label Journey, and Bosch.  Sellics offers two separate platforms viz: the Seller Edition for the Amazon Sellers and the Vendor Edition for the Amazon Vendors. This post focuses on the Seller Edition, which is exclusively for the Amazon Sellers having Seller Central accounts.

The Features That Make It An Astounding Platform

sellics features The platform offers you modules that help the company get a pretty detailed view of your company. You get to evaluate each aspect of the company, all in just a single location. This gives you an overview of the results, along with the option to automate the aspects.  Let us get started with the best attributes of the platform: 

→ Profit Dashboard

The Profit Dashboard lets the user monitor the analytics of income in real time. It deducts the Amazon fees, FBA, Coupons, PPC fees, product costs, and taxes automatically. This gives you a completely automated estimate of the actual income on Amazon.

→ PPC Manager

It is helpful in saving time as well as optimizing the PPC promotions so that the PPC sales on Amazon can be increased. It also helps in concentrating on the effectiveness of the ads as well as generating a greater return on ad spending.  Here you can also evaluate the success of your campaign as well as monitor the performance of the supported ads for a time span. This enables the user to see the improvements that have influenced the campaign results in a positive manner.  What is more, this function saves you from performing the normal tasks that are often time-consuming, like transferring the keywords that are high-performing from one campaign to the other or inserting the underperforming keywords manually into the list of negative keywords.  It can save a lot of your time as well as trouble in setting up the new campaign.

→ Amazon Ranking Optimizer

About 90 percent of the customers place their orders on pages 1 to 3 of the Amazon results. If your product is not available here, you will miss out on a lot of your revenue. The keyword analysis and ranking optimization allow the users to build the conversion as well as benchmarking lists against the competitors.  Step 1: The Amazon Keyword analysis has the potential of taking the guessing job out of what the clients are in search of on Amazon. Your campaigns get turbocharged with winning and high-volume keywords. Step 2: You can optimize the listings of your products to see quickly which listing should be updated. Here you also get the listing optimizer in order to fill the content gaps.  Step 3: It lets you track the keyword rankings and see if the efforts for refining the ranking over time have created an impact.

→ Review Management

Negative reviews have a serious impact on conversion and can compromise the ranks. Review management helps the sellers in responding to negative feedback as early as possible for mitigating the impact. It informs the user of any new feedback immediately. You can connect the account to the Income Dashboard with just a single button. The platform can automatically measure all Amazon costs. Users can also enter the product cost for a much more accurate result.

→ Inventory Management

Here you can upload a lead time for the product you wish in order to automatically determine the ideal date for recording every commodity. It lets the users have complete control of the inventory so that they know the time you will be running out of stock depending on the recent velocity of selling.  In order to successfully prepare the resources, you can keep an overview of the 90-day reorder pipeline with ease. This is because a phone call for positioning the reorder requires capital financially and also for the staff. 

Pros & Cons of Sellics


→ The platform is fully compatible with 8 Amazon Markets. → It boasts very comprehensive data as well as a knowledge base. → Here you get astounding customer support.  → Sellics lets its users see sessions as well as conversion rates. 


→ It offers pretty limited Historical Data. → There are no tools for user management as well as downloading reports. → Even the test users need to sign in to the account.


The platform offers a free trial for 14 days to its users. This lets the users test all the features that are offered by this platform.  The pricing plans of this platform are as follows:

Annual Sales  Monthly Plan Bi-Annual Plan Annual Plan
$0 $57 NA NA
$1K – $60K $67 $57 $47
$60K – $240K $97 $87 $77
$240K – $600K $157 $137 $117
$600K – $1.2M $217 $187 $157
$1.2M+ $317 $287 $257

Regardless of the level, every level lets you access the key features and also all the Amazon Markets with unlimited keywords and products. It also offers a mobile application. 

Sellics Pricing

Seller Edition is ideal for those who make anywhere from $1000 to $60,000 annually on Amazon.

The Seller Edition is available for $47 per month on an annual basis, and you can track unlimited products as well as benefit from the best features that Sellics offers.

The Vendor Edition is tailored to meet the needs of businesses that earn more than $60,000.

You can choose the Retail Analytics module and the Content and SEO module for $179 per month in the Vendor Edition. When you purchase two or more modules in this edition, you will get a 50% discount.

Sellingics offers an Agency Edition to agencies with multiple clients. The agency receives dedicated support so that it can better serve its clients. We recommend contacting Sellics for a quote on this edition because the pricing varies.

So that you can select the best version for an Amazon business, let’s compare the features of the different versions.

Seller edition

Integrated software for managing an Amazon store, the Seller Edition makes things easier for sellers.

  • Profit Dashboard
  • Real-time tracking of your REAL profit is achieved using automated profit calculations.
  • PPC Manager
  • Automate your campaigns to ensure maximum profitability and use automation to maximize PPC spend.
  • Amazon Ranking Optimizer
  • All the keyword information and tools needed to get your listings ranked higher.
  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Track the sales volume and keyword rankings of your competitors so you can outperform them.
  • Product Research
  • Listed here are the top 10,000 items currently selling on Amazon. The niche with the greatest profit potential can be quickly determined through this method.
  • Review Management
  • It sends you an instant notification when your listings are reviewed, allowing you to make a response.
  • Inventory Management
  • Make sure you always know what’s in stock. It is the same as what Inventory Lab is best known for.

Vendor edition

The vendor edition is meant for companies that are looking for specific tools to improve their Amazon business.

  • Customer Feedback
  • Keep track of both good and bad customer feedback so that you can respond quickly.
  • Content & SEO
  • This leads to an increase in organic sales because more people discover you on Amazon search results.
  • Amazon Marketing Services
  • AMS campaigns are optimized through keywords and the bidding process is automated so that you can leave them to work.
  • Buy Box Monitoring
  • You can gain a larger share of the buy box by monitoring the 3rd party sellers that carry your products.
  • Retail Analytics
  • Your vendor sales performance will be better understood and appreciated.

Agency edition

A simple way for agencies to manage client accounts is included in the Agency edition.

  • Amazon SEO
  • Improves Amazon rankings by optimizing listings and monitoring content.
  • Amazon Advertising
  • You can maximize your clients’ advertising spend using automated bidding and reports created by the software.
  • Granular access controls
  • Data is securely protected with tiered user access.
  • Client management
  • You can handle multiple clients – sellers, vendors, or both – much easier.
  • Aggregated data
  • All relevant data, including customer reviews, Buy Box information, and tracked 3P sellers, is present in one place.
  • Customer support
  • You’ll always be able to reach an industry expert who works with both 1P vendors and 3P sellers whenever you need them.
  • Agency Directory
  • Make your brand visible to clients who are interested in finding agencies to manage their Amazon business.

How to use Sellics to increase your Amazon Sales?

You’re sure to be tempted to get started with its impressive list of features. The following instructions will help you streamline your Amazon operations using Sellics.

Keyword Research

You can conduct keyword research by clicking on the rankings tab. In addition to showing you relevant keywords, search volumes, and rankings, the tool will provide you with suggestions on how to optimize your listings. On this page, you will also see listings that hit the top rank.

Click on the Details button if you would like to go into greater detail about how well your keywords are performing. You’ll also find a chart showing the rankings of keywords. By hovering your mouse over the keyword, you can see its recent performance displayed on the graph. Only the historical data is missing. This feature does not provide you with past performance statistics for your tracked keywords.

Product Research

Using the spy tab, you can research your competitors’ products (i.e. find out how well they sell the same products). The monitored products field contains the ASIN or name of the product you want to know more about. It’ll give you a quick picture of how well that product is selling. It will give you a rough idea of inventory levels, revenue generated so far by the product, and the number of units sold on average per day.

As mentioned previously, this tab doesn’t feature products with over one thousand units, which occasionally may seem to be pointless. Adding your own products and keywords to this tab can help you see how they stack up against your biggest competitors.

Amazon Reviews Management

In the toolbar, you can find a tab for reviews. Each product in your catalog will have its own review. It is fairly straightforward to manage Amazon reviews. The reviews can be filtered by star rating, whether the review requires further attention (marked as work in progress), or whether it has already been resolved (marked as completed).

Rather than notify you when bad reviews come in, the Amazon reviews management feature is not so practical when it comes to collecting and organizing your reviews. In case you want to receive a notification as soon as you make a change, Feedback Genius might be a better choice.

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Wrapping It Up: Sellics Review 2023 – Should You Go for it?

Sellics is a torch-bearer and a leader in the arena of e-commerce data intelligence tools. It is well known for its expertise in Amazon products and Keyword Research. The tool has proved its worth for Amazon sellers because of the plethora of features it possesses, like Amazon PPC Manager, Listing Optimization, Amazon SEO tools, and much more.  The platform can also manage the reviews on Amazon in an efficient manner which is definitely one of the most vital aspects of Amazon’s Business. Sellics can outperform the massive work of organizing, responding, and prioritizing the review left by the customer in a matter of a few clicks.  Read the Full Review Here.

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