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The Complete Guide To Divi Child Themes In 2024: Everything You Need To Know

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For any crucial blogger, it is really important to have an attractive theme that will look at their blogs. Themes like dynamic and renewable are always considered. But to create an apt theme or design and re-figuring the current theme, one has a unique solution to all these problems. And luckily the answer is “Divi Child Themes”.

So, what is it?

Before pounding down to Divi Child Theme, we should have a glimpse of what is Child Theme?

You can build the child theme in any WordPress theme. The child theme is that which infers the ways and customization and styling, the functionality of another theme, named as “the parent theme”.

As the name suggests, Divi Child Theme will help you to design your own Divi Theme or Divi Builder. By using this, you can bring changes in the existing themes without erasing any bigger codes or worrying about the change in the parent theme.

It also gives you an exposure to be back with the Parent Divi theme with just a few clicks away if you are bored or facing some problems with the new ones. We have already done a detailed review of the Divi Theme. Rollover to check the Divi Theme Review complete here.

This child theme provides you with Code and CSS in theme settings to decorate your current theme. These codes provide you assistance to be more lucrative and creative in designing the themes.

So, what you are waiting for. Let’s get started.  

About Divi Child Theme:

Divi Child theme guide

A great way to add immense advanced customization to your theme without getting anything erased with the aid of creating a Divi Child Theme.

It is a WordPress Theme. Making any notification to WordPress Theme is the best way to use Child Theme to inherit the design automatically from the parent themes functions.

To keep the modifications preserved when updating the parent theme, it is important to create the child theme.

With Divi Child Theme, you can create additional theme files. So, when Divi will be updated your files are stored while others will be unchanged.

You should probably use the Child theme because of the following reasons:-

1) You can easily make changes to the code of specific files.         

2) You can add hundreds of lines of code (For example- CSS or JavaScript)

3) You can increase your development time by keeping everything organized if you are hoping to collaborate with others.

4) You can keep it safe with the child theme from your clients if you don’t wish your clients to tinker around in the Theme setting by breaking your code.  

Click Here To Check out Divi Theme Review and know if it is worth it or not.

Steps to create a Divi Child Theme:-

How to create a Divio child theme oin WordPress

1) Install and activate your Divi Theme.                                     

2) Now you have to get along with the Text Editor for editing theme files.

You can use a text editor that comes with Windows or Mac, but if you are on a verge to edit more frequently, then it is advisable to use a text editor like Atom, Notepad++, etc.

3) You may require an FTP client like Filezilla if you are trying to access these theme files or a live site. You don’t require this if you plan to upload your child theme to WordPress as a zip file.  

Different Types of Child Themes:-

There are mainly two distinct child themes.

1) Blank Child 

2) Premium Child

Blank Child Theme

In other words, this child theme is termed as Standard Child Theme.

It includes two files especially named, style.css and functions.php which get included in the installation of WordPress following the parent theme.

The function of the parent theme is being enqueued that will override the certain files to keep the site moderation safe and the other functions introduced by the developer.

It is quite easy to build and build a child theme. All you have to do is to use the generator of the child theme and download the child theme (free blank). 

 Divi Child Theme

Type of divi child themes

Approximately Divi Child Theme is identical or similar to the Blank Child Themes. However, contains unique features too.

These themes consist of designed templates that need to be sold and used as the initiating points to a new project. Premium Child is created by a lot of third party developers.

If we search and look through technical thinking it has the same technicalities but of course with more codes in them. Also, they have additional files and customizations too.

It is usually used as a starting point; finishing building with Divi. It offers to speed up the development time dramatically as opposed to the time without it.

It is great for those who wish for designing their own company or personal websites. It is also great for professionals. 


1) Professional Design

It has its main focus on professionally designing the templates with a modern focus.

Each page here is designed to perfection. With the power of Divi, you can go around bubbling from one page to another. 

2) Landing

The landing opts to seek many purposes from one-page child-topics from Best Divi Child. It places a  portrayal, and two buttons placed over a full-screen foundation picture. Looking over uncovers a curiously CTA on one side has a slider and content on the other. The content incorporates three titles that uncover the content for that title. 

It moreover highlights a venture segment, counts the number, counts bars to appear abilities with an implanted video, blurbs with drift activity, a magnificent ventures area, group individuals, and parts more.

 The web journal area incorporates a few cool float activities. It’s an amazing choice for any inventive group.

3) Forty

From HTML5 UP, it is the child theme that is multi-layered. The images here are displayed in patterns like

1/3+ 2/3 and 

2/3+ 1/3 alternating the layout to give them a brighter and attractive look.

Methods of animation and color overlays are used to make it look more elegant. 

4) Impressive Portfolios

To showcase your works helps in building up an impressive portfolio. Your site will be accessible from any screen size and resolution if the template is fully responsive. 

5) Customization at one go

It is the best option for people who have no time for customizing their settings or personalizing their styles. 

It offers you a great number of different types of themes like Josefin Theme, Startmetric Theme, Clarity Theme, etc. which comes with different types of features suited according to your needs and convenience. It provided you with stunning images and layouts for more readers to get engaged and attracted to the layouts.

6) Color Manager Feature

It provides you the best right color with the right harmony as it is necessary. Colors are tricky and way vibrant to illuminate the brightness and design the best template.

7) Powered Post Feature

It is one of the features to create and use in improving your websites and blogs. 

Moreover, it has 50+ Divi content elements and 20+ pre-made layout templates. 


Hence, features are the one thing that describes the basic specifications to trust any website or anything. 

Divi Child Theme comes at the price of building the best layouts at your demand offering you exciting features that can be encountered to build your page. 

Is Divi Right For Small Businesses?

As we all know today’s world is filled with upcoming small businesses and each business is starting more each day. While keeping that in mind, it is thoroughly needed to have new websites to establish and give pace for the small businesses. 

To do the above thing, Divi had lots of business websites established with itself, to inspire the upcoming projects. 

By the medium of Divi, contact, and the location is being provided so that they can come either up to your place or you can seek theirs, it is somewhere true that most of the businesses aspire to target and service in the local area rather than selling in online mode by a medium of websites. 

Some of the small businesses that are established with Divi:-

1) J-tech Solar

J-solar- Divi child theme review

J-tech Solar employs a full-screen video foundation with the tagline, company data. It features a menu with CTA. Taking after this is often a column of three areas with joins to businesses served, an approximate area with CTA that employs a halfway overlay over an image that is full-screen and data with the content of four-segment.

The other segment shows one of the foremost curiously employments of parallax that it showcases – it incorporates a full-screen foundation picture with a content set pattern utilizing both good and bad space.

The primary line of content squares the foundation whereas the moment line of content uncovers the foundation. After this can be another overlay and a custom footer with another CTA and contact information to the correct side. The location makes fabulous use of color, pictures, video, and parallax.

2) Fixheat 

Fixheat- child theme users

Fixheat shows a full-screen picture with blue excessively that incorporates the symbol, tagline, CTA’s, and symbols of administrations given in genuine parallax.

The menu is uncovered on a scroll. Taking after this can be an area that incorporates a picture against a white foundation and interface to examine more. Administrations appear as huge symbols over a foundation picture in genuine parallax.

A CTA is set over a dull gray segment. A footer of custom appears with logos appearing on a dark grey foundation. The location makes an amazing utilize of color and textual styles.

3) Maiden Jane

Maiden Jane child theme for WordPress- Divi

Maiden Jane employs a huge symbol over the menu and incorporates a full-screen picture with a welcome message and CTA in parallax. Looking over uncovers a multi-column segment with pictures and foundations with joins to the different pages.

A custom footer shows the symbol, social buttons, and contact information over a pink foundation that matches the branding. The Geta Cite page employs an inserted Typeform where you’ll be able to choose the sort of items you’re curious about.

The location is basic and employs a clean plan.

Divi Child Theme Pricing Plans

Pricing- Divi Child theme

 It is an important factor as your pricing strategies help customers to differentiate between the products. It ensures your demand, volume, and market share, and many more.

Choose your Plan wisely!!                                      

Ideas come to life with Divi Child Theme!!

It comes in three stages:-                   

1) Personal Plan           

2) Developer Plan

3) Lifetime Plan

Personal Plan:-

This pack includes:-

1) Access to all themes.

2) Theme Updates (Perpetual)

3) Advance technical support

Design options presented in this package:-

1) Cost Content Color: #3e51b5

2) Use Custom Styles for Button: YES

3) Button Content Color: #ffffff

4) Button Foundation Color: #3e51b5

5) Button Border Width: 0px

The price of the plan is $69 per year.

Developer plan:-

This package includes:-

1) Access to all plug-ins

2) High technical support

Design tab for this pack is:-

1) Price Text Color: #0091ca

2) Button Background Color: #0091ca

This package starts at $89 per year. 

Lifetime Plan:-

This plan includes the following advancements:-

1) It has layered photoshop files.

2) No yearly fees are required.

Design tab for this package included:-

1) Bullet Color: #3e51b5

2) Featured Table Bullet Color: #0091ca

It had added features like Content options.

Content options:-

1) Featured Table Header Background Color: #0091ca

You get exposed to this plan at the price of $249 per year.

Pros and Cons:-


It is an advantage and a positive impact to make sensible decisions.

It is a lot to talk about and know about Divi Child Theme.

1) It is certified by Sucuri and secures its theme coding.

2) It is legitimately multi-purpose as you can create any type of website.

3) It consists of extra cool features like A/B testing, the Divi Role Editor.

4) It goes with RTL support with multilingual.

5) Styling with vertical and dot navigation   

6) Free tutorials and lots of third party child themes.

So, it happens to build the best huge happy community, staying and promising that you are not alone.


1) With all the options it offers, it can be a little overwhelming.

2) It can be glitchy sometimes.

3)  When it updates, reports of websites could be breaking.

4) Sometimes, it leaves shortcodes.

Quick Links

FAQs On Divi Child Theme:

👉 What is the difference between parent and child theme?

The parent theme is catered as the main theme where customizations are being made. Whereas, the child theme is all about saving and securing the customizations that won't get erased when you are uploading or updating your parent theme. Parent themes can exist without child themes but child themes must point and cater to a specific parent theme.

👉 Can I make the child theme out of the child theme?

No, it is not possible within WordPress to make the child theme out of the child theme ( clearly called as someone what Grandchild Theme). These questions normally come up when anyone is purchasing Premium Divi Child Theme, so their purpose is to know if more Child Theme can be built as they are sure that Child Therestoresore and ensure the security of their existing files.

👉 How to update a Divi Child Theme?

If you are going with Premium Divi Child Theme, then there is almost negligible possibility to update something. Hence, the reason behind it is Divi theme itself works and lives with functionality, and Child Theme is like icing on the cake providing more additional features and styling to it. Hence, even if you wish to update the Child Theme and the child creator is not showing any updates, then you can simply replace the files with FTP or can delete the old version right from the site and activate the new one. One thing to be kept in mind is to have a full backup of your existing files and not making any customizations to the Child Theme.

Conclusion: Divi Child Theme 2024

Divi Child Theme offers a part in terms of highlights and customization alternatives. Much obliged to this, Divi Child theme can be utilized to form an online site for any event. If you’re searching for a flexible, multipurpose topic that’s simple to utilize and gives you total control over your website’s plan, at that point consider utilizing Divi Child Theme for your following site project.

It is great to know and utilize the practices for enqueueing child and parents spreadsheets for good and high-level performance. For the newbies, it is great to easily acquire how the child theme works as it offers you everything which is easily understood by providing you the tutorials for the same.  

Hence, it offers you everything which is used to build up a website. The menu which is set-up takes and compendious the steps to go through the steps individually of creating a page. It has a great deal of page layout and is very flexible and does not limit itself in any way.

You have the power to edit everything you see on the screen. Moreover, for beginners, it is the best source as it is easily accessible and anyone can easily work with it.

It has quick control over pages and helps in creating pages quickly too. It supports quality and maintains security. SEO optimization tops everything for the Divi Child Themes.

Therefore, it can truly be concluded that it is by far the best source to nurture your websites and layout pages on WordPress. Divi Child Themes happen to bring a source of updating your parent theme or versions by not evading or erasing the stored documents or files in the Parent Themes.

So, stop waiting!! And get started with Divi Child Themes.

Divi Child theme can be utilized to form an online site for any event. If you’re searching for a flexible, multipurpose topic that's simple to utilize and gives you total control over your website’s plan, at that point consider utilizing Divi Child Theme for your following site project.


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