How to Breed Horses in Minecraft?

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If you’re a gaming addict, you definitely are a Minecraft addict too, or at least, you’ve heard of Minecraft, right? That’s good because what I’m gonna talk about today in this piece is totally related to that. Putting it simply, I’ll just walk you through the step by step process, along with images on How to breed horses in Minecraft?

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was no Minecraft ( What? You thought Minecraft was on this planet since forever? Well if you did, you were wrong ). 

It’s a pretty new “species” to this planet and came into being only around 2011. The popularity of Minecraft lies in letting gamers explore their creativity.

You can technically build anything using those small little cubes on the game. Not just that, another aspect that made Minecraft’s glory eternal was its different player modes. No, I’m not talking about single and multiplayer modes, what I’m talking about is:-

  • Survival mode: – It’s the normal gaming mode, where you build blocks, gather resources, and survive.
  • Adventure modes: – It’s one of the modes where you have to play different maps, custom ones, made by other players in the game.
  • And the spectator mode: – It’s the mode where you can’t build or interact with the environment, but just have to fly across the arena.

Another element that blows your minds off ( considering you have one, don’t mind, that’s just a pun) is Minecraft’s power of breeding, and in a very realistic environment.

Breeding in Minecraft:-

As I already mentioned, it’s pretty realistic and elegant. As you must be knowing, every animal has a lover for a certain kind of food, right? Let’s say rabbits love carrots; cows love grass and so on.

Well, this is what’s used in Minecraft to breed animals.

Their favorite food can be used to lead the animals to and from one location, and also, breed them.

Well here’s how the breeding process technically works like:-

You find two animals of the same specific whom you want to breed > you feed “both” of them > they give you a new animal of that same species.

Ah, you can even use this as an investment, say you used any food to breed a new animal. So your food is the investment while that new species you breed will give you more products, like Cows, pigs, chickens, etc. are profitable for you, right?

So their products are your profit! ( Pretty “business-minded” huh? Well, that’s how this world works, no one feeds you for free, there’s always an expected return!).

Materials Required for Minecraft Horse Breeding.

Well, the foods that work for horses is:-

  • Golden Apples &
  • Golden carrots.

So make sure you have them before starting the breeding process.

Also, you can use any two of the following animals for breeding a horse in Minecraft:-

  • 2 Adult Horses or
  • 2 Adult donkeys.

Although, breeding 2 adult donkeys shouldn’t be your first option, as the newly bred animal will not be stable and it won’t be able to breed in future, so it’s advisable to go with breeding two adult horses, and only if you really can’t find a horse then you can go along with the donkey thing.

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft:-

As I said, you have to feed the animals to make them fall in love and breed, right? But before feeding them, you need to choose the animals, huh?

And as Minecraft is pretty realistic, you need to be pretty careful while doing so. Because the traits of the parents’ follow in the traits of the new-born babies.

So make sure you’ve chosen two perfect horses or horses with the traits you prefer to breed, that way your newborn offsprings too would have those characteristics.

So take the two horses/donkeys, and start feeding them. You can feed them:-

  • Golden Carrots: – These are cheap, so try to feed these. Or
  • Golden Apples: – If you’re feeling generous. As these cost a lot.

As both of the items have pretty much the same results, so if you ask me, I’d say go with golden carrots. 

Once you’ve fed them, relax and chill for around 60seconds. ( You can definitely go and grab a cup of coffee in the meantime if you wish to.) They take the 60seconds in order to produce your new horse for you.

Once the time has passed, you can have a glimpse of your new horse ( or mule, depending on the parents you chose).

How to Speed Up Horse Breeding In Minecraft:-

Naturally, the process of the foal, reaching adulthood takes around 20 minutes. ( Ah duh! Who has time to wait, right? ).

So well, here’s how you can really speed up the horse breeding process in Minecraft if you’re in a hurry.

Feed it:- hay bales, wheat, sugar, apples, golden apples, and golden carrots.

Well, you can even make it grow up instantly. Of course, you need to feed it a lot of things for that, but considering you are a Minecraft billionaire, here’s how to do it:-

  • Five golden apples.
  • seven hay bales.
  • 60 wheat
  • 64 sugar
  • 24 golden carrots
  • 20 apples.

Feeding any of the above items to your foal will make it into a horse instantly!

So that was about it, folks! I hope this piece answered your queries ( especially if you had doubts regarding How to breed horses in Minecraft), and you’re now on your way to conquering Minecraft once and for all huh? Well, best of luck with that.


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