How To Create an App on Android And iOS

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Ever wondered how to create an app?? If yes, then this is the perfect guide for you! Smartphones are now everywhere. And needless to say, the thing which make smartphones actually smart are the apps. Apps are really a great way to use the phone to its capability. We just cannot imagine a smartphone without apps. There are alot of apps which give you an opportunity to earn real money. Here is how to earn money with apps.

Whether its android or iPhones, apps are on high demand. In fact, these gadgets are nothing without these apps. The app market is huge now, and increasing rapidly! Gone are the days when the web was all about websites. Certainly, apps are dominating the web over the website with a great outlay.

Quite a some time back, it required great programming skills to create apps. But now, creating apps is just a matter of few minutes. If you have an idea, you can create amazing apps withing few minutes.

Not only this, you can even upload these apps in the related market. For, example if you have created an android app, you can upload your app to the google play store on a very nominal one time fee of $25. So, let’s learn how to develop an app.

How To Create an App

If you think that to create your own app you need some coding or programming skills, then let me correct you. Creating apps is a cakewalk now. There was a time when to make your own app; you had to have strong coding knowledge. But now, there are a number of third-party services available, which has made this arduous task transform into one that is just a matter of few minutes.

Now you need little to no technical knowledge to build your dream app. All you need to have is an idea. But if you have some coding skills, then it’s a bonus. Below, I’ve rounded up a list of 5 best app making services, which allows you create your dream apps within few minutes and you will not have to ask anyone how to make an app or how to create an app.

#1. How to Develop an App Using AppMachine


If you wish to build a mobile site or a professional Native app, then AppMachine is for you! It offers 35+ pre-coded and snap-together building blocks, where you can choose the template of your choice and build you dream app.

Besides, it also offers you a wide range of designing features and skin selection, thus allowing you to fully customise your app with live-preview. No matter where you want to build your app, be it on Android, iOS or for the Windows platform, it offers all of the options.

If you have got store licences and screenshots, everything else is done by AppMachine. They even provide you the platform to promote your app.

Now coming to the price, you have to pay $49/month for the app and $9/month for building a mobile site. But the best part is you don’t need to pay anything until you publish your app to the store. You can create your app for free but once you publish the app to the store, you need to pay as per the plan. Still have any doubt on how to make your own app?? I believe NO.

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#2. How to Make a App Using AppMakr


Appmakr is the best choice for those with the low budget. It cost you a nominal price of $1 per month. You can build the app for all the platforms including Android, iOS and HTML5.

Moreover, it also offers some pre-building blocks where you can choose one for you and can build your App right away. You can even tweak and customise these pre-build templates.  The best part of the app is, it offers drag and drop editor making it easy for even non-technical guys to build an app of their choice.

Along with that,, it also offers monetizing of your app. You can put ads there on the app and monetize it! Also, you can add videos, podcast, galleries and many more.

Pricing: They charge $1/month for the basic app making plans but they have other higher plans too for the professional app maker.

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#3. How to Make Your Own App Using AppsBar


AppsBar is a free tool for building free apps. It’s a great choice for those who want to try their luck in the apps with no money in the pocket. You can easily create business, music, events, or any such app with Appsbar.

It lets you build apps for your business or website for free. Not only this, they even offer video tutorials to make you know how to create an app. Along with this, they also offer technical support to their users.

If you have something in your imagination, you can make it a reality with this app-builder, that too for FREE!

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#4. How to Create Your Own App using GoodBarber


Another great app-builder in the market! GoodBarber offers beautiful pre-built themes to create beautiful apps within minutes. It offers a great deal of customization for users.

You can create Android, IOS and iPad apps with GoodBarber. It describes app creation in 4 easy steps-

  1. Design your app
  2. Add your content
  3. Check the result
  4. Publish your app

That’s it, you are done! But it cost you some bucks.

Pricing: For the standard plan, you have to pay 16€/MO, and for the FULL plan 32€/MO. But if you are a big enterprise or want to create iPad apps, you have to go for the Advanced plan which cost you 48€/MO.

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#5.  How to Make Your Own App ShoutEm


The tagline of Shoutem says ‘Simple, Affordable, Powerful’. It’s another great platform to create your own app. To create apps on ShoutEm, you don’t need any technical skills. It offers simple drag and drop interface.

The main feature which keep it standing despite the tough competition is its user-friendly interface. It also offers the preview in native preview app, which obviously is a considerable feature. With ShoutEm, you can create Android, IOS and even iPad app. But for creating iPhone App and Android App, you have to, at least, go for the advanced plan.

Pricing: You’ll have to pay $19.0/Mo for the basic plan and $49.0/mo for the Advanced version and the unlimited plan cost you $190, which of course, is not cheap for the small business.

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These are just five services I mentioned. There are a huge number of app-builder tools available out there. I guess after reading the guide, you no more have to wonder how to create an app. It’s easy, and simple. Even a non-technical guy can create apps with these app-builder tools. All you need to have is an idea and some money of course if you are going for the paid services.

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