Best Music Blogs in 2023– Top 10 Blogs

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You need to stay up to date on the music industry’s current trends regardless of whether you’re signed, independent, or just getting started in the business. Every budding musician should read these ten excellent music blogs, which we’ve selected from among the many available online.

These blogs cover a wide range of topics, from music industry news and guidance to profiles on up-and-coming artists from around the world, all of which are valuable resources for aspiring musicians. Do you have a favorite that isn’t on this list? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

Best Music Blogs in 2023– Top 10 Blogs

Best Music Blogs
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The 10 Best Blogs for Musicians in 2022 

1. Hypebot

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Independent musicians and record firms can get daily updates from Hypebot on topics including music business news and technology.

Even though their blogs tend to be in-depth and well worth reading, keep an eye out for useful advice in the comments section as well; you never know what you might discover there.

2. Music Business Worldwide

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Music Business Worldwide, while not strictly a blog, provides in-depth news, analysis, and commentary from around the world’s music industry. If you want to stay up to date on the newest in the music industry, sign up for their newsletter.

3. Ditto Music Blog

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At Ditto, they’re committed to helping independent artists in any way we can.

It is Ditto Music’s mission to help musicians of all levels build long-term careers in the music industry by providing valuable tips and information on everything from marketing and promotion to technology and chances.

4. The Unsigned Guide

Up-and-coming bands and artists will find a wealth of knowledge in The Unsigned Guide’s articles and advice.

It’s possible to subscribe to the site’s extensive directory and gain access to the contact information of thousands of industry figures and companies, including labels, studios, managers, and publishers, in addition to reading the many free blogs on the site.

5. Pitchfork

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As one of the most widely read independent music websites, Pitchfork provides reviews, feature articles, videos, and live performances. Pitchfork, which is more of a news source than a how-to guide, is the best place to keep up with the latest indie music headlines.

6. CMU Insights

An excellent resource for aspiring musicians, the CMU Insights blog features articles written by industry experts on a wide range of topics related to the music business.

CMU also hosts a number of seminars, conferences, and masterclasses on a variety of music business topics throughout the year.

7. The Music Entrepreneur

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Those hoping to create a long-term career in the music industry can benefit from the counsel of The Music Entrepreneur.

The site includes information for musicians, label owners, and others in the music industry, covering everything from marketing and promotion to instruments and performance techniques and skills.

8. Bob Baker’s The Buzz Factor

One of Bob Baker’s best-known blogs, The Buzz Factor provides useful music marketing ideas for musicians, composers, and bands. Bob’s site offers articles, videos, courses, podcasts, and more to assist musicians to learn how to gain attention and connect with their audience.

9. Ledger Note

Ledger Note is a fantastic resource for musicians of many genres, offering a wealth of in-depth content. With a variety of topics ranging from music theory to beat making to gear reviews, musicians of all ability levels will be able to improve their abilities.

10. WeAreTheMusicMakers

For musicians and performers of all genres and talents, the We Are the Music Makers thread on Reddit is a valuable resource. Even if you’re not an expert in music, you can ask questions and get answers from experts and amateurs alike in this thread.

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Conclusion- Best Music Blogs

The end result is as follows: A list of our favorite blogs and websites for musicians who want to learn more about the music industry. Do let us know which is your favorite music blog. 

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