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How to Make Money on YouTube?

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Don’t tell me you have never wondered, how to make money on Youtube, or at least how do YouTubers make money?  Well, that is a pretty legit question too, because YouTubers invest so much time, energy and even money to make the videos for you so they must be getting paid, right?

So this is what the article is about, How to make money on YouTube because if somebody else is doing it you definitely can do it too.

Have you ever heard the name Pew Die Pie,  well for more than 90% of you I can bet he is the reason you were searching about How to make money off YouTube?

Pew Die Pie is the YouTube Millionaire who makes millions every month just by playing video games or making jokes either way whatever he does he makes a lot of money and the source is? YouTube! So one thing is clear for sure that YouTube does pay.

So now the question arises, how to get paid from YouTube, right? If you have ever wondered, or are trying to venture into YouTube then there is no doubt you have had this question in your mind that how much does a YouTuber make? Well the good news is the quest ends right here. Before doing anything, you should see how to upload videos on Youtube because it all starts with the video.

How to Make Money on Youtube:-


In the following sections, I’m including some methods to make money online, meaning to make money off youtube to be specific.

You might have heard about the methods, or they might be totally new to you, but one thing  I’m sure  about is that you haven’t been implementing them,(because if you did, you wouldn’t have been reading this post right now.) but I don’t blame you, you weren’t sure if they work right? Let me tell you, they do!

So read along to dive into this new money making mechanisms on how to make money off youTube!



Adsense is probably the best, most straight-forward and direct method if you’ve ever wondered how to make money online.

The Undisputed King of automated earnings, Adsense.

Of course, this king has YouTube under its territory, meaning you can make a handsome amount of money for your videos off YouTube.

Just like the Adsense on blogs, YouTube also uses your videos to display the 5-second ad that you might have seen some time on YouTube, right? Here is how you can get ads on Youtube channel that will generate money for you.

YouTube gets paid a certain amount of money for a certain number of times the ads have been displayed. That means, more views means more money on Youtube. Here is how to get more views on Youtube.

So what YouTube does is it uses your videos and embeds the ads in them so that the video ads can be played.  In return it gives you a share of whatever it earns from the advertisers.

Well how much do YouTubers get paid from AdSense depends on how many times their videos has been played, from which country they have been played and a lot of other metrics, but the bottom line remains the same, Adsense makes money on YouTube, a lot of money to be specific.

Affiliate Marketing on YouTube:-

What? Have I gone insane? I mean is this even possible?

YouTube is not a blog, right? So how can you Affiliate market a product on YouTube? Good question.

Well, what you can do is, you can take up a product,  just about anything maybe a brand new cell phone from Amazon, or maybe just a digital product, or a software or something like that and what you do is you take It inside out.

I mean you make a video of you using the product either the Amazon cell phone or a digital product or just about anything so what you do is you show it features to your audience, its qualities it’s negative stuff and whatever.

And then what you can do is in the description of your YouTube video you can include a link to buy the product. So if your video is really convincing enough (this is the hard part),  you are bound to get enough sales even from YouTube videos, and that would be much more than what Adsense would be paying you.

Promote Your Own Products:-

Youtube is a Video thing, right? There can’t be anything better than a video to explain what a product is or its features.

So yeah another great way to make money online, or to make money from Youtube is to create your own products, make their videos with almost as much promotional stuff as you can, and then sell it off.

A good blueprint would be, Create the product> Set up a Website >Create a Video> Sponsor it With Ads> Get Views on the video> Sales.

While doing so, just keep in mind that you “compare” your product with other products in the market, that is a surefire way to boost your sales up.

Sell Off Yourself:-

No, I’m not into human trafficking.

By “selling off yourself” what I mean is, sell off your talent. For e.g.,. you might be an expert cook, an expert designer or something, so what you can do is, you can create tutorials of it, and sell if off Millionnaire.

Don’t believe me? Well, Michelle Phan does it, and she’s a Millionaire!


The Internet is a billion dollar market, and there’s always someone looking for something, so no matter what you’re good at, there’s a 100% chance that there’s someone looking for that thing exactly, so yeah selling tutorials is a great way to make money on Youtube.

Create Youtube Series:-


Just about the right time to write about it, now that “Permanent Roommates”  (from TVF!) is kind of going viral, right?

Well yeah, it’s a Youtube Series, and is going viral all across India. So the thing is, youtube allows you creating Series, or Episodes. TVF literally made a career out of this, and there are hundreds of other successful examples!

The only thing you need? Some good dialogues, and your creativity. This thing can take you from “broke to millionaire” in months! And it’s no fairy tale either.

So yeah if you think you’ve got the creative genius hidden in you, bring him out, you’re literally leaving money on the table by not utilizing this youtube feature if you’ve ever wondered anything even distantly related to how to get paid on youtube.

Right now, Youtube allows you a 15minutes long series, well that’s more than enough to judge if you’re going to make it or break it.

Final Words:-

Youtube is a platform that gives you access to the whole of the world, now if you still are wondering is making money on Youtube possible, I don’t know what to say!

And the best part? You create a YouTube video once, right? But if done right, it’ll pay you, forever! Yeah, and it’ll pay you on automation meaning you don’t even have to work on it! So don’t tell me you still got doubts regarding how to make money on YouTube!

But if you do, the comment box is all yours and I’m all ears!


A graduate of the IIMC, Diksha enjoys testing out new tech products and services. Her goal is to help others make more informed purchases of tech products and services. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, watching movies, and listening to music. An ardent reader loves to be surrounded by technology.

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