How to Download Moviebox?

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MovieBox has taken over the world by sway right now, and of course, it deserved to be where it is, cause of the features it offers, for free!

Well as the name almost suggests, Moviebox is a box, of movies simple as that, and that’s what I’m talking about in this piece today, how to download Moviebox!

Well, there are literally millions of app out there in the Play Store as of today, but not everyone makes it up to the “how-to” articles on blogs like ours, huh? So what makes Moviebox special?

Why am I writing this piece today about Moviebox and not just any other tool out there? Well to answer that, first let me take your time and attention to explain to you what exactly is Moviebox!

What is MovieBox?

Moviebox is simply an application for android and iOs that lets you stream TV shows or movies online,  for free! (Ah, exactly what you’ve been looking for, huh?)

So yeah, no doubt it was an instant hit.

Well, the catch is, Moviebox was originally launched for iOs, and thus an official version of “Moviebox” doesn’t exist for Android. However, an alternative, from the same company called “Showbox” does exist!

What does MovieBox do Apart from Playing Movies:-

Well, a lot actually. Although I’ve written “Moviebox, read it as “Showbox,” as that’s what we would be used to walk you through this article on how to install Moviebox.

But before that, let’s take a stroll through the features that Moviebox (read Showbox) holds for you.

MovieBox Features:-

  • No limitations on watching any kind of series or movie you want.
  • Awesome graphic and design.
  • A very elegant and understandable user interface.
  • Supports HD videos. So you can watch your favorite shows even in high-definition.
  • Not just online, but Moviebox also lets you download the stuff, and you can watch it offline too!
  • A very selective download interface is available. Which makes it easy for you to categorize or organize what you want to download off of it.
  • No extra stuff with it. Meaning nothing that you won’t like on the app. They’ve kept good care of spam and things as such.
  • No login required! Well yeah, you heard that right. You don’t need to signup to watch movies with Moviebox.
  • So of course, if no login is required. You don’t have to concern yourself with trying to remember any stupid Id’s and passwords, huh?
  • The video aspect ration has been professionally set.
  • The movies are categorized wisely. So you won’t have a hard time trying to find what you’re looking for.
  • Well, I understand some of you may have incredibly awesome devices, while others? Not so much, so well with moviebox you can choose between 1000dpi – 300 dpi totally depending upon your device!
  • It has a great “downloads” folder to hold all your downloaded movies.
  • You get a neat looking and professional library along with it where you can organize your favorite stuff just like you do on your playlists.
  • Ah, the best? You can even share the movie and stuff with your friends! All via Wifi!

Yeah, I know that got you all heated up huh? So let’s take a look at how to install Moviebox.

How to Download Moviebox?

How to get Moviebox for free? Well, Moviebox was launched only for iOs as I already said, but well Showbox is what replaces it on Android devices! And that’s what I’ll be sharing with you too.

So as a matter of fact, downloading Moviebox isn’t the real issue on Apple devices, but downloading Moviebox on android is! So that’s what I aim at solving right here, right now.

There isn’t a lot to say really. Just click on this link here to start downloading Showbox. ( the replacement of free movies box for android).

How to Install Moviebox?

If you downloaded from the above link, you should get a .apk file on your system by now. If you did use your Android device, you could just tap on it to start installing.

If you did this from a computer or a laptop, just transfer that file to your Android device using Bluetooth, USB port or anything and then install it, simple as that.

How to Download MovieBox for iOs?

It’s not really that hard, here are all the links you need in order to start downloading Moviebox for your iOs devices! Well, it’s fair to keep in mind that, this is the actual Moviebox version that was launched for the iOs devices, and Showbox came later only for the Android things.

  • For iOs 6, here’s how to install Moviebox. Just click on this link. Which will take you to the page that looks like the below screenshot?

Over there, use the QR code scanner on your device to scan the page and download Moviebox. Or, you can manually type the URL of the page on your device to movie box download for free.

Final Words:-

So yeah that was about how to download Moviebox, either for Android or for iOs. I’m pretty sure you got the idea of what I was trying to convey through this piece, huh?

Nothing like rocket science there, simply download links. All you’ve got to do is, click on the respective links according to your devices and your problem of how to download Moviebox will cease to exist.


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