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Google, a multinational and publicly traded organization in the internet for their immensely popular search engine, has so far built its kingdom on the internet very successfully. With wide range of enterprises that may include cloud computing, advertising technologies, operating system development browser and web apps, it certainly has made its name known worldwide. Recently, the company’s headquarters in Mountainview California has been buzzing about and getting serious about their new product for businesses called Google Apps for business. While we see this development as a helpful and the tool useful for a business, it’s important we know what Google Apps is all about.
Google Apps vs Google Apps For Biz
Google Apps is a suite that contains Google-developed applications that has the essential tools in order to help you on your business. It also provides customizable versions of some Google products on a domain name. It has web applications that are similar to the functionalities of office suites. It also includes Gmail, Google Calendar, GTalk, Google Docs and more. This suite alone greatly helps many businessmen and business owners in managing and communicating online for business as well as making a name in the internet.
However, Google Apps is different from Google Apps for Business due to the fact that the Google Apps is a free suite, limited to 7 GB of storage per person at 10 users per suite. Google Apps for Biz is paid and can be paid in 2 pay plans, depending on your choice. This means that the businesses can now add 20 or 50 or an unlimited number of users and can get even up to 25GB of email storage and once you pay, the services are packed and all inclusive for you. Moreover, you can have live customer support for your suite and have the ability to get mobile by syncing your Google Apps to a Blackberry Enterprise Server or the Microsoft Outlook. It also has “Postini”, an email archiving and security feature in which you can control and filter emails while on mobile.
Using the Apps for Biz SugarSync coupon
Since Google Apps for Business is a powerful cloud-based email and collaboration tools for small business and even large enterprises alike, it is more likely to make use of it compared to its rivals. Google apps is hosted by Google 100%, which means it will lessen IT costs, minimizes administration and maintenance, including the initial setup. At $50 per year, most businesses find it a lot cheaper than the other hosted solutions. Using Google Apps for Business not only saves you money but also significantly saves you a lot of time. Why? Your IT team can then focus not on the patching and fixing software or setting up new users, but on the processes and thinking that can hugely improve the way your business runs. And a lot of users also appreciate the fact that Google Apps may also be used on mobile.
You see, Google Apps free service is already a necessary tool for business that it has become popular among other platforms, how much more when you actually have the whole suite managing and helping you into making your business the way you want it to be, minus the great expenses of IT costs and other hardware services? Google’s tech support is one of the suite’s upside. You will not need to supervise and loose brainpower for any technical problems since Google will be there to support and fix it for you.

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