How To Delete Music From iPhone?

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If you need some space or are just done with hearing to songs, here is how to delete music from iPhone. Depending on the version of the operating system, you might be able to remove single songs, albums, or an entire library.

If you are having issues removing songs from your device, you can make use of iTunes to resync and unload the unwanted songs.

If you wish to delete the free U2 album, which Apple provides to all iOS users, that facility is also provided. So, it is time to stop wondering about how do I delete songs from my iPhone.

How to Delete Music from iPhone? Steps to Follow!

  • To get details on how to delete music off iPhone, follow these steps. The first step is to switch off the iTunes match. If like the majority of the people, you too have never turned on the iTunes Match, then this step is of no use to you. iTunes Match is a paid streaming service given to your music and makes it tough to find out which music you have stocked on your device.
    Music, which is not present in your device, cannot be deleted. The information on how to delete songs from iTunes is also provided.

Select Settings, then go to iTunes and App Store, go to iTunes Match. Be sure of the fact that all of these are toggled off.

  • Cover your un-downloaded music. Go back to the Settings app and pick Music. Switch and set ‘Show All Music’ slider to off. This will help in hiding music, which has not been downloaded to your phone, but is linked with your iCloud account. Hiding this music will make removing the music stocked on the device much easier.

As a caution, you might also want to switch off or sign out of Home Sharing as this has caused issues for few people when trying to remove music.

  • The music app must be opened. Some versions of operating systems will permit you to remove songs only such as in iOS 7, while some will permit songs and albums such as in iOS 6, and some will permit songs, albums, and artists such as in iOS 8. If the version you have in your iPhone doesn’t permit you to remove something, then you must remove all the songs from it.
  • To delete songs from iPhone, go to it in the Music app. Slide from right to left on the song entry to disclose the ‘Delete’ button. Select that button to delete the song and you’ll know how to delete songs off iPhone.

You cannot slide songs that are situated in your iCloud account but have not been downloaded. These are recognized by a small iCloud download icon present on the right side of the song. The user is needed to hide all of these by switching off ‘Show All Music’ in the section of ‘Music’ of the Settings app.

If the user is unable to swipe the song, and there is no iCloud icon, there might be an issue with the song. The clearest and smoothest way to fix this problem is to use iTunes to resync your music.

Songs are everything you can remove on certain versions of the operating system. This will delete music from iPhone.

  • If you wish to remove an entire album, then select Albums present in the bottom menu. This will help in opening the Album view. Slide the album you wish to delete from right to left to disclose the ‘Delete’ button. Tap on this button to remove the entire album.

There is no option of swiping an album if any of the songs on the album are situated in your iCloud account but have not been downloaded. If the user cannot swipe the album, it indicates that some or the entire album are not actually present on the device.

All versions of operating systems cannot delete the album.

  • Delete all songs by an artist. From the bottom menu, select Artists. Swipe the Artist that you wish to delete all the songs by sliding from right to left. This will disclose the ‘Delete’ button. Select this button to delete all songs by that particular artist.

The user cannot swipe artists if any of their songs are situated in your iCloud account but have not been downloaded. There is no reference for this on the menu of ‘Artists’, so the user cannot swipe and is required to check which of that artist’s songs are not downloaded on the device.

Not all the versions of operating systems of Apple can delete ‘Artists’.

  • If the user has songs that just won’t delete or that cannot be wiped no matter what, the user might be able to get rid of them by deleting off their music from the device. The steps on how to remove songs from iPhone are as follows.
  • Go to ‘Settings’.
  • Select ‘General’.
  • Select ‘Usage’.
  • Select ‘Manage Storage’ in the section of ‘Storage’.
  • Select the ‘Music’ app.
  • Select ‘Edit’.
  • Select the ‘Delete’ button, which appears next to ‘All Songs’.

The above procedure shows how to remove music from iPhone.

The user can also resync the library using iTunes if there are any problems. Syncing the iPhone with iTunes and resetting the music on the device might help in removing lingered songs that the user is not able to delete.

If you’re wondering how to delete songs on iPhone – the entire library of songs, here are the guidelines:

  • Navigate Settings control panel. Pick General and then pick Usage.
  • Tap on ‘Music’. There is an Edit option in the top right- hand corner. Tap on it and a red minus button must appear next to ‘All Music’.
  • Tap on the minus button. This helps in deleting the entire music library.

For removing music using iTunes and your computer, switch off iTunes Match on your device. From the Settings app, select ‘iTunes and App Stores’ or ‘Music’, then fix the iTunes Match switch to ‘Off’.

Switch off Automatic Download. When the user enables iCloud on the device, he typically allows the iPhone to download the purchases automatically. Switch this option off so that the device will not re-download the music.

Go to Settings. Select ‘iTunes and App Store’. Select the ‘Music’ slider in the section of ‘Automatic Downloads’ to switch it off.

That finishes our guide for how to delete music from iTunes, and you now know how to delete all music from iPhone. You need not anymore search for guidelines for how do I delete music from my iPhone.

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