How To Get More Followers On Tumblr

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In the blogosphere, Tumblr needs no introduction but for the sake of ease and formality, let me tell you what it is!

Tumblr is a social networking cum micro-blogging platform originally founded by David Carp and now owned by Yahoo! Incorporation.

To be more precise, Tumblr is an innovative product that is a social media platform with an added flavour of micro-blogging, a complete combo pack it is.

Some fast facts about Tumblr are:
#1: Tumblr hosts over 261 million blogs as of November 1, 2015.
#2: Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo! for $1.1 billion in cash.
#3: Till date, Tumblr has received a handsome amount of $125 million as funding from investors.

The audience is needed for every content. This is what the entire online market runs for. In Tumblr, the audience comes in the form of followers and who else don’t want followers. I guess everyone does.

From now on I’ll be taking you on a journey where you will get to know How to get more followers on Tumblr?

Most of the factors which are to be discussed over here are directly or indirectly related to user engagement. So, apparently one can conclude that user engagement is one of the answers for: How to get followers on Tumblr?

So, let’s get started:

How to get more followers on Tumblr?

#1: Follow others to get followed.

One of the most fundamental and sure shot way to gain followers on Tumblr. Follow the blogs of your interest and niche and never feel bored again. Moreover, it will definitely add some excellent value to your intellect if you are seeking for some.

#2: Like posts of the blogs you follow.

Like posts of the blogs, you follow to show your activeness. The probability of getting more followers on Tumblr is damn high for an active Tumblr profile. You can like a post just by clicking the heart shaped button.

#3: Reblog.

Reblog the content of other blogs. If you are new to the Tumblr-sphere, then this way you can add some content to your own blog just by re-blogging the content generated by others.

Re-blogging the blog posts might result in getting followers because your blog and your profile will be visible throughout the sphere. To reblog a blog post, just click on the reblog button positioned adjacent to the heart-shaped like button.

#4: Post quality content.

In the blogosphere and social media Industry, Content is the Key factor. A class apart content can make you gain some organic, genuine followers and that too for sure. Try to be voracious with your content and don’t you dare to forget that “Content is the KING.”

#5: Be consistent.

Try to be consistent with your content. Post at regular intervals. By being consistent, you can get an edge over others because active profiles drive some solid user engagement ultimately resulting in gaining more followers.

#6: Stick to your slot.

Don’t be a random fellow posting random things on your Tumblr page. Just stop being an aimless arrow and doing Brownian movement. Pick up a niche with which you are comfortable with.

More precisely, build up your Tumblr page around a certain niche like photography, writing or any other which best comforts you. Choose carefully and wisely and start posting quality content.

#7: Don’t forget to tag your posts.

By tag, we mean a medium which makes searching easier. With this, a user can easily find a post of a specific niche. Tagging your posts with appropriate tags might lead you to get more followers because it maximizes the audience base.

Try to add broad categories tags like “Animals,” “Travel,” “Music” and many more. It works, it definitely does.

#8: Share your Tumblr page on other social media platforms.

This factor might work like a charm. Sharing your Tumblr page and asking your friends to join, on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more can definitely result in more Tumblr followers.

#9: Advertise your blog.

Advertising here means using promotional blogs to gain Tumblr followers. These promotional blogs work on the “F2F” model that is Follow to Follow the model.

These blogs promote your blog on their profiles in return of a follow. These promotional blogs have a certain followers base who are seeking for new blogs to follow.

#10: Use an attractive theme.

It is scientifically proven that visuals have a great impact. A good looking theme can attract more followers and getting one is damn too easy, there are a plethora of them. Just find the right one and feel the difference.

So, this brings us to the end of this article. Hoping that we were efficient enough to make you aware of the facts on How to gain followers on Tumblr?.
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