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Odys Global review 2024: Best Place to Buy Quality Aged Domains?

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  • Exceptional customer service.
  • Easy sign-up process for accessing premium domains.
  • Vast selection of premium domains (over 1000 available).
  • Thorough research on each domain (including niche, content, and history).
  • Willingness to search for the best domain for your needs


  • Limited educational resources for maximizing the platform’s advantages.
  • Premium domains come with a premium price tag.

Odys Global is a marketplace where you can buy, sell, and trade old domains. They provide many services to assist you in locating a domain name that will give your online company a competitive advantage.


In this article, I will be sharing my personal experience with building a website on an Odys Global-aged domain.

Throughout this review, you will gain insight into my journey and learn about the process of creating a website on a premium, aged Odys domain. 

We will begin by exploring the reasons why individuals, including myself, choose to purchase aged domains and how this decision can speed up website ranking.

Explore Odys Global’s benefits and learn about its benefits here in this Odys Global review.

Do Brand New Domains Rank?

When you create a brand new website, there are a few ways to make it show up higher on search engines like Google.

One way is to be patient and slowly make your website better over time. It’s like planting a seed and waiting for it to grow into a big, strong tree.

Odys Global Review

Another way is to start your website on an older, more established website that already has a good reputation. It’s like opening a new store in a popular shopping area where people already know and trust the businesses there.

You can also do something clever: you can make an old, trusted website point to your new website. It’s like getting a big endorsement from someone famous to help your website become more popular.

But why is it that new websites often don’t show up on the first page of Google right away? It’s a bit like asking why someone who just started playing a sport isn’t immediately the best player.

There are lots of things that need to happen before a new website becomes really popular online.

What makes Google trust a website?

1. Age Matters:

When it comes to websites, age is like wisdom. Google likes older websites because they’ve been around longer and usually offer good stuff to people. Imagine it’s like choosing between hiring a new worker or one with lots of experience. The one with experience usually gets more trust.

For instance, if I’m thinking of buying a website, I’d rather go for one that’s been around for 10 years and has a good reputation.

It’s like picking a sturdy, old tree over a sapling for climbing—it’s safer. In fact, platforms like offer aged domains that you can use to build your website with a head start in trust.

2. Links Are Like Recommendations:

Google also looks at how many other websites are connected to your site. It’s like when your friends recommend a restaurant to you because they trust it. If more websites trust your site and link to it, Google thinks, “Hey, this website must be great!”

But it’s not just about the number of links; it’s about the quality and relevance. It’s like saying having a lot of friends is cool, but it’s even better if they’re friends who share your interests. So, links from websites in the same category as yours are super valuable.

For example, if I’m running a cooking website, a link from a famous chef’s website is gold. But if some random website links to mine, Google might think it’s not as trustworthy.

Platforms like can help you find these high-quality, niche-specific domains to link to your site.

3. Content Is King:

Google loves good content. It’s like being in a library where Google is the librarian, and it wants to recommend the best books to readers. So, if your website has awesome articles that people enjoy reading, Google likes you more.

Imagine you’re writing a school essay. If it’s well-researched and well-written, and your teacher sees others enjoying it, you’ll get an A+.

That’s what Google wants, too. can assist you in finding aged domains with quality content that you can use as a foundation for your website.

4. Check Your Sources:

Lastly, Google wants to make sure your website doesn’t spread fake stuff. It checks where your information comes from. If you’re linking to reliable sources and your authors are experts in their field, Google smiles and says, “This website is trustworthy.”

It’s like when you’re in a debate, and you can back up your arguments with facts from trusted books and experts. You sound more convincing.

Using aged domains from platforms like can give your website an edge in this department, too, as they often come with established authority and trusted sources.

Why do people build sites on aged domains?

Aged domains have several trust factors in the eyes of search engines like Google. These include their age, authority (based on links), past visitor engagement, previous content quality, and the sources they used.

People choose to build websites on aged domains for some clear advantages:

1. Skipping the Google Sandbox:

Imagine the Google Sandbox as a waiting room for new websites. It takes time for new sites to gain trust and rank well. Aged domains have already passed this waiting period, so your new site can skip the line and get noticed faster.

2. Harnessing Trust Factors:

Aged domains bring along their trust factors, like age and authority, from links. It’s like inheriting a trusted reputation. This can help your new website rank more quickly and with less effort.

3. Speedy Rankings:

Building on an aged domain can give your site a head start. It’s like starting a race ahead of others, making it easier to reach the top.

4. Less Effort:

Because aged domains come with built-in trust, you don’t have to work as hard to convince Google that your site is reliable. It’s like having a friend vouch for you.

5. Effective Ranking:

Aged domains already possess the power to rank well. It’s like having a high-performance vehicle to reach your destination quickly and efficiently.

Risks of Building on an Aged Domain:

While aged domains offer many benefits, there are risks to consider:

1. Choosing the Wrong Domain:

If you pick a domain that had low or declining traffic before, bad backlinks, or was penalized by search engines, you’re essentially trying to revive a site that didn’t work well before. It might not work now, either.

Example: Imagine buying a car that always had engine problems. Fixing it won’t guarantee it runs smoothly.

2. Copyright Issues:

Some domains may have copyrights or trademarks. If you buy one without proper permission, you could lose it. For instance, buying a domain like without Google’s consent would lead to legal troubles.

Example: You can’t just take someone else’s name or brand and use it as your own.

3. Changing the Domain’s Direction:

It’s crucial to keep the new site in the same niche and with the same intent as the old one. Trying to change its focus drastically can confuse both users and search engines, risking your rankings.

Example: If a restaurant suddenly starts selling car parts, customers will be puzzled.

4. Mismatched Content:

You should create content that matches the old site’s intent. Changing the content’s topic or purpose can signal to Google that your site is no longer the trusted one it used to be.

Example: Imagine a gardening website suddenly posting articles about video games. It confuses visitors and search engines alike.

Remember that, like any online venture, there are always uncertainties. Websites can lose traffic or face issues at any time, so it’s essential to choose your aged domain carefully and maintain its original purpose for the best results.

Tips When Buying an Aged Domain

When you’re deciding on a niche for your website, it’s a good idea to aim for an exact match if possible. Here’s what you need to think about:

Tips When Buying an Aged Domain

1. Exact Match Niche:

Try to find a niche that perfectly aligns with the previous content of the aged domain you’re working with. It’s like picking up where the story left off.

2. Order Matters:

You have two options: you can either choose your niche first and then find a domain that matches that niche exactly, or you can pick your domain first and then create a website that perfectly fits the niche of the old website.

3. Importance of Exact Match:

Selecting an exact match niche is crucial when you’re dealing with aged domains. This is because when you continue in the same niche, Google recognizes it as the return of a trusted old friend.

Example: Imagine a popular gardening website (let’s call it that has been around for years. If you find an aged domain related to gardening and decide to continue the same kind of gardening content, it’s like making a comeback. Google will be excited to see its old favorite back in action and is more likely to boost its rankings quickly.

4. Continuity is Key:

What you’re aiming for is content that seamlessly picks up where the old domain’s content left off. It’s like turning the page of a book and finding that the story flows perfectly.

Example: If the old domain was all about cooking recipes, and you continue to share delicious recipes in the same niche, it signals to Google that the site is back and ready to serve its audience again. Google rewards this by helping the site climb the rankings.

My Process Buying an Aged Domain

My first time buying an aged domain

I’ll be honest: I didn’t have much experience with buying old website domains before this. Usually, I either got websites that were already making money or I started new ones with fresh web addresses.

Building Sites on Aged Domains With Odys Global

But about six months ago, I got curious about something. I heard that using an old domain could help a new website rank better on Google without needing to do a lot of tricky stuff like getting other websites to link to it.

The idea of taking an old domain with a good history and making it popular again by adding new stuff sounded interesting.

So, I started looking into it. I heard a lot about a company called Odys Global, which deals with these old domains. I found out about them through emails about SEO (search engine optimization), which I’m into.

Odys seemed like a good place to start, but I was a bit scared because I had to spend a fair amount of money on a domain that didn’t have any visitors.

It took me a couple of days to get the courage to buy my first old domain from Odys. Looking back, I’m really happy I did. Odys is great because they pick out high-quality old domains with good reputations, and they keep them active while they’re up for sale.

It’s better to get an old domain that hasn’t been offline for a long time. I also liked that Odys checks to make sure these domains have good links to other websites, which saved me a bunch of time researching.

I also tried buying an old domain on my own once. Let me tell you, it was a lot of work and not as easy as using Odys. I had to search for usable domains for days using a tool called SEMRush.

Then, I had to wait for more than a month for the domain to become available. After that, I had to get into an auction to buy it.

So, using Odys was a smoother experience for me. They have a more straightforward process compared to the other way I tried.

Steps of buying an aged domain from Odys Global

Buying an aged domain from Odys Global is a straightforward process that offers several advantages:

Odys Global Buy Domain Services

1. Browse Quality Domains:

When you visit Odys Global’s website, you can easily explore a selection of high-quality aged domains. These domains have been carefully curated to ensure they meet specific standards in terms of age, authority, and backlinks.

It’s like walking into a well-organized store where you can see the best products on display.

2. Select Your Domain:

Once you find a domain that aligns with your niche or goals, you can select it for purchase. Odys Global provides detailed information about each domain, including its history and relevant metrics.

This helps you make an informed decision, much like reading the labels and specifications of products in a store.

3. Immediate Purchase:

Odys Global offers a “buy-it-now” option for most of their domains. This means you can acquire the domain immediately at a fixed price without the need for bidding or waiting for auctions to end.

It’s similar to simply putting an item in your shopping cart and proceeding to checkout.

5. Secure Transaction:

Odys Global ensures a secure and reliable transaction process. They facilitate the domain transfer to your ownership, much like a store processing your payment and handing you the product you purchased.

6. Ownership Transfer:

Once the domain is in your possession, you have full control over it. You can start building your website and content right away. It’s like taking your newly purchased item home and using it as you please.

How to set up an aged domain website?

Here are the steps of how to revive an aged domain while avoiding copyright issues and maintaining its link authority:

Step 1: Identify High-Link Pages

First, identify the pages on the aged domain that have a significant number of valuable links. These are the pages you want to recreate on your new site.

Example: Imagine you’re reviving an old gardening website, and one of its pages about “Rose Care” has many high-quality links from other gardening websites.

Step 2: Recreate and Redirect

Recreate these high-link pages on your new site. However, don’t copy them word-for-word. Instead, conduct keyword research to come up with new URLs that have a better chance of ranking. Then, use 301 redirects to guide the traffic from the old page to the new one.

Example: You create a new page on your site called “Best Practices for Growing Roses.” You make sure it’s optimized for relevant keywords. Then, you 301-redirect the old “Rose Care” page to this new page.

Step 3: Content Creation

Now, it’s time to create fresh, high-quality content around the same topic. This is crucial to avoid any copyright issues. Think about what the old site would have done and create content in line with that vision.

Example: The old site had a “Top 10 Roses for Beginners” page. You create a new, updated version with the latest rose varieties and care tips.

Step 4: Keyword Research

Use keyword research to identify the keywords your site used to rank for or keywords in the same niche. This ensures that your new content aligns with the old site’s intent and has a better chance of ranking well.

Example: If the old site ranked for “Rose Pruning Tips,” make sure your new content targets this keyword or related terms.

Step 5: Avoid Copyright Issues

Remember not to copy old content word-for-word. Create new content that covers the same topic or subject matter. This helps you avoid potential copyright problems.

Example: You find an old article about “Organic Pest Control for Roses.” Instead of copying it, you create a fresh article on the same topic, using updated information and your own writing style.

Step 6: Seek Inspiration from the Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is a valuable tool that allows you to see archived versions of old web pages. It can inspire your new content by showing you what the old site looked like and what its pages contained.

Example: You visit the Wayback Machine and explore the old “Rose Care” page. You use this as inspiration to create a page on your site with similar content but updated and improved.

Step 7: Maintain the Site’s Intent

Keep the intent of the site the same as much as possible. Google trusts the old site’s intent, so if you drastically change the site’s focus or angle, you may lose that trust.

Example: If the old site was all about roses, continue to focus on roses and related topics. Don’t suddenly switch to a completely different niche, like car repair.

By following these steps, you can effectively revive an aged domain, leverage its link authority, and avoid copyright issues while maintaining Google’s trust in the site’s intent and niche.

What People Are Saying About Odys Global

If you don’t trust me, why should you? Well, let me share some good news. They have a fantastic Trustpilot score of 4.8 out of 5, based on 103 reviews.

My experience with Odys Global

If, like me, you want to make sure you’re dealing with a reliable company before spending your hard-earned money, I suggest checking out ODYS Global’s Trustpilot profile. It’s a smart move to do some research, right?

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Conclusion: Odys Global Review 2024

In my view, if you want a really good old website address and don’t want the headache of sifting through lots of bad ones at auctions, Odys is a good choice!

What makes Odys special is that they carefully pick and check their old website addresses with real experts. This means when you get a website from them, you know it won’t have bad links or a sketchy history.

Yes, their good website addresses can be quite expensive, sometimes costing thousands of dollars.

But if you see it as an investment and have a good plan for how you’ll use that old website address, you could make a lot of money relatively quickly.

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