Online Marketing Your Security Risks And Prevention

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As an online marketer my computers security is always in the back of my mind. My computer is the heart of my business, so keeping it safe should be prioty number one. Although sometimes it does slip to priority number two, which could as a result have a devastating effect on both myself and my customers. So this is a gentle reminder to be really aware of your online security. Ask yourself the question, Do you have a firewall? Do you have antivirus? Do you have antispyware software? You have…fantastic. You haven’t got all three protectors then start too panic just a little. However there is an easy solution.

Visit expert websites such as Microsoft etc and view their online security sections. There are amazing resources available offering full expert advice and links to applications and scans that will help you patch all the gaps in your computers security.

I am quite aware of Internet security issues at most times, but lately have been a little lazy when it comes to important issues, like keeping all of my security applications fully updated. What brought my attention to this issue was the current threat, the ‘Sober’ virus, although a medium risk it is still a threat. It is just one of hundreds that have appeared before and that will appear again in the future in many different forms.

The pointer of this current threat for myself, started as usual by getting emails with attachments, addressed from such sources as the FBI and Paris & Nicky Hilton. From experience of virus threats before, I deleted then instantly, even though it was so tempting to open them. But resisting the urge, they were instantly deleted. Then I checked all of the current virus threats doing the rounds, and there the information instantly was before me. Had I opened those emails, the result would have been, that my full email list would have been sent out too, with the virus attached, thus replicating the ongoing effect of the virus. And secondly it would have turned off all my computers antivirus protection. Such are the penalties and the effects of opening a simple email attachment from someone whom I did not know, which may have had as a result, a devastating effect to my whole computer system and online business activities.

There would have been no excuse for myself if this result had of happened. Because there is no valid reason or excuse on the planet available at all for me to not be aware of security issues. The range of information and software available to combat any security problems are readily available and mostly free. Ad-aware as one example combats spyware and adware and is available in a free version. Zonealarm is another example which is an Internet firewall and is available also in a free version. And most antivius companies offer free trial versions of their software as well.

All of these company names given are as a guide only, always make your own individual provider choices. And there are so many choices available out there online, so do the research, and make your decisions on your own computer security requirements. Although as a note, I would advise you to only visit expert sites and use the companies that they recommend. There are issues with certain products pretending to be what they are not. So check the information only through valid expert sources and search all your options from there.

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Your computers security and your online surfing safety, using available security applications is a paramount action. But as always the action to protect is solely up to you. Be exactly aware of what is happening online with ongoing security issues and react always accordingly. Update your available security software always and check that it is always enabled. Because it will only ever save you time, money and your own piece of mind in the long run.

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