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6 Sure-Fire Content Writing Strategies to Catapult Your Success

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In This Post, We’ll Talk About Content Writing Strategies to Catapult Your Success

I’m sorry.

I’m not being offensive.

but, we’re little lazy.

We get visitors on our blogs, but we fail to turn them into readers.

So, you’re thinking that it’s not my case!

Have you ever searched about the conversion rate?

Oh, Please!

Admit it. We all want to improve.

Readers are keen learners. Visitors are solution finders.

Do you know why readers land on your blog?

Because, you’ve provided them something helpful and exactly they are looking for – They probably found your content via social media or search engines.

The good news is you’re home.

However, if your readers are direct, that’s incredible. It means readers know about your blog, either they subscribed to your blog or they regularly visit your blog to read new content.

In this article, we are going to learn how we can turn first timers into regular readers.

Let me make you a promise.

I’m a straight forward person.

So, this post isn’t about opt-in forms, email marketing sign-ups, pop-ups etc.

If you thought that way, ah that’s so sad.

If you wanted those things, they are everywhere, you can easily search about email marketing techniques and you’ll find a bundle of articles teaching you those strategies.

I’m not going to tell you those things again and again.

You’re smart.

I bet you’re because you’re still here.

It means you still want to know that what I’ve got inside this post. So, let me give you a sneak peak of this article.

It’s beyond traditional readers engagement strategies.

People tell you ‘how to engage readers’ – In this post, I’m going to tell you ‘why people get engaged’ …

It’s like knowing about the working of the medicine salt, before actually taking your pills from the doctor’s prescription.

So, what are those strategies which I hinted in the title of this blog post?

Those strategies are bulletproof. I’m going to share some psychological strategies which require nothing special to implement—You don’t have to be a social science expert to understand that.

What you need is, a reason to make your readers more attractive towards you.

Why on earth would someone in blogosphere want to ignore the readership strings?

These strategies are basically strings – Probably like a hidden fishing wire…

You’re holding it, but readers don’t see it.

Isn’t it great?

Take a look at these 6 strategies that work on your blog but readers don’t know:

#1. Interrogative Tone of Blog Post Titles

When you’re asking readers about an issue, it means they have gotten a clear message about the question. Interrogative blog post titles are tend to perform better than simple blog post titles.

It’s about clarity of message, plus, readers are being asked that either they need to know this or want to get this thing done!

So the obvious reaction comes out as click to open and check it out.

Interrogative blog post titles shake readers a bit – These type of titles are intended to grab the attention, therefore, the real message inside the blog post has the original value to deliver, such blog post titles are just to jolt and bring the readers.

This title surely makes webmasters and bloggers to open up the article to know what the author has to say about this.

That’s what I want to say.

Make readers convinced to open your article.

When you create an enticing article title, the responsibility of delivering the value increases, so don’t create a disruptive article underneath an engaging title.

#2. Attraction in the Title’s Meaning

Successful bloggers and top content marketers take care of attraction in the article titles – This is one of the things that work on their blogs – And, they are unintentionally able to get a lot of attention from the readers.

It could be anything.

An impressive achievement, a great experience, or an example worth a share.

Attraction in the article titles comes with three important elements:

1. Numbers

Numbers clearly get people’s attention. The number of words, the number of examples, the number of ways — Any number figure which is associated with the solution or message in the blog post title simply works.

Readers actually want solutions. And that solution might be the core of an example in a number of ways mentioned in the blog post title e.g.

5 Ways to Write a Great Blog Post,

10 Tips to Get More Subscribers on Your Blog.

2. Experience

Experience is something that delivers value to the readers without giving any effort. When as a blogger you work hard or experiment on a strategy, it means you spend some time doing it, and when you share that experience with your readers…

Your readers are actually half way to the success.

Because they are able to access the success formula of yours.


They are able to derive their own success formula from your experience.

They (readers) have a chance to learn from your failures and skip the dirty part of your strategy.

Have you seen Neil Patel and Brian Dean writing articles sharing their experiences?

They always do. And people love it.

3. Storytelling

Stories are meant to share experience. People want to know what happened to you.

Storytelling is one of the engaging strategies in Content Marketing—It’s not that easy though, starting from the perfect title, it takes a thought-provoking lesson from the story to mesmerized the readers.

Stories attract people.

They want to know your story. It gives you a superb chance to tell them your story + point of view!

ReadWrite published an article on screencasting tools – It caught my attention, because as a content marketer and blogger, I always want to know about best screencasting tools …

So, I got attracted towards that article.

#3. Combination of Sparkling Words in the Title

Selection of words matters.

Did you know probloggers recommend to use clear and simple words in the blog post titles?


Simple words shine.

Don’t use the vocabulary which makes your readers run away.

A title must have crystal-clear and simple words which mean something – And, when they are used together in the title, they should be connected with a proper grammar-tie and impact-creating sound.

This is little tricky.

It’s combination. It’s meant for perfection.

When a copywriter gets to create a meaningful article, he never starts up with the content, instead, he begins with a great title, because he knows the Psychology to attract the readers.

Weebly published an article about writing a killer copy on its blog.

Readers just love or leave.

They don’t know that what it takes to create an engaging and helpful content.

And, they don’t need to know that.

If you work so hard to help your readers, don’t worry, because it’s worth it. You have to.

You don’t have to shout about it.

If your readers are getting something every time they come around, they would definitely give you something in return.

Maybe the trust, a tweet, or a facebook share.

That’s valuable. You know this.

Do you know HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator and Article Title Generator?

People use these tools to create blog post titles.

#4. Engaging Start of the Articles

I didn’t see anyone doing better than Copyblogger when it comes to writing the engaging start of the articles.

Probably it is the editor who does this so well.

But, one can’t change the concept of the article.

I won’t totally shift the credit of great content from copywriter to editor.

When the readers find themselves little comfortable with the start of the article, the next thing they think is let’s read little more—that’s where an engaging start of the article works.

Well, readers engagement isn’t easy… It’s not impossible though.

I found, it’s an incredible tool to create newspaper and clapper board images, and much more—It’s a crazy tool. I loved it.

Do it… whatever it takes to write a compelling and attractive copy.

#5. Using the Answerable Statements

Do you know what readers want?

They want you to cut the crap!


Yeah. Please don’t waste their time.

You don’t have to go off the track in your content. Even design your content strategy to keep the process of publishing the engaging and helpful content.

It’s because it’s about experience sharing.

Now, who doesn’t like to know the secrets.

I admit that experience is all about secrets.

Readers don’t know this. They want to read the secrets. They want to know things at any cost.

You’ve got things to share with them.

Then, they will love you if you’re loyal to them.

It’s a fact, I’ve been using Canva to create banners and images for blog posts for quite some time now—I remember someone introduced it to me, and ever since I’m loving it… Likewise, a friend introduced Portent Idea Generator to me, and I didn’t really start using it, but I want to try.

#6. Something Interesting Inside the fold

There is always a curiosity factor in the content marketing. You can’t expect all readers are generous enough to give your content a chance, once they find it through any mean such Facebook, Twitter, or other medium…

This is the case where you bend the psychology and curiosity to start the play.

When they published this Facebook page update, it caught my attention, and I hope there would be millions out there who would be interested to know ‘Some Facts about Ajay Devgn’…

The point is, pinch them, and they will love to scratch…

(Okay, that wasn’t very cool example)…

But, I don’t care, I have to do what I need to do.

You’ll smile, if you get my point.

The Lesson

Being a blogger, you should assume yourself as a Psychologist—Believe me, you’ll be halfway down the success road.

The purpose was to highlights the simple tricks on your blog—from content ideas to writing the articles…It isn’t tough. Once you know your audience and most importantly you clearly know what you want to give them, you’ll be fine.

Readers are hungry. They are in trouble. They want you.

All you need to lighten up your rod to show them the way out.

Did you get my point about using the blog and its content to satisfy the readers?

What else would you do to make this happen?

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