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Duda Website Builder Review 2023– Is This Website Builder Worth It?

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In this blog, I am going to discuss Duda Website Builder Review 2023

Gone are the days when you have to learn technologies like HTML and CSS to build your websites.

With the technology growing at such a fast pace, many online companies are offering the service of building your websites in a few clicks. 

These website building tools do not require any technical skills and are easy to use.

They provide a user-friendly interface and other custom features to personalize your website according to your needs.

However, it may sound effortless to build a website for your online business in a few steps with advanced features, but there are some struggling points in the path—the biggest of them being which website builder to choose. 

With so many options available in the online market, it is increasingly painful for you to select a perfect option for your website building.

Every other company claims that it is the best website builder, but is it?

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Bottom Line:

Duda is one of the most resourceful, multiskilled, and robust website builders in the market.

It is an ideal tool for people with no experience in web designing and development. Try out Duda Website Builder Now.

So, let’s get started. 

Overview of Duda Website Builder

Duda is one of the leading web designing platforms for those companies that provide web designing services to various small and medium-sized businesses. It creates a website in minutes without any requirement of technical skills.

Duda has all customer categories from freelancing web professionals to digital agencies, from large companies and online publishers to Saas platforms.

It is packed with powerful tools, like team collaboration and client management. Duda helps you in building feature-rich websites that are highly responsive and easy to scale.

Websites built using the Duda platform are automatically optimized for full SEO and Google PageSpeed. 

Duda also holds partnerships with some other leading companies in the industry, including Publicar, Hibu, UOL, 1&1 ions, Italiaonline, Thryv, and Sensis.

duda-website builder review

Why is Duda a perfect choice for building your website?

Duda website builder is employed by more than 450,000 businesses to make their web designing experience painless. Let us take a look at those properties of Duda that simplify your web design in some detail.

  • Easy-to-use drag and drop builder

This is one of the most appealing built-in functionality of Duda. It makes the designing of web pages effortless.

It eliminates the need to use traditional web development languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript, making the design more complicated. 

Just drag and drop elements and rearrange them for your website on your designated spots. It very much helps you in focusing on other essential things for your business and saves your time. 

You can also copy your customized templates and develop new pages with them quickly. 

Duda also gives you the option of integrating your designs if you happen to know programming and other technical skills. Thus, Duda makes it very flexible and easy to design templates.

  • Responsive Templates

Responsive websites are a necessary element of your website. In the times when online users are not limited to a computer’s screen, the ability of any website to readjust itself according to the different user’s screens plays a massive role in conversions. 

Duda has an always-growing template library that allows you to save your layouts, and fit your own code snippets in them accordingly.

It helps you change and update your website’s layout according to different screens like desktop, mobile, tablets, etc. Hence, Duda gives you a 100% responsive website.

  • Variety in Navigation Styles

Selecting an optimal style for your website navigation is not easy, especially when you have to take care of all kinds of user screens. 

Although both horizontal and vertical navigations work well most of the time, the Duda website builder offers you multiple navigation styles to fit your need for browsers on different devices like mobiles, tablets, and PCs. 

  • Import Content

Content Importing tool is one of its kind and a patented tool of Duda. This tool is not available with any other website builder. 

Using this tool, you can quickly import content from any other blog platform or website on which you have uploaded and saved your content previously. 

Duda has made importing online content and written documents quick and easy. 

You just have to select the content you would like to import and direct it to its correct location. Your content will be implemented within seconds on your Duda site.

  • Multilingual Solutions

To increase your reach to a broader audience, you should not be limited to a single language. To help you build your website in multiple languages, Duda website builder offers its multilingual solutions. 

Having a website in multiple languages can drastically improve your online reach to millions of users from different regions worldwide. 


Duda Website Builder Features

Let’s take a quick tour of the features that you get with Duda Website Builder:

  • Storage Space

If you are going to launch a website stuffed with lots of media like images, videos, and other graphics with lots of traffic, then you may face storage capacity issues. 

Duda solves this problem by providing unlimited storage space for all its premium plan users. Additionally, it provides unlimited bandwidth to all paid users.

  • Data Backup

Duda offers you to backup your data each day and manually if needed. Whenever you upload or save a new file inside your Duda storage, your website saves automatically and backs up. Duda keeps your data safely and with full security.

  • Contact Forms

Contact forms are an essential part of eCommerce websites. They help in maintaining communication with your visitors and customers and getting their feedback on you. 

Contact forms give a more professional look to your website. 

With the help of Duda, you can make customized contact forms in minutes. You can update and change the format and design of the contact forms in some clicks only.

  • Blog

Duda gives you the option of adding a blog element to your website in one-click only. You can add new content by importing or by writing in your blog to share with everyone. Blogs increase the online engagement of visitors. 

Duda gives users the option of commenting on your blog posts via logging into a Facebook account from your website only. 

  • eCommerce

Duda’s website builder also helps you in setting an eCommerce store. It is compatible with the online shop module of Ecwid. When you register for Duda with a paying plan, it gets available for you. 

Currently, it offers basic members to have up to 10 products in their online store. Although, you can upgrade your plan for additional products according to your requirement.

With Duda, you cannot use any other eCommerce solution currently. 

  • One-Click SSL

A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate depicts that the website is encrypted, and the user’s personal and private data is safe. 

A lock icon appears in the URL bar of the browser for encryption. Without an SSL certificate, anyone can steal your website’s data quickly, and you can be held liable for it. 

So, having an SSL certificate is a must when you will launch an online website that requires various types of information from users. 

Duda offers a one-click activation button for SSL to ensure the safety and security of your information and data on your website. 

  • SEO ready

The Duda Website Builder builds SEO-ready websites. Usually, websites that load fast, are responsive, are correctly coded and formatted, have security features, rank high in the search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. 

Websites built through Duda are optimized for high rankings and are highly responsive. 

  • Data and Analytics

It is vital to keep track of your website’s stats in order to keep growing and increasing your conversions. 

Duda has a built-in analytic solution that allows you to analyze incoming traffic anytime. 

Duda also gives the option of Google Analytics to its customers. 

  • Monetization of your website

Duda makes it really easy for you to monetize your website. Users can integrate any form of advertising on their websites. This feature is available to all the subscribers of Duda’s services. 

  • Reselling

Duda offers an option of reselling to the individuals who want to display the website builder by themselves and to those who want to build websites for their clients using a highly efficient and branded platform. 


Pros and Cons of Duda Website Builder

✔ Pros

  • Duda website builder is elementary to use for both experienced and newbies. 
  • Duda provides a never-ending number of templates with easy customization.
  • Duda’s element editor makes it really easy to edit and update your website’s elements and make small changes to them without any need for scrolling through the large set of codes.
  • With an automatic backup facility, your website data saves automatically whenever you make changes to an existing page, add a new page, or implement a new template.
  • Duda’s analytics tool helps you keep an eye on your visitor statistics and traffic on your website.
  • Duda has an extremely robust support facility consisting of chat, email, and telephone for all its customers. 

❌ Cons

  • Duda is slightly expensive in comparison to its other alternatives in the market. It also limits the number of the website each user can build and host.
  • Blog comments are limited, and users can only comment through Facebook.
  • Duda does not provide the option for building a newsletter, which helps you in gaining more followers.

Duda Website Builder Pricing

Duda currently has three plans for Pricing, with one additional option of creating a customized plan. For a custom plan, you have to contact the company through its provided channel. 

The three plans are:


The basic plan costs you $19/month and offers one website. The site is hosted on AWS and includes Email Support.


Duda’s team plan will cost you $29/month. It includes all the features of the basic plan, along with phone and chats support also. You can implement your brand logo on every part of your platform and includes access to team and client management tools.


If you run an agency for designing websites, you can take Duda’s Agency plan. The Agency plan comes at $59/month. It offers four websites with hosting on AWS available. 

Priority support will be provided to you through chat, email, and phone. It includes all the team plan features along with widget builders and dynamic pages connected to customer data.


FAQs | Duda Website Builder 

🤷‍♂️ Is Duda allowing responsive design?

Yes, Duda is entirely responsive and displays content differently based on different devices on which it is viewed. It also offers you to decide what content to show on which device and how to display it.

👍 Do I need to choose a device for building a website?

No, there is no requirement for selecting a particular device. Duda creates a website that works equally well on all devices.

✌ Is Duda only for Business sites?

No, Duda’s website builder is for everyone. Whether you want a website for yourself, a small business, a large scale business, or any other purpose, it works for everyone.

👉 Can I create a custom template in Duda?

Yes, Duda allows you to create a completely customized template according to your need.

🤔 Can I migrate my existing site to Duda?

At present, Duda only offers the recreation of your existing site on its platform. You cannot migrate your existing site to its servers.

🙋‍♀️ Does Duda support other languages?

Yes, Duda supports several languages to help you in growing your website. With its multilingual solutions, you can display your websites in many languages.

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Conclusion | Duda Website Builder 

Duda is one of the most resourceful, multiskilled, and robust website builders in the market. It is an ideal tool for people with no experience in web designing and development. 

It offers excellent features with responsive designs and is extremely advantageous for designing agencies and businesses. 

Although it is a little bit more expensive than its competitors in the market, the unique functionalities that it provides, like content importing, which is its patented feature makes up for it. 

It is easy to use, extremely flexible with users’ requirements and offers winning support to every user. Thus, I can say it is an all-in-one tool for building any kind of website.

If you like my review on Duda Website Builder, then please like and share it with everyone. Also, do share your views on this fantastic website builder in the comment section below.


A graduate of the IIMC, Diksha enjoys testing out new tech products and services. Her goal is to help others make more informed purchases of tech products and services. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, watching movies, and listening to music. An ardent reader loves to be surrounded by technology.

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