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Divi Theme vs Divi Builder 2023– Which is Better to Use? (In-Depth Comparison)

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Looking for the right post on Divi Theme vs Divi Builder 2023. Here is my review on comparison which is a better WordPress theme. Read on.

Right off the bat, let me start this article by asking you a question. Oh, don’t fret! It won’t be Calculus.

If you’ve stumbled on this article, we’d like to believe you dabble in WordPress themes a bit(or maybe a lot!). Here it goes: Which is the most used WordPress theme?

The Answer Is Divi.

Divi is not only extremely popular but is also the most used WordPress premium theme. The Divi builder is also the customer’s favorite choice after the Beaver builder. It is a user-friendly drag-and-drop theme and builder from WordPress.

There might be some of you scratching your heads, wanting to ask aloud – “What is the difference between the two?” But you wouldn’t ask, thinking it’s a stupid question.

Divi Theme vs Divi-Builder

Bottom Line Upfront:

Divi is more than just a WordPress theme, it’s a complete design framework that lets you design and customize every part of your website from the bottom to top.


You will have control over everything down to the finest detail. Create the perfect websites for you and your clients.

Divi Theme and Divi Builder is both part of Divi but you have to access them differently.

Try using Divi to get an understanding of this platform.

Difference Between Divi Theme vs Divi Builder Plugin


The Divi Builder plugin is a stand-alone piece of software, whereas the Divi Theme is an all-inclusive WordPress theme incorporating the Divi Builder software by default.

This is the primary distinction between the two. You can use the Theme Builder on any WordPress website you own by installing the Divi Builder plugin. This plugin is an independent visual page builder.

The difference is that the Divi Theme is packaged with the Divi Builder and provides all the necessary features for a single, convenient package.

If you download the Divi theme, there is no need to download the Divi Builder because it is already a part of the package. You can use the Divi Builder, the plugin itself, with various themes.

Is it necessary to install the Divi Builder plugin when using the Divi theme?

No, you don’t need to install the Divi Builder plugin if you have the Divi Theme activated in your WordPress setup. The Divi theme already includes all the features available in the Divi Builder plugin, and it offers even more functionality as part of the theme package.

Divi Theme vs Divi Builder 2023: Overview🤩

Let’s compare the Divi Theme vs Divi Builder with an overview first.

Divi Theme Overview

Divi is a WordPress theme, making you the master of the design. The article allows you to make the customization of your choice. It may sound unreal, but you can decide on the minuscule details.

It helps you create the website in accordance with your client’s vision and gives you room to create and innovate.

Divi Theme vs Divi Builder

You get to play with the appearance of your website in different sections, header, footer, or sidebar. The theme has the option to design the template for your blog pages and your personalized logos.

While working with most themes, you must embed a builder page from a third party. Visual Composer is used to optimize and deliver these themes.

However, this is not the case here. With the Divi theme, Divi Builder comes embedded in the theme. This means you only need to install and activate the theme.

That’s it. You’re set. You don’t need to add any builder page separately. The Divi builder is activated as soon as you activate your Divi theme.

Divi Builder Overview

Now, we still can question – why do we need to compare them if the Divi Theme has Divi Builder embedded? Because it helps us pick the better and understand the technicalities of both options.

Divi Builder plugin is a drag-and-drop page builder available to be used with any WordPress theme. It works as an extension for you to add in the WordPress theme to create more original, creative, and complex layouts that are in sync with the idea of your website.

Divi Builder Overview

Earlier, the functionality was only available with the Divi theme. But, in 2015, WordPress launched Divi Builder as a standalone page builder. The builder started as the backend page builder but is now a full-on front-end visual editor.

Divi Builder is the same as Beaver Builder but is just better. The extension works well in sync with other WordPress themes.

You have to install the page builder, and a purple button will be present to activate the builder for your theme. Activate the builder and make the layouts you want. Also, you can deactivate the builder when not needed.

Note: You don’t have to install Divi Builder if you have the Divi theme. 

You get the best of both worlds when you use Divi Builder on niche themes.

Now and then, you’ll come across a project requiring using one-of-a-kind features. Let’s look at a real estate website as an example.

Real estate websites will require a property brochure and the ability to filter searches based on meta values such as price, number of bedrooms, property type, and so on.

There are as many themes that add this type of functionality as there are plugins or other software that can be integrated.

In fact, there’s a fantastic one included with your Elegant Themes membership. ElegantEstate is one of the Elegant Themes’ pre-Divi offerings, and it includes a nice filtering and brochure system.

Divi is a comprehensive WordPress theme that comes with the Divi Builder already integrated, eliminating the need for installing the Divi Builder plugin separately.

However, if you wish to use the Divi Builder on other WordPress themes, you can install the Divi Builder Plugin, which allows you to use the builder on your page and post content areas.

Unique Features of the Divi Builder📌

These are some of the distinctive characteristics of the Divi Builder.

WordPress Website Builder (Visual Builder) with Drag & Drop

Divi Builder is a drag-and-drop builder plugin. This means you can see the changes you’re making to your website as they happen.

You don’t need to know any code or have any experience with the backend to utilize it.

Simply drag and drop different pieces into your website, then 100% visually modify them to achieve the desired appearance and feel.

Customized Modules

Divi includes many built-in modules you can utilize to build your pages. However, you may wish to construct a custom module or utilize a third-party module on occasion.

This is feasible thanks to the Divi Builder, which lets you develop custom modules with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP.

It is compatible with any theme.

The Divi Builder is independent of themes. This implies it may be used with any WordPress theme, not only the Divi theme.

Unique Features of the Divi Theme📌

These are some of the distinctive elements of the Divi theme.

General Theme Settings

Divi has a plethora of basic theme choices with which you may customize your website.

These include things like altering the colors and fonts on your website, adding a custom logo, creating a unique website layout, and much more.

Navigation Settings

Divi gives a plethora of choices for controlling how your website is accessed. This includes omitting pages from the navigation bar, enabling or disabling dropdown menus, excluding categories from the navigation bar, and other options.

Click Here to See Divi Theme Features 

What is Different – Divi Theme🤔

There are a few ways that the Divi theme can be changed that make it different from the Divi Plugin. Here’s what the Divi theme has that the Divi app doesn’t.

Divi Dashboard Menu


The dashboard menu includes five sections:

  • Theme Options – includes General, Navigation, Builder, Layout, Ads, SEO
  • Theme Customizer
  • Module Customizer
  • Divi Library
  • Role Editor

Post Settings


A lot of new tags are added to the Text tab by the theme. On the right, a new section called Divi Post Settings is added. Here, you can choose Page Layout (sidebar on the left, right, or none) and Hide Navigation Before Scroll.


Using the Divi Builder adds choices to the Divi Page Settings for Dot Navigation and to show or hide the post title.

Page Settings


Pages have the same new tags and Divi Page Settings that were added to Post settings. Pages has a new feature called “Template.” You can choose from two different layouts.

The logo, body, sidebars, and footer are all part of the default design. The blank design has no header, body, sidebars, or footer, so you can use the Divi Builder to make your own header, body, sidebars, and footer.

How To Download And Install Your Divi Builder Plugin⬇️

Using the Divi Builder Plugin, you can add the Divi Builder’s power to any other WordPress theme.

Note: You do not need to add the Divi Builder Plugin if you already use the Divi theme. The Divi Builder is already part of the Divi theme, so you don’t need the plugin.

Download Your Plugin

In this tutorial, we’ll use the Upload tool in your WordPress Dashboard to put your plugin in place. You need to download your app from the member’s area before you can post it.

divi builder

Sign in to your account, and then look for the “Divi Builder Plugin” in the Product Downloads tab. Scroll down and click “Download The Divi Plugin” to get the plugin folder that has been compressed.

Divi Theme vs Divi Builder: Pricing Plan💳

Divi Theme Pricing Plan

Divi Theme basically a premium version. There isn’t a free version of Divi Theme.

divi pricing

The theme is available for two plans:

  • $70 for a year
  • Another is a one-time lifetime access plan of paying $199.

In both of these plans, you get access to Divi, Extra themes, and plugins like Bloom. The plans also provide theme updates, premium support, and other risk-free guarantees.

As specified earlier, you do not need a Divi builder for the Divi Theme as it is wrapped into the theme. 

What can you do with the Elegant Themes membership?

  • Get Divi Builder to build websites with both backend and frontend page builders.
  • You get Bloom and Monarch to keep up with the social media and marketing platforms
  • Choose to work with WooCommerce websites and build amazing products.
  • Great place to start creating your portfolios

Divi Builder price

You have to join the Elegant Themes club if you have to use the Divi builder plugin. The prices start from $70/year. In this plan, you get to have access to about 87 themes (including Divi).

Divi Builder can be accessed once you have an Elegant Themes membership. 

When To Use Divi Builder and Divi Theme Independently and When Together?


Here’s an explanation of when to use Divi Builder, Divi Theme, or both:

If you need a versatile drag-and-drop page builder that isn’t tied to any specific theme, opting for Divi Builder as a standalone plugin is a logical choice.

This lets you maintain your existing WordPress theme while crafting customized pages with Divi Builder’s capabilities.

Using Divi Builder independently makes sense when you simply need a versatile drag-and-drop page builder without being tied to a specific theme.

It allows you to create custom-designed pages within your existing WordPress theme. This approach is ideal if you have a preferred theme that you want to keep and only want to enhance your site’s layout and functionality with Divi Builder.

On the other hand, choosing the Divi Theme as a standalone WordPress theme can be practical when you appreciate the design and features of Divi but prefer to customize it in a different way. This customization might involve using Gutenberg, custom coding, or another WordPress page builder.

However, it’s important to note that using the Divi Theme without Divi Builder limits the theme’s potential, as the true power of Divi is realized when you use both Divi Builder and Divi Theme together for a seamless and comprehensive website-building experience.

You should consider using both Divi Builder and the Divi Theme to leverage their synergy and create a cohesive website-building experience. These two products are designed to work seamlessly together, offering several advantages:

  1. Complementary Functionality: The Divi Theme serves as the foundation for your website, while Divi Builder provides powerful customization tools. Using them together allows you to design and personalize every aspect of your site efficiently.
  2. Unique and Branded Websites: This combination empowers you to craft a truly distinct and remarkable website that aligns perfectly with your brand identity and values.

Divi Theme vs Divi Builder: Key Features

Divi Theme

The Divi Theme is widely recognized for its user-friendly features. With new features and updates released every year- user gets fantastic options to improve their sites every time.

Tt isn’t an understatement that some of the features go unnoticed and Divi have provided an amazing option where users have custom-made features for increasing productivity and design.

1. Customizable:

Customization feature- Divi theme vs Divi Builder

Everything in the Divi theme is customizable. From fonts to colors, and sizing to spacing, everything can be customized. It has the option of applying custom CSS as well. 

2. Easy updates of modification:

Divi provides design instantly, meaning that every change you make in your design is updated in real-time.

3. The advantage of Divi Library:

You can save layouts into the library for any other time. It is easy to export, import, share, and download layouts from the web.

4. Multiple Content Elements:

There are content elements available in the Divi. You can use them in any which way you deem fit.

5. Presence of global elements:

There is a synchronization of global elements. You update them in one place, and they’ll be updated everywhere. This feature works great for the footers.

6. Responsiveness:

You can test live previews and apply changes to the mobile breakpoints. 

Divi Builder

1. No coding experience needed:

The Divi builder’s most loved feature is that it doesn’t require you to know hard-level coding. Every newbie can start building a WordPress website using the Divi builder easily in just a few days.

2. Drag and Drop feature:

Divi builder allows you to design the pages using a simple drag-and-drop feature. Save your layouts in the Divi library and keep using them for any other age of your website. 

3. Flexibility and Compatibility:

The Divi Builder amazing option is it can be used in any WordPress theme and it works completely fine, and there won’t be a need to have a Divi theme installed. It has no compatibility hang-ups. You can drop Divi builder to any theme and customize it. 

4. Different accessibility features:

The Divi builder provides access to elements such as excerpts, custom fields, etc. In the screen option, you can add a discussion and slug option.

You also get the Divi page settings like dot navigation and hide navigation before scroll.

Divi builder has functionality for selecting background colors and static CSS file generation. The Divi builder includes featured image settings and categories and tags too. 

Drag-And-Drop Visual Content Editor

Divi Builder may have started out as a back-end page builder tool, but it’s now a genuine front-end visual full-site editor.

Thanks to this upgrade, rather than working in the back end or WordPress dashboard part of your website, you’re effectively live modifying the front end of your website using a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) interface.

The most significant disadvantage of using back-end builders is that you are unable to get a good idea of how your layout will seem until you switch to the front-end view.

Divi-Drag-And-Drop Visual Content Editor

Because of this, having the capability to work directly on the front end of your website, as you are able to do with the most recent version of Divi Builder, provides you with an exact picture of how your website’s users will experience the material you publish.

Because of this, you won’t waste time repeatedly switching between the back-end and the front-end views of the website. It also eliminates the aggravation from finding out that your layouts do not look how you meant them to.

You can change any component, including text, by simply clicking on it, as demonstrated in the screenshot now displayed above. While you are working on the front end of your site, you will be able to get a glimpse of the exact appearance that the design will have for your users.

Divi Theme vs Divi Builder: Pros & Cons

Aspect Divi Theme Divi Builder
Pros  ✔️Complete website design solution  ✔️ Powerful page builder with drag-and-drop
 ✔️ Pre-designed layouts and templates  ✔️ Customizable modules for content
 ✔️ Integrated theme customization options  ✔️ Seamless integration with any theme
 ✔️ Consistent design across the entire site  ✔️ Create custom page layouts effortlessly.
 ✔️ Ideal for beginners and non-designers  ✔️ Efficient for developers and designers
 ✔️ Regular updates and support from Elegant Themes  ✔️ Quick and easy to learn and use
 ✔️ Access to Elegant Themes’ community and resources  ✔️ Extensive library of pre-made templates
Cons ✖️ The learning curve for advanced customization ✖️ Limited as a standalone theme
✖️ Limited theme-related customization

Benefits of Combining Divi Theme and Divi Builder


When it comes to web design, the Divi Theme and Divi Builder are like two sides of a coin, each offering its own unique advantages. The Divi Theme paves the way for creating stunning websites, while the Divi Builder unleashes your creativity with limitless possibilities.

These tools are conveniently available through Elegant Themes, making it accessible to harness the best of both worlds without breaking the bank.

When you pair the Divi Builder with the Divi Theme, you unlock the full potential of these products. This synergy means you’ll enjoy the features mentioned above and a host of additional ones on a single website.

With this dynamic combination, you gain unparalleled control over your website’s design and functionality, ensuring a truly exceptional online presence.

FAQs Related To Divi Theme vs Divi Builder

👉How good is Divi for SEO?

Divi is SEO-friendly. The theme has features making it better for SEO. There have been instances where the builder isn’t exactly in sync with the best SEO. But you can find solutions for it, and they are available quite easily.

👉Is Divi available for free?

A lot of WordPress themes have their freemium version. This freemium version is for users to try the features, layout, and basic functionality. It is a good practice to attract the attention of potential customers. Divi is owned by the company-Elegant Themes. And the company doesn’t have the option of a freemium version. However, Elegant Themes offer a plan. You can purchase the theme - test it, work with it, and see if it fits the bill for you. And if it does, great. If it doesn’t, you can simply ask for a return. Elegant themes have 30 days, no questions asked, refund policy.

👉Is Divi worth the money?

Definitely! Divi is a good option for those who had not have the knowledge of coding but want to be able to create things on their own. The theme has an easy user interface that needs little time to understand. Divi is definitely worth your time and money.

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Conclusion: Divi Theme vs Divi Builder 2023  

We hope we have made sure that you understood the real comparison of Divi Theme And Divi Builder. It is evident from the comparison of the very features and benefits provided by both of them.

We can come to the conclusion that the Divi plugin has a builder but not all the functionalities of the Divi theme. Like the customization of the header section can be done in the theme, but not in the builder.

You get more choices to customize with the theme than the builder.

We can summarise our thoughts about both in the following words:

Divi Theme:

  • Divi builder is in-built into the theme. The user has the option to customize modules and have page layout options.
  • Creating widget areas acts as an addition to the functionality.
  • Divi includes child themes, theme options, and the Divi library.
  • Divi theme allows complete control of the website.

Divi Builder:

  • Divi Builder has the Divi layouts and library.
  • It is perfect for when you are using a different theme but want Divi as the page builder.

Between the theme and builder, both are good and yield great results. But it comes down to what you want. If you are using a theme other than Divi, the Divi Builder can be a great choice as a page builder.

It is incredibly efficient and easy to work with.

But our opinion would be to choose the Divi theme as it has more functionality even if it is only slightly higher than the builder.

Hope you have liked our comparison of Divi Theme vs Divi Builder and would love to share it on social media as well.

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