Oxygen vs Divi 2023: Which Is The Better Website Builder For You?

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If you are thinking about Oxygen vs Divi , then you are at the right place. I bring to you a detailed comparison between Oxygen vs Divi . Oxygen completely disables the WordPress theme system, whereas Divi utilizes existing themes to create a website.


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Pricing $80/yr $47/yr
Best for

Anyone willing to get a robust theme with various designs and layouts.

End users, developers, designers, agencies

  • 100+ Website Templates
  • 46+ Content Modules
  • 350+ Templates
  • Compatible with page builders. Elementor, Beaver Builder
  • Modular
  • Large Catalog
  • Front End Page Builder
  • Hundreds Of Templates
  • Comes Bundled With A Theme
  • Lightweight and Fast
  • Tons of demo sites
  • Lifetime pricing
  • Lacks Popup Builder
  • Slow Customer Support
Ease of Use

Oxygen is easy to use and simple to understand. It is a very lightweight theme that is focused on speed.

Easy to use but some options are overwhelming.

Value For Money

Oxygen is a WooCommerce theme, built exclusively for online shopping and offers a great variety of options to customize.

Divi combines great looks with a wealth of impressive features to deliver a truly useful multipurpose WordPress theme.

Customer Support

Contact the Oxygen Team. Their expert support staff are happy to help. Which theme do I need.

Technical Support. If you ever need help, you can chat directly with our support team! Chat With Support.

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Read here our detailed post on Oxygen vs Divi 2023 to see which one is a better website builder for you.

Visual tools are proven to be the most successful in terms of attracting the right audience. Incredible designs for your incredible ideas. Sounds good in your head, doesn’t it? But does it ever become a reality?

Well, yes it does and the tools we are going to talk about today will help you reach this new reality. These tools can be the solution to designing your website without the need for a developer. But it is often quite difficult to get the right solution.

We must explore all the options on hand before making an informed decision that we can be proud of. Oxygen and Divi are two of these tools that can help you out.  If you want detailed insight into Divi Theme then check out our Divi Theme Review.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Divi is a tool that allows you to build entire WordPress websites. It is more than builder or a theme, it is a mixture of both of them and which enables you to have more control over your website.

It has a slight edge over Oxygen in terms of faster response time.


Try Divi Builder yourself to get the best results.

So let us work together to understand a bit more about these tools and we will be sure to benefit from them. 

As we progress, we will learn more about each tool, its features, and other noteworthy details about each one. So keep reading to learn more about these excellent tools.

Oxygen vs Divi: Which One Is Better And Why?

Oxygen vs Divi

The Divi platform provides an all-inclusive single package that can be purchased with either an annual license or a lifetime license.

There is no annual license available for Oxygen; nevertheless, there are three distinct packages available: Basic, WooCommerce, and Agency.

When compared to Oxygen’s Agency plan in May 2020, Divi’s pricing is about fifty percent more expensive than that plan.

There are nine key advantages of purchasing Divi. you get an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder that gives you the ability to visually update in real-time; you also get complete control over your site thanks to custom CSS, responsive editing, and a wide variety of design options.

You have worldwide storage and management capabilities for not only your designs but also your styles. In addition, you have the ability to undo, redo, and use edits. When it comes to the creation of pages, it functions pretty much as a full-fledged studio would.

Oxygen vs Divi 2023: Overview 

Oxygen Overview

Oxygen vs Divi overview comparison

Oxygen is not just a website builder. The thing that sets this apart is that it ain’t some old-fashioned template tool to help you set up your website. It is rather known as a – Visual Builder. It does not operate with a theme. 

It provides a code-free zone in which you and your creativity are the only limits. This plugin can help you design your entire WordPress website with nothing more than a few taps of your mouse and a little swirl of creativity. 

Divi Overview

Divi Overview- Divi vs Oxygen visual builder

Divi is not just any old WordPress theme. We can say it is something more. Something a lot more. It is an entirely new platform. Offering a fantastic new platform that allows for a whole lot of features that facilitate a much better-looking website.

Allowing custom posts, and other extras like estimated read time. Divi themes and plugs can help escalate your brand image.

It is sure to expand your functionality and empower your website like never before! Also, did I mention it? Divi is now powering over 22 thousand websites from around the globe!

Let’s check out the Oxygen vs Divi feature comparison further.

My Personal Experience Oxygen vs Divi 


Both of the builders are Powerful. Each one comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. While on the one hand, Oxygen is providing everything to make our lives easier, Divi is making certain that our websites will open in less time, which adds one more point in the SEO category.

If I had my choice, I’d go with Divi because of its lightweight coding but keep Divi’s functionality because of its superior design.

But seeing as how that can’t possibly be the case, not at least not right now. My opinion is that one should base their decision on what they desire from a builder.

Divi is the best option for you to go with if you place a greater emphasis on the user experience, are unable or unable to bear the cost of large page size, and are highly experienced with the CSS component.

If you are looking for a Builder that will take care of the majority of the tasks for you, is incredibly simple to learn, has an exceptional support team, and is often updated, then you will absolutely adore Divi.

Common Features-

Visual Builder


Divi - Visual Builder

We’ve heard sayings about how Divi requires a little bit of the technical knowledge one might not have. Well, that only applies to developers.

For most of it, all you have to know is the basic technical material you probably learn at school, and with that, you can produce extensive edits. 


Feature comparison- Oxygen vs Divi

Oxygen can allow you to access and change your website with a drag-and-drop interface so that even if you don’t have much coding knowledge; you can create websites that are simply stunning! 


While Oxygen gives you access to make a webpage in real-time, Divi gives you a true front-end editor along with Oxygen’s feature that allows you to drag and drop the positioning of the materials on a screen. So, to conclude, Divi offers a more friendly user interface over Oxygen. 

User interface


Divi - User interface

The user interface of Divi is straightforward and consists of a sequence of element exhibitions. This means that the user is prompted to add one element at a time, beginning with the section, then moving on to the row, and finishing with the module.

Your preferences on the layout can easily be accommodated by moving the Customizer to the right or left or positioning it wherever on the canvas.

Oxygen Builder

Oxygen Builder - User Interface

The user interface of the Oxygen Builder, on the other hand, is not only unclear but also difficult to comprehend at first glance.

The top bar contains a wide variety of customization choices, while the left side of the page is dedicated to the elements, and the right side to the structure.

When combined, these different components can shorten the amount of time it takes a user to develop a website. Additionally, it requires additional time to become familiar with compared to Divi.

Life period 


Divi - Life period 

Divi isn’t new to the industry. Yes, that signifies the fact that Divi has been around for a while. This eventually leads us to the point of why they are still sticking around and that is because of how the users or the customers of this software are satisfied with Divi’s undoubted service. 

Divi has about a half-million customers worldwide that say that many new users are spreading the fame of this software to other new or not new users!


Although Oxygen isn’t the newbie here, it’s been compared to the heavyweights. 


Nevertheless, both of the software is in the building-up phase of their life with a slight difference being Oxygen starting up with a 2.0 launch.

Lightweight Coding Oxygen vs Divi


Oxygen - Lightweight Coding

Ever felt like you read well in your room instead of the classroom and you stutter and mumble with an uneven shrillness of your voice? Well, that is exactly how Oxygen feels when used on a browsing website other than chrome. 

While it takes time to load and doesn’t perform well on other web pages, it gives its best in chrome where it makes the coding a 90% success at Google’s PageSpeed


Divi Customization- Divi vs Oxygen

Divi can barely make it up to 60% or 70% in chrome. 


The coding system offered by Oxygen is much simpler to use in chrome which is a browser famous for its usage. It gives the best results while Divi can barely reach the results provided by Oxygen. 

UI kit


Although Divi is viewed as a winner when it comes to the CSS of its UI kit, it isn’t a clear achiever when compared to Oxygen on this matter. This may be so because of the extensive set of layout orders in the UI provided by Oxygen.

The number of elements under design. 

Even though Oxygen provides you with a way to use the variations of the same design, a new user could be confused out of his mind as to what to choose while using a specific tool. 

But when it comes to Divi, it all becomes much simpler since it has a reasonable amount of tools that make choosing very easy for newbies. 

Animation effects 

Although both builders offer an animation system, Divi provides you with a much bigger diversity of animation effects.

They take web animation designing to the next cloud with multiple customization options. Oxygen includes only about 7 of the effects that are already involved under Divi which makes Divi look good indefinitely. 

The Library

The libraries provided by both brands aren’t the same. Oxygen offers a library that is enough but falls short when it comes to features outside the builder interface while Divi puts an effort into making more options for the users and a community that lies over the globe to provide services to its customers.   



Divi - Complexity

Anyone with even a basic understanding of technology may make any essential or major modifications to a Divi site using the intuitive visual builder that the platform provides. Real-time page creation is possible because of this feature.

Oxygen Builder

Oxygen Builder - Complexity

It is true that users of Oxygen Builder have the ability to develop a website in real time with the platform. This new page builder, on the other hand, is not like that at all.

Although the arrangement of items on a screen can be changed by dragging and dropping, there is no true front-end editor available like there is in Divi Visual Builder.

Key Features Oxygen vs Divi


  • You can use a builder along with Oxygen with peace. This creates more opportunities for designers and developers to produce a better website taking the help of elements from other builders. 
  • Adding CSS to any element is possible. 
  • Setting up a different layout for individual posts. 
  • Do you remember the last time you were given full control of the TV remote? You could increase the sound until everything sounds like a whisper or you could decrease it so much that everything would feel chilling silent.
  • Well, that’s the kind of experience Oxygen gives you with its total control click! Although, it will take time for you to get used to the technology here hey, wouldn’t it be all worth it? Oh, well, it will!  
  • It is very simple to include custom classes.
  • It’s easy to arrange the elements horizontally or vertically. 
  • It is possible to style the HTML output of plugins.
  • You can get an overview of the elements you borrow from the different websites. 


  • You get to use your design more than once! Yes, this is a unique feature Divi possesses. But wondering in what other situations you can use this feature other than being lazy? Well, when you run out of ideas, you can create a whole design and use it for the same domain if you are so fond of it! 
  • The templates here have high-quality content. 
  • You can create custom headers and footers! 
  • With the light, less bulky, and extremely easy-to-understand user surface and the convenience with which you can create your design. 
  • This software can work on any browser without any issues unless the network connection isn’t exactly good. 

How Oxygen Is Separate From Divi

Let’s compare the Oxygen and Divi builders. You can decide if this is a pro or a con, but we think it’s a big advantage the Oxygen Builder has over Divi.

Divi uses current WordPress themes, whereas Oxygen disables them. Because Oxygen eliminates the theme system, you can design anything with CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and WordPress. You’re not limited to themes, and the product loads faster.

If you’ve invested much in WordPress themes or can’t imagine starting over, this may be a drawback. Disabling and disconnecting from the theme system gives us control, flexibility, and independence, and when combined with additional Oxygen Builder

capabilities like PHP in code blocks that can be inserted directly into any page, a sophisticated templating engine, and a growing design library like Divi, it’s a significant selling point.

Oxygen vs Divi: Faster Loading Speed

Loading Speed

In the end, a builder is the one that handles the coding for us, and you need a builder if you want code that is both clean and fast enough to be executable.

Despite the fact that Divi is in a better position than Oxygen in many respects, this is the point at which the latter can potentially get the final laugh.

A standard website built with Oxygen may easily achieve a score of 90 on Google’s PageSpeed Insight, whereas a basic page built with Divi struggles to achieve a score of 60–70 due to the rendering of various scripts and data on the front end.

WP Rocket is still something you should consider installing, despite the fact that it gets fantastic ratings in the page builder category.

Winner: Oxygen

Customer support


Oxygen Builder - Customer Support

There are not many Oxygen offers in terms of customer support. While it does have the usual FAQ format, many don’t find answers to their unique ones all because of the reason that isn’t a doubt many. Or a doubt many didn’t bother displaying. 

So, you do not have any special way you can get your answer other than the help you may or may not receive with the public’s opinion. 


A while ago, they had a support system where you could post a question or a complaint in the forum and they’d reply to you.

Though, because of so many questions or other issues, the support team couldn’t answer all the questions in the expected amount of time which lead to a bunch of unsatisfied customers. 

Divi - Customer support

However, they have made an effort to improve the support system and now there’s a messenger support channel.

This has been noticed to make the response time quick and the access to checking the response in the support ticket, a more comfortable and convenient option. 


Let me clear it up if you still are wondering who has better customer support. It is Divi! 

They provide you with an option to personally get your answers which saves you the social anxiety of talking in public and it gives you better clarity for your answer since you can ask more questions better and the reply is much quicker compared to the FAQ system in Oxygen. 

The FAQ format in Oxygen isn’t exactly viable since it could take forever to receive a reply. 


Both the Divi and Oxygen Builder platforms provide users with access to libraries containing pre-built layouts. On the other hand, the Divi library gives users access to a vast number of customization options.

Additionally, it has a sizable community of developers located all over the world who provide services that are connected to Divi.

In addition, it has just recently made the announcement that it will be launching its marketplace. To assist high-quality developers in the addition of their plugins, child themes, and other elements made specifically for Divi.

This would open up more opportunities to use premium tools, which would allow for the creation of superior websites. On the other hand, the Oxygen Builder provides a smaller number of features that are accessible outside of the builder interface.

Winner: Divi

Pricing battle: Oxygen vs Divi

Oxygen Pricing

Oxygen pricing comparison vs Divi


  • $99 one-time payment. 


  • $149 one-time payment.


  • $169 one-time payment.  

Divi Pricing

Pricing comparison-Divi vs Oxygen

Yearly access:

  •  89 per year. 

Lifetime access:

  •  249 one-time payment. 


As you can notice, the packages offered by Divi are almost 50% more expensive than Oxygen. But with the high costs, it supplies a variety of features. Although there’s no saying which software is better, we believe that it depends on one’s desires regarding this topic. 

If you are looking for low-budget software, you can go for Oxygen although one should do well to remember that not many features are included with the packages, oh, how much we all wished we lived in the perfect world. They include a total of three packages. 

Well, moving forward, Divi offers the exact opposite of Oxygen with a variety of features and benefits with a slight pinch of expensive packages. They consist of 2 packages.

Pros & Cons: Oxygen vs Divi

Oxygen Pros

  • You are the captain here! You control your website as if it were your ship! 
  • The layout of the content is based on the situation. 
  • It possesses the ability to create a popup. 
  • You can store templates centrally here. 
  • There’s ACF integration. 
  • Carries out the process of the output cleaning code. 

Divi Pros 

  • It is a time saver! Yes, you can go ahead and use it with the itsy bitsy designing knowledge you have and still have got nothing to worry about regarding the time. 
  • Tons of helpful documents! 
  • This is the most useful and easy brand you’ll find with all the drag-and-drop options! 
  • About 40+ webpage elements are provided. 
  • No seam involvement with WooCommerce! 
  • The money value. 
  • There are about 1000+ website layouts made beforehand. 
  • Get ready to finally be in control! You can customize everything according to your taste! 
  • A built-in lead generation and email market are available.  

Oxygen Cons 

  • It works well only on chrome. 
  • Has problems with user surface, as in, it is complex for a beginner to understand anything and is bulky too.
  • Isn’t all that client-friendly? 
  • Ain’t agreeable with all the plugins you may wish to use.
  • The content is usually wrapped in shortcodes. 
  • Once you deactivate, your data is also stuck in the database.  

Divi Cons

  • Do you know how they say that too much is not good either? Well, they are right. One of the major cons of Divi is that it just has too many options.
  • The learning curve might get a little straighter with the time spent learning every option. 
  • It becomes a marriage deal here, you and Divi are tied! 


It is clear to the eye that the odds fall in DIVI’s favor. The number of pros Divi possesses outruns that of Oxygen. 

Also, the cons of less compared to Oxygen lead us to conclude that Divi leaves a better impression than Oxygen. 

Quick Links

FAQs Related To Oxygen vs Divi

✅ What is the right Website Builder for small businesses?

A small business must factor in many different aspects when deciding upon which builder to use. The features, benefits, and drawbacks must carefully be considered. The mistake that startups make is deciding upon things like this in terms of cost. So you must avoid this mistake and find the right builder based on the features and ease of usage that you see within them.

👉 What is the easiest Website Builder?

The easiest of all website builders are the ones with a drag and drop interface. You must avoid the ones that require coding expertise if you are a beginner. A Drag and drop facility allows individuals and small businesses to operate at a lower cost as they can avoid the need to hire a developer.

👉 Are these website builders worth the price? Oxygen vs Divi.

They are indeed worth the price. It helps convert more visitors into leads, to help boost your profits. It helps make sure that your organization doesn’t need to hire a developer. Even if it needs a developer it helps reduce the load on them and helps ensure that you don’t rely too much on this particular developer.

Conclusion: Oxygen vs Divi 2023 (Which One Is The Best)

As you can see, both builders have their own set of pros. If you are interested in quick results, that is, site openings in less time, Oxygen can do wonders for you. 

But if you aren’t in a hurry to start because of the other things going on in your life or just wish for an easier builder life, well, Divi makes everything simpler and while this may be a good thing, we cannot say which brand is more suitable for you. 

But don’t let that frown grow! We can still help you find your ideal type because of the qualities you’re looking for.

So, let’s take case 1- you desire a brand that will make things easier, is capable of handling most things, has a support team that can do wonders for your confidence, and provides regular updates, your choice should be Divi. 

Now, in case 2- you are new so you do not wish to spend a fortune on it, that is, the budget is less, are interested in the user experience, have no objections to the CSS part, then, *drumroll* go for Oxygen

Hope you have got the idea of the comparison between Oxygen vs Divi here and how it works.

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    It’s a great choice for anyone who wants to build a website without knowing html, php, or css. The design is also very modern and up-to-date.

  2. Divi is a sleek and easy-to-use builder which we use for one of our websites. Divi has a high score on Google Pagespeed Insights and has built-in SEO optimizations. It is a theme and builder in one, so you don’t need anything else.

    If you’re a print designer and you want to get into web development, I recommend you try the Divi theme. It has a lot of features, and the design is really nice. You’ll be on your way to building a good website in no time!

  3. Divi provides you with a much bigger diversity of animation effects. They take web animation designing to the next cloud with multiple customization options.
    The templates here have high-quality content.
    You can create custom headers and footers!
    With the light, less bulky, and extremely easy to understand user interface and the convenience with which you can create your own design

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    •100+ stunning templates to choose from.
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  10. I’ve been a business owner for the past few years and my website is pretty important to me, but I never had any idea about websites at all actually. It was actually hard to figure out how they worked until someone showed me Oxygen – some people call it the future of Websites. Except I don’t know if that’s true or not because it can do just about everything just like some other companies really well, but we’re here today for this unique tool called Visual Builder. This new technology has made building websites so easy anyone could get in on the action, even somebody like myself with no coding skills whatsoever. So if you want your site done better than ever before without breaking the bank on an expensive designer go ahead.

  11. “Oxygen has been my favorite website builder from when I first discovered it. It was when they finally came out with the visual builder that I knew this is where I wanted to be. The social media integration”.

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  13. I have to admit, I think Oxygen is the best website builder around. Sure it has its pitfalls, but at first glance I can take my customer’s breath away with their sense of style. With Oxygen you can use your social accounts as links anywhere in the page.
    So what are you waiting for? This site build site will outshine any other.

  14. This product is different because instead of just being a website builder, it’s more like a “visual builder.” It uses design principles and techniques to create intuitive layouts that feel responsive and modern. I can tell that the designers were thinking about how someone would be using their site as an end-user as they developed this tool. This leads me to why you should make your website with Oxygen: flexibility, versatility, boutique aesthetic.

  15. If you want to build something that looks like it means business and can be used as an actual tool for your business, then this is the site that will help you do just that. With Oxygen, everything from layout to word-flow can be customized; no matter if you are a designer looking to set up a website or someone who has never learned HTML code before. You would not believe how many hours of time I wasted with other tools because they could only offer pre-set templates – Oxygen was worth every penny I spent on it.

  16. I’ve been wanting to experiment with a new hobby and try my hand at making websites. Since I a complete novice, I was a little reluctant about stumbling in the dark for hours with nothing to show for it when Oxygen popped up in my Instagram feed. It couldn’t have been more perfect timing!

    In just 2 minutes time from watching the video tutorial on how straightforward it is, I had created this site that looks great thanks to Oxygen! The drag-and-drop features let me completely customize everything from fonts and colors all the way down to plugging in WordPress plugins – all without any coding knowledge whatsoever.

  17. Oxygen is so easy to use, even my grandma can build a website.

    Tone of voice: enthusiastic salesperson at trade show.
    You know you need Oxygen when your HTML doesn’t work without it! Build beautiful websites with drag and drop interface in no time with Oxygen.

  18. Oxygen was the first website builder I have ever used. I had never done any site design before, so it made it super easy for me to get up and running. It also seemed to be really intuitive when I just wanted something simple or if I wanted something more complex because it has so many different options! My favorite thing about Oxygen is how flexible the interface is – you can do anything from header changes all the way down to making business cards in PowerPoint with their templates.

  19. I was looking for a way to add some pizzazz to my website and Oxygen is just what I need! With its drag and drop interface, the coding knowledge that I lack doesn’t matter. My sites look great thanks to Oxygen.

  20. Tools for making incredible websites? Mmm, I’m so in. Oxygen changed the way my website is designed and styled, and it really is an amazing feeling to know that if something with your site ever needs to be modified or under any kind of adjustment- you can just do it yourself. If you can’t afford a designer then this app will suit your needs very nicely.

  21. If you’re looking for a great website builder that’s easy to use and won’t break the bank, then Oxygen is the way to go! I had no coding experience before using this product and now I’m making designs like it all day! It has so many features and doesn’t cost an arm and leg. Plus, their customer service is awesome if you need any help or guidance.

  22. Divi is the most versatile design platform on WordPress. Each section of Divi can be customized, such as the skin and layouts with the use of over 100 pre-made designs to choose from. You can also upload your own background images or videos with one button and enhance it by adding animation effects.

  23. Divi is the perfect tool for both beginners and professionals. I downloaded Divi to create a website for my friend, who had absolutely no knowledge of websites. The interface was so user-friendly, it only took me 5 minutes to get her site up and running.

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    In this day and age, you cannot have a website without an online store. And if you’re not planning on solely relying on Google Ads for your business to prosper, then it might be time to try some new approaches like Divi. There are plenty of WordPress themes out there that offer the ability to quickly set up shop with your products on different sites or blogs (such as eCommerce). But someone who has used Divi will know that it is far more than just an eCommerce tool; it also offers features such as layout builders, page builders & live previews.

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  28. I hope you don’t take my word for it, but I am proof that Divi works! This easy to use design tool has allowed me to create stellar websites with the least amount of work. We like saving time, right? Isn’t it ironic how most people waste their lives waiting for things when all they needed was a little creativity and ingenuity. Well if you’re looking for something more complicated than just creating pages on your website, then this also gets your emailing campaigns up in running too. Keep scrolling down to see some stunning examples of websites made using Divi.

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  31. Divi Cons – One of the main cons of Divi is that it has so many options. Each new option you add, your site becomes more complex and less user-friendly. The learning curve can be a little rough for someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

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