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Unacademy Net Worth 2023: Salary, CEO & Business Model

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In this article, we have featured Unacademy Net Worth, The net worth of Unacademy is 2 Billion dollars by January 2023. Banglore is the home of the Unacademy educational platform.

Roman Saini, Gaurav Manjul, and Himesh founded this startup in 2015, however, the idea came from a YouTube video they uploaded in 2010.

As of now, this company has over 18,000 Educators and millions of students who learn from Experts in their field. In today’s article, we will look at how Unacademy has increased its net worth from $1 Billion to $2 Billion in just 6 years.

Unacademy Net Worth:

Unacademy’s net worth is estimated at  $3.5 Billion (Rs 25000 Crores) . Especially in the Edu-tech sector, it has become India’s fastest-growing unicorn company.

Most of its revenue comes from Unacademy Plus, where they add additional features such as live sessions, mock tests, etc. they have converted thousands of students to their service.

By selling their paid subscriptions, they now convert those visits into sales. When compared with offline coaching classes, students here are also happy to pay subscription fees for quality education.

Unacademy Net Worth In Rupees:

There are 14,831 Crore Indian Rupees in the Unacademy Net Worth in Rupees. Unacademy’s net worth is also determined by the Contributor population, which is 18,000 in number.

Unacademy Net Worth Growth

Unacademy’s net worth has grown significantly since its inception in 2015. In December 2017, it had over 20 million views on its platform and 1.5 lakh tutorials. Its success can be attributed to the fact that it offers high-quality education at reasonable prices and has been able to reach students all over India.

How much does Unacademy UPSC earn?

Unacademy Net Worth

Unacademy UPSC earns an estimated $126.4 thousand a year.

Every Unacademy UPSC fan has the same question: How much does Unacademy UPSC earn?

During the past 30 days, Unacademy UPSC’s channel has had about 70.22 thousand views each day and 2.11 million views each month.

For every thousand video views, a channel that uses ads earns money. One thousand video views on monetized YouTube channels can earn between $3 and $7. Unacademy UPSC may have additional revenue sources. They could also promote their own products to increase revenue. Successful YouTubers also have sponsors. Speaking gigs would also be possible.

Unacademy History:

Gaurav Munjal, the CEO, and founder of Unacademy, took the initiative way back in 2010 by uploading a video to Youtube. Manjul started his YouTube channel on 31st December 2010 and on that day the whole world was enjoying at Bars, but here he was busy with his new year resolutions.

FaltChat, which Manjul co-founded with Himesh Singh before Unacademy, gained a certain level of growth very quickly. Manjul continued uploading videos to his YouTube channel, however.

As a result of the success of his Youtube Channel, in 2014 he sold his company Flatchat and started focusing on his channel and trying to grow it into a bigger platform. As a result of Manjul and Himesh’s purchase of FlatChat, both companies received a profit of 50 lakh rupees.

Finding the Right Partner :

He met Roman Saini (founder of Unacademy), who at 16 cleared the medical India test and got admitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). Following the UPSC examinations, he was appointed the Assistant Coordinator.

The Unacademy is the idea that can change the future of Indian education based on the words of Gaurav Manjol

Unacademy CEO gaurav
Gaurav Manjul

 With the support of Gaurav Manjul and Himesh, He left his dream job as an IAS and became Unacademy’s CEO.

After years of experience, day and night, they finally built the Empire in 2015 and named it Unacademy. Then they launch their App, sites, where they make videos about UPSC, JEE, and other competitive exams. They continued to upload videos to Youtube, also renaming Manjol’s YouTube channel Unacademy to continue to upload videos.

Unacademy Business Model:

The win-win Business Model of Unacademy has made it very successful. However, high coaching fees were not the only complaint. As far as salaries are concerned, teachers did not deserve their rights. 

Unacademy business model

The entire Indian education system has been taken over by Unacademy. After the rise of Unacademy, students and teachers alike are excited. 

The online education platform Unacademy is based in India.

The idea was to provide quality education at an affordable price to the entire Indian population. In 2010, Gaurav Manjul uploaded a video on YouTube about the initiative. They continued to work on setting up a company, which was officially registered in 2015, and in 2016 they released the app and website for the Unacademy.

Unacademy on Social media:

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FAQ Unacademy Net Worth

1. Who is the owner of Unacademy?

Gaurav Manjul owns Unacademy. Hemesh Singh and Roman Saini also contributed to the creation of Unacademy. Gaurav is considered the founder of Unacademy since he took the initiative by posting a video on YouTube. They then created a billion-dollar company based on their Idea. Unacademy has a net worth of $2 billion.

2. What is the Net worth of Roman Saini?

The net worth of Roman Saini in 2021 will be 18 Million Dollars. Roman Saini is a doctor, an entrepreneur, and a co-founder of Unacademy.  The Unacademy was established by Roman Siani after he left his job as an IAS ex-officer and started working on the Unacademy. 

3. What is the total income of Unacademy?

During FY19, Unacademy generated revenues of 11 Crore Rupees from its operation. A majority of Unacademy’s revenue comes from subscriptions. Compared with last year, Unacademy’s revenue has grown 6X in 2019. 

4. Is Roman Saini rich?

Roman Saini is rich, yes. In addition to having a huge net worth of 17.6 Million Dollars, he also made some major investments in other tech startups to make his life more sustainable


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