How to Play YouTube in Background iPhone?

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YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming channels on the planet. People either use it for entertainment or knowledge. The platform is flooded with enormous video resources that can entertain all age groups.

It is the largest video repository on the planet that has not only given the level of entertainment a new identity but also given many businesses a new era of marketing. We use numerous handheld devices to enjoy videos through YouTube App.

But there are very less number of mobile phones that can give you the maximum resolutions like one of the most hit issues among the Apple users like how to play YouTube in background iPhone. For all the Android users, here is your guide about Playing Youtube in the background.

Most of the people are quite acquainted with the YouTube app, but the matter of fact is that YouTube is now flexible on most of the OS. One of its major shortcomings is that you cannot keep on a YouTube video running while you switch on to some other application on mobile.


Mostly, people use their iPad or iPhone to enjoy the videos; the dark part is that they cannot‘pause’ the video and get back after navigating through something else. So, such users are seriously in the quest of something that can resolve the issue of how to play YouTube in background.

The best aspect is that the feature is compliant to the basic feature of YouTube, whose prime purpose is to play video and not play music.If you are not in front of the video, it is not necessary for the video to keep on playing when you are indulged in something else.

But after collecting numerous user requests, we have come up with some tricks that can help you enjoy the video seamlessly in the background of iPhone or iPad running iOS 9.

How to Play YouTube in Background iPhone

This is a trick that is up and running in various sources and have grabbed ample of happy users, but ensure that the trick will work only on Safari Browser, which means that you have to work on Safari browsers.

Now let us understand the steps in details-

1.    Install Safari Browser

2.    Open the Safari Browser

3.    Go to YouTube homepage and select the video you want to see. Tap on the video link and play.

4.    Now tap on Home and you will see that the video will get paused automatically.

5.    Now swipe to the Control Center

6.    Again now play; you will see that the video will resume.

And once the process starts executing, the video starts running in the background, but as said it will only work for Safari browser.This is how you can seamlessly play YouTube in background. iPhone gives you a broad usage segment of its features where you can also control the next option, volume and the last version of Control Center.


When iOS 8 was launched, it had the option to hear the video on Google YouTube app with the screen in off position, but now the option has been removed. In those days, you could very conveniently play YouTube in background.

Here, you understand how a Safari App is free enough to help as it is flexible enough to allow you to use various YouTube. Now, let us take the discussion to the next level where you can utilize another YouTube version to play music while you are navigating to other applications.

By this manner, the user can follow the YouTube player in background and do enormous tasks on their mobile by following the instructions from mobile. Let’s say if you want to install or update any application; then such a facility can help you to complete your task flawlessly. The YouTube background audio will guide you through every step of your work.

If you want to do something on Facebook or Twitter, you seek some advice in such case.You may play any tutorial video on YouTube and follow the voice instruction; in the meantime, if you want to see the video for more clarification then you may switch the browser and have a glance at the video and come back and resume your activity.

You need not be a techie to do all these. You can simply follow few steps to do this. Many times, what happens is you follow a YouTube video to do some settings on your iPhone or iPad; in such cases, the voice is the instructions.

So, in this case, you have to go to settings keeping the video running so that you can get seamless instructions while checking the video as well.

It is very easy. The only thing that you need to learn is to download a Safari from the store to your iPad or iPhone. Now you have to type on the URL bar. Type the video you want to see and hit on the magnifying glass icon on the search bar.

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Now select the video from the list, click on the preferred video and click on it. Now, the video will start playing, and the most important thing is that you can scroll anywhere you like and perform the settings as well as the video simultaneously. The main benefit is that when you are hearing the audio, you can launch any application; you can check your emails, and chat as well.

In case, you want to browse something, then, in any case, you can open another tab on the same browser where you can play some other video or read something at the same time when you are listening to the video.

The facility to play YouTube with screen off has brought revolution in the mobile world by boosting the user base of iPhone as well. The maker is more optimistic now about the future of the mobile and encouraged to create more such user-friendly behaviors of their mobiles and gadgets.

Now that you know how to play YouTube in background iPhone you need not be concerned about listening to the video and doing something else simultaneously on your phone. If you have something to offer to internet via Youtube, don’t forget to see this article telling you each and every step to create your own channel on Youtube.


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