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How to Delete Songs From iPhone Easily

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Our phones are more than methods to communicate, they are our PDA’s and music players, our camera and consoles all rolled into one glorious pocketable form factor. So if you are one of the lucky few who has an iPhone, I’m sure you use your phone all day every day and more often than not, the time is spent watching videos or listening to music or on some social media site.

Now one of the major problems that crop up is the lack of storage space. And while we still love Britney Spears and Back Street Boys, they just have to make space for the new albums from Taylor Swift and One Direction! So, today we are going to show you, how to delete songs from iPhone and start afresh!

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Even though we are in the age of streaming services, many of us are still stuck with limited and low-speed internet connectivity and with lower space variants of the iPhone with only 8gb of onboard storage! Sadly, if you’re one of them, deleting songs from iPhone is the only way you can get some part of your storage back for other new things.


So if you’re frustrated like the woman above and want to reclaim some space for new songs, the question in your mind might well be, “How to delete music from iPhone?” Well, the answer to that is both simple and complex. But that’s an oxymoron you might say.

The thing about how to remove music from iPhone is that while the initial process is simple and doesn’t require much hard work at all, there are quite a few songs which are stubborn and can make the easy task of deleting songs from iPhone into a tedious and long-winded one.

How to Delete Songs From iPhone Without Using a Computer

Now there are quite a few steps involved in how to delete music from iPhone so I won’t waste much more time in a useless introduction.

Below we will describe two processes, the first one show you how to delete songs from iPhone one by one while the second one will delete all traces of music from your iPhone in one swoop!

#1. How to Delete Songs From iPhone by Artist, Song or Folder

Step 1

The first step is to turn off any paid streamings services that you might be using as they might create problems.

Tap on the Settings icon, navigate to iTunes & App Stores and from there to iTunes Match. We need to toggle this option off.

Step 2

In this step, we will hide all the music that doesn’t physically reside in our device. For this, we again go to the Settings App but this time, we choose Music and toggle the “Show All Music” slider to the off position

Step 3

Now we open the Music app. Now depending on your version, you can delete either song individually or albums, folders and sometimes even genres. Depending on what iOS version you have, this step can be a little bit tedious!
Step 4

Now we get to the point where we delete an individual song. Once we are in the Music app, swiping from right to left on any song in the list to reveal the “Delete” button. Tap the button to remove the song permanently from your internal memory. If there are some songs in there with a tiny cloud sign beside them, then that means that they’re linked to your iCloud and hence can’t be deleted!

 Step 5

Now deleting a song individually is often demanding work and deleting by the album is easier. To do this, we need to switch to Album view from the Music App.

Once inside the Music app, select Albums from the menu at the bottom  (you may have to tap “More…” to find it). Next we swipe on the album that has to be deleted from right to left to reveal the “Delete” button. Click on this and poof! Music removed!

 Step 6

Sometimes we get bored of listening to a particular artist and would like to get rid of all their songs. If you’re in iOS 7 or later, then you’re in luck!

From the bottom menu in the Music app, select Artists. Swipe on the name of the artist that you want to remove all the songs of, from right to left. Like before, you’ll see the delete button! Click on it and see all the songs magically disappear into thin air!

#2. How to Delete Songs From iPhone At Once

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Some of these songs, however, will not show the delete option. This is due to some bug in the OS. But we have a way to delete those songs off your iPhone as well.

For this, we need to follow some steps

Go into “Settings” >”General” > “Usage”> “Manage Storage” in the “Storage” section

Then go to the option for the “Music” app, tap on edit and finally click on the delete button that appears next to “All Songs”.

 P.S.: This will remove all songs from your iPhone.
If you’re still having problems with your phone, consider trying to resync all your music with iTunes and then repeat all the steps. You should be able to get rid of all the pesky songs and reclaim some of your storage for other usages as well.
I hope that this article helps you in your quest to rid your iPhone of old songs. For more such interesting iPhone articles, keep visiting.

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