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Top 25 Stunning Websites Crafted With Divi WordPress Themes in 2023

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It’s no secret that creating a website with the Divi WordPress theme can be an incredibly powerful tool for web designers. Not only does it have a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop builder, but it also packs extraordinary features that allow anyone to create engaging, striking websites.

Having used Divi myself on many of my own projects, I’m confident in saying that its potential knows no bounds!

To demonstrate this immense creative power and inspire you to unlock your own full potential when crafting websites with Divi, today I’d like to showcase 25 beautiful examples of stunning sites created with the Divi WordPress Theme.

So if you’re looking for ideas or just want some inspiration – let’s dive in!

Top 25 websites crafted with Divi:

1. Spaces with Harmony:

Spaces with Harmony brings beautiful interior design to life. With Divi, Spaces with Harmony’s website transforms into an artfully designed expression of creativity and style.

The bold look and elegant layout bring a sense of harmony to the user experience, making it easy for guests to browse through their portfolio and contact them for services.

From the interactive menu system to the daring color palette, Divi offers all the tools needed to create a stunning website. With Divi’s powerful customization options, Spaces with Harmony can easily adjust their website’s look and feel to match any changing trends in design.

2. Buy From Tasmania

buy from tasmania overview

A vibrant online marketplace where local treasures meet shopping convenience. Buy from Tasmania unites small family-owned businesses in Tasmania and offers a captivating array of goods and services.

Explore the immersive world of our website, complete with a user-friendly interface, category-based navigation, and enticing “Shop now” CTA buttons. Find what you desire effortlessly through our product grids and enhance your browsing experience.

Plus, be part of an engaging online community where members share tantalizing recipes and valuable local knowledge. Start your journey with Buy from Tasmania today.

3. 9AM Cinematography:


With Divi Theme, 9AM Cinematography has created an innovative and creative website that allows directors of photography to showcase their work.

Not only does the homepage provide a video background looping with brand logo, Instagram icon, and hamburger button for navigation links, but it also features pages with simple designs using black font on white backgrounds.

Each page provides just enough information to make viewers curious about the services offered, and encourages them to contact the agency for further details.

9AM Cinematography is a prime example of how Divi Theme can be used to create an engaging website that speaks volumes about its brand.

4. Ends + Stems

ends + stem overview

The Ends + Stems website is a perfect example of how to make effective use of Divi themes. Using the powerful drag-and-drop system, they’ve created a visually pleasing and interactive experience that encourages users to take action or explore more.

The structure and design of the website are made possible by the wide selection of page builder modules available in Divi.

These include image galleries, sliders, counter modules, video modules, full-width headers that span the entire width of the page, and much more. Each of these elements is neatly organized and arranged to create a balanced and well-designed look throughout the site.

The website also incorporates various other features such as custom fonts, color palettes, overlay effects, contact forms and more. All these features come together to create a cohesive design that is both eye-catching and informative.

5. Whyfi

Whyfi oerview

Whyfi is a unique agency that stands out from the crowd. Their combination of strategic branding and digital expertise makes them an excellent choice for those looking to create an unforgettable online presence.

With Divi Themes, Whyfi has crafted a website that captures their brand’s voice and helps it stand out from other agencies.

From bold typography to vibrant colors, this website truly stands out and is a great example of what Divi Themes can do.

6. The Global Church Project

graham joseph hill

The Global Church Project is an example of a website built with the Divi theme. This theme offers many features and capabilities, from easy-to-use navigation menus to customizable layouts and designs.

It’s a great choice for churches, colleges, universities, missions and non-profit organizations that want to create their own unique websites without having to learn complicated coding or programming.

With Divi, you can easily customize your website with colors, fonts, images and videos to give it a unique look and feel that’s perfect for your organization. Plus, the powerful drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create stunning designs without any coding experience necessary.

7. Devlin Photos

devlin photos overview

One of the best examples of a Divi-powered website is Devlin Photos. Devlin Photos offers an eye-catching design that emphasizes its photography portfolio as well as a robust set of features, including an online store and gallery.

The website also provides strong integration with social media networks, allowing for easy sharing and promoting of content. Divi themes are the perfect solution for any user looking to create a unique and beautiful website that stands out from the competition.

With an array of customization options, it’s no wonder why so many people choose Divi themes for their website design needs.

8. Nomad Capitalist:

nomad capitalist homepage

The Nomad Capitalist website is a fantastic example of how Divi themes can be used to create an eye-catching and interactive platform. The stylish layout, bold colors, and easy navigation make it ideal for entrepreneurs that are looking to reduce their tax bill and grow wealth overseas.

Furthermore, the clear call-to-actions throughout the site help guide visitors through the process of becoming global citizens.

Divi themes provide the perfect foundation for creating a unique and visually appealing website to help convert visitors into clients.

9. Art and Craft

Art and Craft

The Art and Craft website utilizes the classic design of Divi Theme. The site showcases a wide range of colors, from bold blues to muted grays and whites.

The header area features a large hero image with text that reads “Let Your Creativity Shine!” This is further emphasized by other images throughout the page as well as a contrasting background color for each section.

The content has been kept to a minimum in order to maintain the clean look and feel of the site. Additionally, several animation effects have been used to add movement and depth throughout the page.

The website also uses custom artwork as part of its design aesthetic. This helps draw attention to certain sections, such as the “About” section which features an image of the lead character in Art and Craft.

On top of this, there are several custom icons that have been designed to reinforce certain messages throughout the page such as “Discover”, “Share”, and “Inspire”.

10. Findability Sciences

Findability science overview

The Findability Sciences website makes great use of the Divi Theme. They have used it to create an app-centered website, leveraging the built-in options for design customization and integration of a range of plugins.

The site features vibrant visuals and easy navigation through its pages with intuitively designed menus, making it a great example of how Divi can be used effectively.

11. Veronica Ariel’s

veronica ariel homepage

Veronica Ariel’s Divi theme website is a perfect example of the power of this versatile and customizable theme. With its drag-and-drop page builder, users can easily create pages that truly reflect their own unique style and brand.

The Divi theme also allows for great animation effects and parallax scrolling, enabling users to make their sites come alive with dynamic motion and visuals.

With the Divi theme, users can also customize their own page layouts to create an eye-catching and unique design that stands out from the competition.

Additionally, Divi’s built-in options for customizing fonts, colors, and more make it easy to match your site’s aesthetic with your brand identity.

12. White Gorilla

White gorilla overview

White Gorilla’s website is a great example of the powerful results you can achieve when you use Divi themes. The company was able to create an attractive, modern web design that reflects its brand and values with minimal fuss.

With the help of this theme, White Gorilla was able to rapidly build an impressive one-page site filled with bold typography, eye-catching scroll animation, and plenty of white space to make it easier for visitors to navigate its site.

13. M for Montreal

m for montreal overview

M for Montreal offers a live music experience unlike any other. With the festival’s website built on the popular Divi theme, visitors can easily browse through photos and videos of past festivals, read up on featured artists, purchase tickets and more.

The Divi theme enables a unique combination of visuals and interactivity that allows users to dive into M for Montreal’s vibrant music scene.

14. The White Lion Inn

the white lion inn homepage

The White Lion Inn is a great sample of how Divi themes can be used to create a website for the hospitality industry. This popular website allows guests to view accommodations, book reservations, and find information on events happening at the inn.

The design is modern yet inviting, with an easy-to-navigate interface that encourages users to explore more of what the inn has to offer.

It also showcases the inn’s unique features, such as its restaurant and bar offerings, that make it stand out from other inns in the area.

15. Share Vancouver Island

share vancouver island overview

Experience the stunning beauty of Vancouver Island, British Columbia with Share Vancouver Island, a visually captivating Divi website.

From breathtaking images and videos to engaging galleries and social media posts, immerse yourself in the allure of this island paradise.

Explore each major city in Vancouver Island through dedicated sections that offer a comprehensive insight. Simply click on the navigation header link or scroll through the captivating images to discover more about your desired city.

16. Timeline Missions

timeline missions overview

The artistry of Timeline Missions, the best website created with the remarkable Divi theme.

Their international team of skilled cinematographers, photographers, directors, producers, and professional athletes come together to create awe-inspiring feature films, documentaries, TV productions, and captivating print and digital advertisements for clients spanning the globe.

Using the powerful Divi theme and builder, They have crafted a visually stunning website adorned with breathtaking images, captivating parallax sections, and effortlessly engaging icons. Explore our world of creativity and connect with clients from every corner of the earth.

17. Dan Carr Photography

dann car photography overview

At Dan Carr Photography, you’ll find stunning images that capture the beauty of nature and its elements.

The website uses a Divi theme to bring out the best in each shot, with sidebars that display categories from landscapes to wildlife.

The layouts are responsive for devices of all sizes and look great no matter how you view them. You can also purchase prints or digital images directly from the website.

Dan Carr Photography is a great example of how Divi themes can turn ordinary photographs into stunning works of art that will draw in visitors and customers to your site.

18. Southern Bancorp

Southern Bancorp is a perfect example of why Divi works so well for businesses in the banking sector. With their website, they provide an easy-to-use online banking portal and access to services that help economically distressed communities.

All this is made possible with Divi’s robust theme framework, which allows users to customize and design the site however they choose.

With a tailored design, Southern Bancorp has been able to make their website look professional while still providing the services they need to offer. It’s no wonder why Divi is becoming so popular with banks and other financial institutions!

19. Blog Genesis

Discover how Divi can transform your landing page website with Blog Genesis as an example. When you arrive at Blog Genesis, you’ll be instantly guided to click a link based on your blogging journey.

Sign up for our newsletter to receive valuable weekly tips for blog building and growth. Explore the trending and top posts in the website footer.

And if you don’t find exactly what you’re seeking on the homepage, easily navigate through the sticky menu for more options. Whether you’re browsing our content or taking a conversion action, your experience is our priority.

20. Samui Garden Villa

samui garden villa

At Samui Garden Villa, they want their guests to have the best possible experience. That’s why they decided to use Divi themes on our website.

Divi provides us with an easy-to-use platform that enables us to create a custom website quickly and efficiently. We can customize all aspects of the design, from colors and fonts to page layouts and images, all without needing to know any coding.

Divi themes also provide with a wide range of options for customization. They can use pre-made templates to create stunning visuals, or we can choose from a variety of choices and customize them as needed.

With Divi’s drag and drop feature, it’s easy to make changes and add new elements to the website. Plus, Divi provides extra options for adding custom CSS if needed.

21. How to Beast

how to beast

Get fit and live your best life with How to Beast! Their website, built on Divi, showcases a stunning blend of bold typography, sleek design, and vibrant colors.

They’ve made it a breeze for you to explore and discover the content you crave, with everything from engaging blog posts to entertaining YouTube videos and must-read books.

22. Sweet Cecily’s

sweet cecily's overview

Sweet Cecily’s, the home of natural, handmade, and cruelty-free skincare products. With their stunning website powered by the Divi theme and WooCommerce plugin, shopping for your favorite products has never been easier.

Experience seamless navigation like never before. Sweet Cecily’s boasts a horizontal navbar with submenus, ensuring effortless browsing. But that’s not all – their homepage showcases a captivating masonry grid of images with navigation links, offering you multiple avenues to explore and find exactly what you need.

Shop sustainably and indulge in the beauty of nature with Sweet Cecily’s.

23. Heidi Rose

heidi rose homepage

Heidi Rose empowers women to succeed in building online businesses through her web design expertise. Her site, with its soothing color scheme, captivating typography, and stunning visuals, not only showcases her brand identity but also captivates and educates visitors.

One standout element of this Divi site is its website footer. Present on every page, it features a contact form, social media links, and an email address. This constant presence ensures that visitors are consistently encouraged to connect with Heidi Rose.

24. Sushi à la Maison

sushi a la maison homepage

Divi provide restaurants theme, like Sushi à la Maison, with endless possibilities to create exactly the website that you want. With Divi themes, you can customize your restaurant’s templates and layouts to add unique design elements that perfectly reflect your brand voice.

With Divi’s custom options for menus, galleries, and contact forms, you can create a stunning website that is designed to your exact specifications. You can even add additional plugins for extra functionality to make sure your restaurant stands out from the competition.

Whether you want a simple, stylish website or something more complex and elaborate, Divi Themes gives you the power to create an incredible online presence for your restaurant.

25. Leanna Belle

Leanna Belle uses Divi Themes to ensure her website looks professional and polished. She was able to create a modern, striking design with the Divi Builder, which made creating pages for her portfolio of work a breeze.

On her site, viewers can take a look at some of Leanna’s previous projects and get an idea of the kind of hair styling work she does.

She also included a contact page for potential clients to easily get in touch with her. Leanna has had countless satisfied customers over the years and is sure that Divi Themes helps make her website look as professional and stylish as her work.

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Conclusion: Websites Crafted With Divi WordPress Themes in 2023

All in all, the 25 stunning websites crafted with Divi WordPress themes highlight the amazing potential of Divi WordPress themes. These sites are perfect examples to show off how creative and sophisticated Divi WordPress theming can be.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to craft beautiful and functional websites for yourself or clients, Divi’s themes are an excellent choice.

Plus, with its flexibility in site design and dozens of integrations to enhance the capabilities of your website – the possibilities for your project are endless!

With its continuing momentum, more great artwork is sure to come from Divi and its users around the world, pushing boundaries of design and thinking into amazing places.

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