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6 Awesome Tips To Get Your Blog Flooded With Comments

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Tips To Get Your Blog Flooded With Comments:

Have you written an amazing post?

I know you have written it with all your efforts and spent a lot of time on it.

Do you think that this is the best post from you till now, and are just waiting to publish it?

Now just assume that even after publishing it, you are not getting any comments.

What must be the reason?

Are your writing skills so poor that you can’t attract any commentators?

Honestly, writing posts without any comments will be like talking to the wall.

Well, I have seen many small blogs with even no quality content, but they are having hundreds of comments and thousands of Facebook Likes. What must be the reason behind it? I think I know the right answer and that’s the topic that I would like to share with you today.

I know that many people who have started their blogs a long time ago also don’t see many comments on their blogs, and that’s the reason why many bloggers quit blogging after some time, their dream of becoming popular just remains a dream. But, you don’t have to quit just because you are not getting any motivational comments. I am here to help you out. So, let us get to the topic…I must not bore you with such a lengthy article 🙂

Tips To Get Your Blog Flooded With Comments:

Actually, blogs are meant for discussion. Comments are the beauty of a blog, there doesn’t make a blog beautiful, what makes it beautiful is its quality. Comments directly reflect a blog’s quality and its activeness. So, here are the best six tips that will help you to get more comments on your blog.

1) Get Visitors to Subscribe To Your Newsletter

Most of your first-time visitors will not comment on your blog. They will comment only after visiting it twice or thrice. Once they comment on your blog, do try to force them indirectly to subscribe to your newsletter. Getting your visitors to subscribe will be the best option to get more comments on your blog.

2) Publish less but Promote More.

I personally recommend that you don’t publish blog posts too often, as it will decrease the number of comments on your posts. Publishing one or two posts per week will be enough, just make sure that you promote those posts as much as you can.

3) Interact with your readers

Interacting with your readers will surely flood your blog with comments. When you are building up a blog make sure that you reply to each and every comment. This way, they feel that they are getting noticed and they may become a regular commentator on your blog

4) Build Relation with other bloggers

You will get more comments on your blog if you have good relationships with other bloggers. They will tell you what they think about your content and how you may improve it. They will be your loyal visitors and I am sure they won’t hesitate to share your content.

5) Reward your commentators

Reward your top commentators by giving them ad-spot on your blog or by giving them backlink for some weeks or months. If you are using WordPress then you may use the Top Commentators Widget to show the top commenter on your blog and also give them a backlink. I recommend that you reward them with a backlink for at least one month.

6) Comment on other blogs

Most of the Newbie bloggers don’t comment on other blogs and they simply keep on waiting for someone else to comment on their blogs. This is fully wrong, you can’t get comments on your blog until you others know that there exists a blog named It has been noticed that most blog commenters actually comment to get backlinks, therefore leaving meaningful comments on other blogs and they might also drop some interesting and meaningful comments on your blog.

Do this and see the difference within a few weeks. Do not forget to comment on this post buddy:-)

Over to You:

So, these were just the basic tips to get more blog comments. As you know that out of 100% only 10% of your visitors feel that they should leave a comment, and only 1% of them actually do. So I am sure that these tips will surely help you to attract that 10% of your visitor who can flood your blog with quality comments.

So, what do you think of this article? Did you like the tips? Do, not forget to leave your valuable comments below. Start building your network by commenting now 🙂 Also if you liked this post please help me by clicking on Like, G+ and Tweet. Thank you for reading!

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