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How To Get Rid Of Syntpenh .exe Error 2023? – Cause & Solution

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How to get rid of syntpenh Exe error? If that’s the problem you’re trying to solve, you’re at the right place. Throughout this piece, I’ll discuss various questions and aspects related to How to Deal with Problems Related to the Syntpenh.exe File.
Of course I’ll cover all the angles related to Syntpenh.exe, but before that let’s start from the basics.
SynTPenh.exe error

What Is Syntpenh.exe?

As you are already aware, it’s most probably a virus! Or at least an executable that produces undesirable effects on your system. (This is the common misconception!)

SyntPenhe file extension

While “officially” it was a “driver” developed for Microsoft, “synaptic touchpad” drivers.

Although lately, it has found a new “negative” reputation as a “virus”, so no doubt you want to get rid of it.

Not to mention that it’s an “exe”, the type of files that are capable of making instant changes to your system as soon as they’re run, which isn’t the case with .zip or .pdf kinda files, but .exe?  They’re “executable”.

The “Execute” commands directly and that’s what makes them dangerous.

So How Is It A Virus?

So if it’s a “synaptic touchpad” thing, how is it a virus? Well here’s the point, the original SynTPEnh.exe wasn’t “designed” to be a virus.

Instead, it was an exe file that a Windows OS would use to help you with your touchpad.

But, there are hackers and third parties who need viruses delivered to your system, and the best way to deliver and execute a virus is via .exe files.

Now hiding it, masking it, wrapping it under or with the SynTPEnh.exe helps them get the virus delivered to you, while you and your system both take it to be a legit System restoration module.

And once it’s executed, the virus is active on your system and it does whatever it is meant to do. (Steal information, corrupt hard disks, remote access, etc!)

What Are SynTPEnh.exe Errors And Why Do They Occur?

These errors might occur at a number of different events and times. Maybe during your system startup, maybe when you’re trying to do something specific like use the wi-fi or copy something, or just about anything.

What Causes SynTPEnh.exe Errors?

There might be quite a number of reasons for it, I’ll try and list out the most common ones:-

  • System Restoration Kit has some specific parameters and reference files, so if other programs conflict with the file, it might arise.
  • If your system restoration kit isn’t complete or if the download was stopped mid-way.
  • If any of the SynTPEnh.exe files get deleted by other programs or even manually.
  • If other viruses have corrupted your SynTPE.nh files.
  • If your Windows registry keys get corrupted and associated with the system restoration kit.

And these are just some of the causes of the problem, do note that there might be other reasons as well. So now let’s have a look at  How To Stop SynTPEnh.exe Completely?

How To Get Rid Of Syntpenh Exe Error?

1. Editing The Registry:

This is the most common cause of the problem. The first solution to this is, downloading a registry fixer. It will automatically scan and fix all the issues that your registry has.

You can try CCleaner for that.

I could recommend a manual registry editing process but it’s a high-risk job, one wrong click and you might lose your whole system, and hence I’m suggesting automated registry cleaner tools. These are automated so there’s no “step” or “process” as such.

2.  Disabling The Touchpad:-

If you’re getting errors like  “The instructions at 0x00401e36 referenced memory at 0x00000000. Memory could not be read”  or any other error related to Syntpenh.exe, this is one of the ways to fix it.

Go to your Control Panel, and choose “Hardware and sounds”.

Hardware and sound menu

Under “Devices and Printers”, click on the “mouse” option.

Choosing devices and printers

Under “device settings”, choose your touchpad and click on “disable”.

Close everything, and just press Ctrl + Shift + Esc. This will bring up the task manager. Choose the Syntpenhhelper process > right click> and click on “end process tree”.

Do the same for any other process that has its prefix as “syntp”.

Done! Although keep in mind that this will render your laptop touchpad useless, so you’ll need an external mouse in order to use the mouse functions on your system.

3. Disabling The Driver

Yet another solution to the problem is, disabling the driver from starting up.

Click on the Start button > In the search bar type “MSConfig” and hit enter. This will bring up the system configuration screen.

Go to the “startup” tab, untick the “synaptic” process and click on Okay.

How to tackle syntPenhe exe issue

Done! The synaptic drivers won’t startup when your system starts up now, hence they won’t be giving you any more errors.

4. Uninstall Your Latest Installation:-

Another cause of the problem might be your most recent program installation. What happens is, Syntpenh.exe (the illegitimate file) needs a “medium” to overtake or influence your system, and that “medium” just as well might be the last program you installed.

So the best way to counter that is, uninstalling the program you installed most recently.

Go to Start > Control Panel.

Click on “Uninstall a program”.

Right-click on the next screen, and select “Sort by > “Installed on”.

Uninstall a program

Now your most recent installations would come to the top. So the #1 program in the list is the application you should uninstall.

You can download a fresh version of the application from the official source and install it again. This helps make sure that the application you have is authentic and not from any third party.

Conclusion | How To Get Rid Of Syntpenh .exe Error?

So that was all I had on How to get rid of syntpenh Exe error folks. Hope this piece helped. If it did, I’d appreciate it if you leave your feedback in the comments section.

Also if you’re still facing the problem or something else isn’t going along the plan, even then feel free to use the comment box. I’ll try to help you out to the best of my knowledge.

Not to mention that I wouldn’t mind in the least you sharing this piece on your social networks.

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