How to Post in Multiple Groups At Once On Facebook 2023?

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Facebook is the biggest Social Media platform out there, well the most popular too, both in respect of a number of users and features.

So I wouldn’t say I’m surprised if you’re hunting for a method that would answer your question that might sound like “How To Post To Multiple Facebook Groups”, because well if you are on Facebook, and you own groups, no one understands their potential more than you, right?

Okay so considering you aren’t the angel marketer yet, let me take a couple of seconds to enlighten you on this very subject!

Why Should You Want To Post in Multiple Groups at Once on Facebook:-

So, why should you want to post to Facebook groups, at all! I mean even if you don’t want to post to Facebook groups at once, why should you even do it, right?

Well in simple English, all I can say is I’ve got a couple of friends who make a “living” out of Facebook groups! Wait, what? Well yeah, they do.

One of them recently made around $1200 in 48hours, just from his Facebook group! Is he a great marketer? 100%. But how exactly was it possible? Let me tell you:-

  • Targeted Audience:- This works better than your Email list. In fact I was thinking to move my focus from building an E-mail list, to start building a Facebook group! Yup I was, the reason being, those in my Facebook group already know me, and they would definitely be someone who’s related to the group, right? For eg., if there’s a group “NYC Skaters”, it’s a 99.99% chance that 100% of the members in it are either skaters or are interested in Skating, right?
  • Easier to Sell Products:- So that’s like, getting a whole damn big E-mail list of targeted audience. Now just ask yourselves, how hard will it be to sell them something related to skating? Maybe the shoes, or the gears? Or whatever. Compared to trying to sell it off to some random users on the internet, I’d say it would be pretty easy.
  • Exposure:- Okay you might not always be wanting to sell something, I get that. But ever wondered how many people you’re getting exposed to directly when you share your articles/links/products in 10 groups, with 10000 members each? Yeah, you do the math.
  • Easier to Connect- The one advantage Facebook groups hold over Email lists is that people and your audience/customers can connect directly to you. Because well, Facebook group members, can have a “group” chat, right? Well yeah, Facebook has that option. So someone got a problem? Not a problem anymore, and they don’t need to ping you over your personal inbox either.

So see? Enough reasons to post in Facebook groups, right? But what if you want to post in multiple Facebook groups at once? Well, there’s a solution to that too, that’s exactly what I’m writing this article for, right?

How to Post in Multiple Groups At Once On Facebook:-

Okay, so we would be using an automated tool for this. What we basically would be doing to achieve our goal is that we would automate our tool, so post in different groups of Facebook, at the same time for us, automatically!

So when the set time comes, the tool automatically posts to all those groups for us, at once!

  • Head over to PostCron! 
  • Signup using your Facebook account. (It’s easier).

So once you’ve clicked on the Signup using the Facebook button, a popup would come on the next page. Set the audience to “public” (so that whenever Postcron posts on your behalf, your post is visible to everyone out there), and then click on okay.

Then another popup would ask permissions to manage your page. (Ofcourse, in case you need to schedule your “page-posts!) Click okay to this one too.

So now I suppose you’re in the PostCron dashboard? If you are, congratulations! You just completed the signup process successfully!

So now, click on the “Facebook icon (right under the add accounts option)”  at the top right corner of your dashboard.

How to Post in Multiple Groups At Once On Facebook

So now a popup would list all the groups you’ve associated with your account. Just select the groups where you want to auto-post to!

How to Post in Multiple Groups At Once On Facebook 1

Once you’ve added the groups (which you have to do separately) just click on the group’s icon for which you want to schedule the post. (You can select multiple groups at once, and they appear in the text box.) 

multi group selection

Once you’ve selected the groups and written your post, just click on “Schedule”.Which will bring up a Date-time box, and you select the date-time from there.


Once you’ve done that, the post would appear under your Review your posts section!

If you’re getting something like the screenshot above! Congratulations, you just successfully did it! Now your post would get published on all the groups “and” even your profile status (if you selected it) at once!

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Over To You:-

Now, this was the simplest solution I had for your questions that even distantly related to How To Post To Multiple Facebook Groups or something like How to Post in multiple groups at once on Facebook. Well yeah, that was it.

If you still got problems, do make use of the comment box. Trust me, I answer every single one of you! I just love hearing from you guys, that makes me feel like all this stuff is actually helping people out there.

See you next time.

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