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HostArmada Hosting Review 2023 | Is It Worth The Hype?

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If you are an online business owner, have you ever thought of hosting services? Do you need to have a dedicated server hosting service? Are these types of hosting services helpful?

Many questions might be jumping in your mind. And yes, they should happen when you are the owner of a website. You own a site, and you do not have excellent hosting services. Is it right for your brand? Will it ever be beneficial? For the smooth working of your websites, you should go and get an ideal dedicated CPU hosting service like HostArmada  hosting service.

HostArmada is providing its excellent plan for hosting. Joining it can satisfy you with its amazing services. In this post, I have featured an in-depth HostArmada D Review  that includes detailed insights of their features, pricing, integrations, support and many more. Go and check this HostArmada  Review in detail.

HostArmada  Review 2023 | Is It Worth The Hype?

In-Depth HostArmada  Review

It is a type of hosting service where the client has its server for personal use without any other database interference. These kinds of hosting services are more reliable and favorable than shared hosting services.

HostArmada has introduced three major types of hosting services: Shared, VPS, and dedicated server hosting. The dedicated one alone has three pricing plans offered by HostArmada with excellent features.

 HostArmada Dedicated Server Review -HostArmada

With every pricing plan of dedicated hosting, you will get something more. You can check this review and decide whether you should go for this service offered by HostArmada or not.

Features of HostArmada Dedicated Servers

HostArmada is providing excellent features in its dedicated CPU hosting plan. Clients who seek the best server hosting services should take a look over these exceptional features. Let us discuss these features in detail.

Well Managed Web-based Hosting Service

They must ensure that our dedicated servers are working correctly. Keep updating timely, supplying various PHP versions, regular checking of storage units, and many more. You should follow some routines daily to increase their performance and optimal uptime.

HostArmada WordPress Hosting and dedicated server

Regular Backups

Regular backups are essential to maintain. It is effortless to take a backup of your website content and information, but to keep it properly and regularly is the real challenge. All dedicated servers are made to take regular backups.

You have to activate your cPanel account to choose a daily or weekly backup option where the weekly backup routine is by default. These backup options can extend to monthly backups also.

One-click Application Installer

One-click application installer will help you to install applications with ease quickly. It allows you to maintain the latest versions of the claims.

NGINX Web Server Cache

HostArmada has taken the feature of caching to another level for the websites of customers. It helps in a fast loading and supports small usage of footprints that allow more visitors to come on your sites. You can enjoy this feature even with small plans.

Tight Security of Websites

Every website needs high security for its information and content. Many security tools come with different dedicated server hosting plans. These tools help in detecting the actions of malware software through scanning.

HostArmada dedicated server review - Dashboard

They offer free SSL certification and a scanner. You can have unlimited domains that are provided by HostArmada dedicated CPU server.

ROOT Access for Advanced Users

You can have unlimited options for customization from which you can have full control over your web hostings. They provide access to the ROOT level of every dedicated CPU hosting plan. There are no additional fees and an effect on any management service.

HostArmada - Features

Secure Pilot Service With cPanel

cPanel is like a control panel that can help you control all your hosting services in a few clicks.

It is straightforward to understand and use. It is quite reliable and provides its services to its clients free of cost. cPanel is available with every hosting plan offered by HostArmada for the ease of its users.

HostArmada review - website Builders

Updated Service with Optimal Performance

If you want to increase the performance of an application, it has to be updated regularly. The services must update to fix the bugs quickly. It fastens the patching process of the site after releasing the patch. You can efficiently work with multiple PHP versions so that your website can work comfortably with dedicated CPU server plans.

HostArmada  Pricing

HostArmada CPU servers offer three pricing plans for their customers. Each program has features better than the other. Let us discuss these plans in detail with their specifications:

Lift Off

The dedicated CPU server plan-Lift Off will cost you $149 per month for its services. The program offers many features that have been listed below. Let us take a look over them.

HostArmada Dedicated server pricing

Hardware Specifications

  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 4 Cores of CPU
  • The bandwidth of 5 TB
  • 160 GB of Cloud-based SSD Storage


  • cPanel/WHM Control Panel
  • NGINX hosting Web Server
  • Free service for Domain Name

Low Orbit

The dedicated CPU server plan-Lift Off will cost you $209 per month for its services. The plan offers many features that have been listed below. Let us take a look over them.

Hardware Specifications

  • 16 GB of RAM
  • 8 Cores CPU
  • The bandwidth of 6 TB
  • 320 GB of Cloud-based SSD Storage


  • cPanel/WHM Control Panel
  • NGINX hosting Web Server
  • Free service for Domain Name

High Orbit

The dedicated CPU server plan-Lift Off will cost you $329 per month for its services. The plan offers many features that have been listed below. Let us take a look over them.

Hardware Specifications

  • 32 GB of RAM
  • 16 Cores of CPU
  • The bandwidth of 7 TB
  • 640 GB of Cloud-based SSD Storage


  • cPanel/WHM Control Panel
  • NGINX hosting Web Server
  • Free service for Domain Name

What are the Different Management Services Provided by HostArmada Dedicated Servers?

There are different types of management services by HostArmada to their customers that are listed below. Let us discuss them in detail.

Server Monitoring

When you set up any dedicated server plan, you naturally activate some of the monitoring tools. These tools are there to discover the real reasons behind any recorded incidents. They are a complete solution to manageable dedicated CPU servers.

They can also provide you with a solution of Proactive monitoring in which you can send an email or notification whenever you feel unsafe, or any incident happens.

Website Transfer

It provides you with the feature in which you can transfer your website. To do so, the clients need more assistance for the complete migration of some components of a site independent of VPS or shared hosting.

HostArmada server review - Website Support

  • Databases
  • Email accounts
  • Files and folders

Unlike other companies, with HostArmada, you can have more than one chance to transfer your website to another. There will not be any charge for transferring the customer’s site.

Server Updates

They have automated servers that control the process of updating websites. Servers used in dedicated hosting services are cPanel or WHM control panel. These panels are robust, easy to use, and very reliable. They get easy updates for every possible dedicated server. With these panel services, there can be more additional services that you may need to configure your automatic updates.

  • Programming languages used: Python, NodeJS, PERL, PHP, and Bash
  • Web Hosting Servers: NGINX, Varnish, Apache, and Cache wall.
  • Databases to be created on Percona, MariaDB, MySQL, or any other database without any SQL base.

Application Installations

It has Softaculous; it is an auto app installer that can integrate with cPanel and provide well-manageable hosting services for the dedicated CPU servers. This is known for its one-click application installation process. It will also allow you to take backups of each installed application.

You can access it by all cPanel accounts on dedicated CPU hosting solutions. It is an auto-installer that has proven to be a perfect tool for the resellers who provide their clients with a simple feature of fast application deployment.

Location Migrations

You can move your dedicated servers to different locations as per your needs or your changing places. You just have to generate an appropriate systematic request to migrate your server to a separate area of your choice. That is not said to be the physical migration of the server from one site to another.

But the same server is set up on the other location with the entire storage.

For changing the location area of the server, you have to face some consequences also. Your primary IP address may get changes, and so your DNS also gets changed.

Once you are done with your migration process, you can easily switch to the old server and make sure your data is missed. If your information is lost somewhere, then that can be recovered quickly.

For What Purpose Most of the Clients Use Dedicated CPU Hosting Services?

The below list contains some of the reasons why customers need to use these services. Let us discuss them in detail.

E-commerce Sites

Clients having an online business of online stores need to use hosting services. Many of them have opted for HostArmada dedicated CPU hosting services.

They are provided with the vast power of dedicated servers and hardware resources used for their eCommerce websites. It helps the sites to withstand the high traffic conditions on their websites due to marketing campaigns,

Reseller Programs/Multiple Websites

Clients having reseller programs use dedicated server hosting services for large amounts of their sites. These hosting servers provide exceptional services to their users on every cPanel account.

MySQL Database Server

Hosting services are provided to clients who are maintaining databases. These hosting plans can be used for standalone database servers also. It has a considerable benefit that in the case of any use case, all the hardware available on the server will be allocated automatically to the database service.

Datacenters-HostArmada dedicated servers

Dedicated Email Service

By subscribing to the dedicated server hosting plans, you can easily maintain and manage your dedicated email servers. By removing the limitations on the outbound emails, you can easily have the advantages of the use case.

HostArmada - email Support

Customized Applications

As your website keeps on growing by time, your desires of sites will also keep on increasing. The hosting plans provide you with enough resources that can help you manage all the visitors’ demands. And then you can serve your customers very well. The royal treatment to your customers will also increase the visitors on your website.

Redundant MySQL Replication

As you increase your website’s size, you need to minimize the time of the processing of queries. With the increase in the time of the consultation, the server needs to improve its database also.

Database replication is set up for the question to perform read and write operations on the database that can be rewritten over other database instances.

Load Balancers of High-availability

With the increasing traffic on your website might reach its endpoint where it needs to have a manager who can handle all the visitors entering your site.

This service provides a server to handle your issues from multiple dedicated servers. It can help in redirecting the customers to set up the site and make it lighter. These are the ideal solution to every issue of a website loaded with traffic.

Customized Build Development Environment

For the development of your websites, you need to make a proper environment for it. But with shared hosting plans or any other type, plans do not provide enough resources that can offer a perfect setting for your sites.

To get a sufficient amount of support, you have to join the dedicated server hosting plan where you can get services. You can have the ability to customize the site for unlimited times with these provided scalable resources.

How Can You Manage Your Web-based Hosting Services?

The following are some aspects by which you can manage various web-based hosting services. Let us take a look over them.

  • Client Dashboard: The dashboard is like an option area which sets the margins for new web-based hosting services.
  • Manage Services: You can easily manage your hosting services with the simple, carefree, and intuitive management option.
  • Han Domains: You can easily click on this option to manage domain names to satisfy all your needs.
  • Manage Tickets: This option will allow you to receive help whenever you need it.

Pros and Cons of Dedicated CPU Servers


  • Full Control Over ROOT Access: You can have complete control over your dedicated CPU hosting plans. You are the only one to grant permission to access the ROOT of the operating system.
  • SSD Technology is Used for Faster Websites: SSD technology is used to make the working of the websites fast and responsive. Solid State Drives are used on which these dedicated server hosting plans work.
  • 24/7 Technical Support: It provides 24/7 customer support service. They offer a very fast, reliable, and secure support service to their customers. They can help you with website transfers and other issues, or template related problems.
  • 7-day Money-back Guarantee: You do not have to hurry while choosing for this plan, you can quickly check, and if you do not like the services, you can generally request a refund. It offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.
  • Free of cost website migration Service- It will allow you to have service of website migration free of cost. It ensures the maintenance of your data on your website. This feature of providing website migration service is with every hosting package.
  • No cancellation Fee: If you are not happy with the services at any stage, you can easily cancel your services without paying a penny. You just have to pay for those things which you are using.


  • Ease of Use: A team can manage these dedicated servers in large corporations. These teams are skilled and experienced in handling the issues and operations needed to be executed in the companies.
  • Limited Bandwidth: It offers low bandwidth at the data centres as per their capacities. The bandwidth is an essential aspect of performance.
  • Maintenance Cost: You always need to pay the extra cost for the installation process. You have to hire staff for monitoring and maintaining the servers.

HostArmada Review & Testimonials

HostArmada server review - Testimonials

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Conclusion: HostArmada Review 2023 |

You have studied the HostArmada  review, where you got to know about the specialized hosting services provided by HostArmada. It is the most efficient and effective hosting service than any other hosting service.

If you seek an excellent hosting service provider of dedicated CPU servers, you should go for HostArmada. It is offering three different plans with amazing features. It can satisfy you with their services, and you won’t ever regret your connections with HostArmada. So go and get your hosting services on.


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