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How to Make a Bar Graph in Excel?

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If you have been reading our tutorials, you must know that in one of our previous articles, we have provided some of the guides on Excel programs. Probably you would be aware of that. If you have missed out our tutorial on excel program do read out them. You can click here for directly navigating to the excel tutorials.

One of such tutorials was how to create charts in excel. And today the guide we are going to provide is quite similar to that guide. The tutorial we are going to provide today is How to make a bar graph in excel.

If you struggle to create a bar graph in excel, then probably the article is written for you. Since this article is going to describe the complete procedure to make a bar graph in excel. So, let’s begin the guide how to make a graph in excel. There are other ways to represent the numerical data in an attractive manner like Charts. Here is how to create a Chart in Excel.

How to Make a Bar Graph in Excel

The today’s guide how to make a graph on excel is thoroughly going to describe all the steps that too with screenshots. I am quite, sure after reading the article, there won’t be any doubt remain regarding the procedure of creating the bar in excel.

The tutorial on how to make graphs in excel in given below. Let’s head over it and learn how to graph on excel. 

The procedure for creating graphs or charts in excel is same in almost all the versions of excel program. But the screenshots we have provided below are taken from the MS excel 2007 program.

Step 1: First of all, launch the excel program to your system and fill out the necessary data you want to make a bar graph of. Check out the below screenshot.

In the image I have mentioned below, I have added some random name and the dates. You will have to feed the entries as per your need and requirements. Check out the screenshot below.


Step 2: After you have entered all the data in the excel program, select them. You have to select the data you want to create the bar graph of. If you want to create the bar graph of all the data entered in the sheet, select all.

Step 3: Once done with the above step, I mean highlighting the area(Row/Column) click on the Insert menu from the menu bar.

If you notice, after clicking on the insert menu, many options has started appearing. Like Columns, pie, bar, area, scatter etc.

Here, you have to click on the bar option. As you are here to learn how to make a bar graph. Check out the screenshot I have taken for you. If you are confused, this screenshot will help you in understanding better.


Step 4: Here, simply click on the bar option. After clicking on the bar, a drop down will open up where you will see a list of bar graphs. All you will have to do is select the type you want to create the graph of.

As sooner, you will click on the graph, excel will prepare the bar graph for the selected area. And you are done. Check out the below screenshot I have mentioned.


So this is how we can create graphs in excel. As I said above creating graphs or charts in excel are just a few clicks step. I hope after reading the steps you must have got that, how easy is to create a graph in excel is.

Well, this was about creating the simple bar graph in excel. But if you are not satisfied with the color or type, you can change that too. Yes in the design section, you can change the design and color of the graph as per your choice.

When you click on the design option you will see an image like I have mentioned below. Have a look on that.


Remember you won’t be able to see the design option at the menu bar until you select the created bar graph. When you click on the bar graph, then only the option would appear on the menu bar under the chart tools section.

And you can also change the bar style by clicking on the chart style option at the right-hand side of the screen. You can apply any kinda chart type to your bar graph. But I will suggest you to keep it simple to give the even more official look.

Moreover, you can also change the chart type. To do that you will have to click on the change chart type option from the top left side of the screen. When you click on the change chart type option you will see a drop down will pop up. Check the image below.


In the above image,  I have marked the change chart type option with the red rectangle and the types of charts with a yellow rectangle. All you have to do is click on any of them as per your need and the suitability.

You can also switch columns and rows by clicking on the Switch Row/Column option. You will find this option just beside the change chart type optionCheck out the below screenshot if you are unable to find the option.

So this was only about how to make a bar graph in excel. I am expecting you have liked and enjoyed the guide. And have found the purpose for landing on this page.

Excel is indeed a great application program that is being used by many people for maintaining numerical data. You can easily divide numbers in excel, you can find average on Excel and moreover, you can also compare two excel files that also helps in finding the duplicate data.

In the case of any confusion do drop your comment below. Or if you have any suggestion then also you can share with us.

The procedure I mentioned above was about creating the bar graph in excel. But if you want to create a chart or scatter plot in excel, then also you will have to follow all the steps again. But instead of going to bar option you will have to go to the chart or scatter plot options as per the demand.

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