How to Hire Quality Content Writers? Here are 2 Amazing Sites.

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In this article we’ll talk about How to Hire Quality Content Writers?

Blogging is all about content.

Doesn’t matter it’s in text, audio or video, we need content creators.

Google is pushing very complicated updates to maintain content quality so that the final user can get the content he/she is looking.

So providing genuine and quality content has become very important.

When I started blogging in 2011, I was writing every article at my own. Publishing one article a day, and writing multiple articles for my niche sites.

Soon my niche sites started making money and I started getting more ideas to start new blogs.

But the main problem was – how to write 10-15 articles a day?

Because practically it was not possible to write the content whole day, manage social media profiles and do link building at my own.

So I started looking for the sources where I could find top-notch content writers who could help me to write niche-specific articles for my blog.

In last 5 years, I have tried multiple sources to get quality content for my blogs, but here I am going to mention 2 sources that I am using these days.

These are the sources that are helping me to get in touch with expert writers who has experience in the same industry.

This is saving my time, as I am not giving them too many instructions (being experts in the their field, they know what and how to write), and I am getting the content which resonates that audience more.

You might be thinking that why should we hire content writers when we ourselves are just a newbie?

I also had exact same question.

But here are few points which will give you clear idea behind this decision.

  • Hiring top content writers can save a lot of your time in doing research and ultimately writing the content.
  • Being expert in all niches is near to impossible. Although we can get the knowledge by reading some forums, blogs, and Q&A sites, but reaching at that level takes time. So hiring niche specific writers is a great idea.
  • You cannot write content which brings buyers, until and unless you understand your market/niche. So hiring content writers from these platforms gives you extra edge.
  • You get multiple articles every single day without doing any extra efforts.
  • Hiring people gives you the strength to scale big.
  • Your ideas don’t take time to come into reality.
  • You make strong connections with your writers which ultimately helps you to get quality backlinks too. (I had a writer who used to write for big publications, so he was inserting my blog links in his guest posts on various blogs)
  • Your blogs keep getting fresh content.

and there are many more direct or indirect benefits to hiring content writers for your blog.

So today we are going to understand 2 platforms that can help you to fulfill your needs. You can hire expert writers for your blogs, while is ultimately going to help you make more money.

let’s start.

How to Hire Quality Content Writers: 2 Reliable Websites

#1. Pepper Content

I would love to start with Pepper Content because I recently started using this platform and I found it awesome.

This is a platform where you’ll find content writers from almost all of the niches.

This is the screenshot of last job I posted at this platform where I got 17 bids.

I have used multiple platforms in last 5 years, but I never got 17 bids on a single job.

This proves that they have awesome content writers in almost all of the categories.

Let’s see how to work with Pepper Content.

The best first thing you have to do is – Deposit funds.

Either you can deposit funds in INR or in Dollars.

Important: If you want to hire non-Indian content writers then you should add money in dollars, as you cannot pay those writers in INR.. and vice-versa.

Once you decide that which (Indian or Non-Indian) writers do you want, you can deposit the fund accordingly.

VISA and PayPal both options are available.

Indians can pay via PayTM as well. Which makes this platform much accessible for every type of blogger or company.

Just select your payment option and deposit the money.

How to order content?

Ordering content is very easy here.

Go to My Orders and Click on New Order.

Here you can write instructions and start getting bids from the writers.

You can decide the quality of content as per your needs and make your job listing live.

They have another option which you can use to choose writer yourself.

Now you can click on this small button at the right side and set your price for the content.

You can either select the currency in INR or in Dollars.

Once everything is done, just click on the Publish This Order button.

The beauty of this platform is, you start getting bids within 5 mins of making your job listing live.

Here are few of the bids I got on my listing.

You can see verified by Pepper Content sign, which makes this platform very legit because they manually verify each writer to provide great content quality via this platform.

You can see rating of each writer and number of articles he/she has delivered.

You can start a chat with them by clicking on message button and let them know the requirement to make things easier.

Once you finalize your content writer, just click on Set As Winner button and he/she will start writing for you.

Everything on this platform is very smooth and easy.

#2. HireWriters

This is another awesome platform which I am using from last few months.

Like Pepper Content, HireWriters also ask to deposit money before starting any order.

You can add the money as per your convenience and start placing order.

You can

  • Order articles
  • Order Rewritten Articles
  • Order Facebook Fanpage Post
  • Order Data Entry Work
  • Order Transcription
  • Order Poetry
  • Order eBook

They have awesome options to get many of the content writing tasks done.

To order article, Order content and then on order article.

You can select article’s length (number of words), language, Writer’s skill level (I always go for skilled writers), decide the quantity of articles, ton of the article and clear instructions in box.

Once you add all the required information, just click on the submit job button and you get your content next day.

I am using both of the sites almost daily and I am very much satisfied with the quality of the content they provide.

If you are one of the bloggers or company owners who are looking for the writers for your own sites or a client’s project, I strongly recommend to try both of the sites.

Final words

You cannot become a big player in your market alone, so start hiring people to make your tasks easier.

This small outsourcing will give you extra time to focus on big projects which ultimately will bring big money in your pocket.

Stop writing content at your own (for your niche sites) and enjoy the freedom by getting your work done by people who are experts in their industry.

Happy outsourcing.

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