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How to Remove SIM Card from iPhone?

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All of us have a wish of buying an iPhone, but investing in something so expensive it’s quite tough. Now it’s common to find most users using iPhones and facing a lot of problems with usage.

Here are a few things, which you may get confused with if you own an iPhone. Are you facing a problem with removing the SIM card? Learn how to remove SIM card from iPhone here.

All recent iPhone has a slim SIM slot. What does this SIM mean? It is the Subscriber Identity Module and is inserted into the card slot on the side of the phone.

A SIM card is a small chip, which carries information and provides all the details your device required to get through their network and gives admittance to the data and voice services associated with the user account.

There might come a time when you may have to switch your iPhone SIM card. So, you should know how to remove the iPhone SIM card.

How to Remove SIM Card From iPhone?

If the user has to upgrade to a new phone, then it’s necessary to move the SIM card to the new device.  In case, you’re traveling, and it is necessary to use a local SIM to avoid roaming charges, you’ll have to switch it.

If then, there is a chance of something going wrong with your SIM card, you may even need to replace it.

Whatever is the logic, it’s a simple, and easy process and all you need is a tool to remove it; you will find an Apple SIM-card remover tool or it can also work out with just a plain paper clip and many other items available at home!

Remove the SIM Card in Your iPhone?

You need not worry and work hard for removing your SIM card from your iPhone. It’s just simple – you need to have one thing with you -an Apple SIM card remover tool, (which comes included in the box especially when you buy an unlocked device).

A small bent paperclip, safety pin or needle, push pin, staple, toothpick, earring or mechanical pencil will also work.

If you’re using a paper clip, straighten the long end until it projects out. If you’re using something else, like the tip of a small screwdriver, just make sure it fits into the SIM ejector slot. You don’t have to mangle your device

Find the SIM Tray Location on Your iPhone

Almost all iPhone or iPhone 4S is featured with a furnished SIM card tray. The only expulsion was the CDMA variant of the iPhone 4. So, if you carry an iPhone 4S, you have a SIM card slot on the right side of your iPhone.

Sim tray location in iPhone

In iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, you can find it on the right side of the iPhone – the side opposite to your mute switch and volume buttons

Different Methods to Help You Learn How to Remove SIM Card from iPhone 4?

The most frequently used way for unfixing the SIM card tray out of the slot is the paper clip tool. You may easily find it at your workplace and home, but how will you do it?

As simple as you wink your eyes, you just have to grab the paper and bend or fold it accordingly. You just have to think and make sure that the paper clip fits into the tray. So, it is better you take a paper that is thin enough to fit in.

Be cautious not to apply too much force since the slot is very delicate Apply slight pressure so that the metal doesn’t crash and cause damage to your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s.

Now it’s a time to insert a folded paper clip into the SIM tray counter where you find small pinhole opening(step-counter). Apply gentle pressure till the SIM tray pops out of the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s. Don’t apply pressure at an angle – only in the direction of the pinhole.

Be mindful and grab the SIM tray and pull it straight out. Switch your SIM card and reinsert the tray. Make sure you have fixed the SIM in the proper order. Also, be conscious that when you are inserting the SIM tray, you place it in the proper order.

Be mindful that you never pressurize a SIM tray back in place because it may break pins off the logic board and that can stop accessing your iPhone or iPhone 4S  or may be unable to connect to any cellular network.

The iPhone 4S SIM card size or even that of the iPhone 4 also is very small – so you need to be very careful. Always make sure the SIM is installed in the tray correctly and that you’re putting it back in your iPhone or iPhone 4s in the correct direction.

An easy way to make yourself confident enough is to line up the pinhole. This way, you know you’re putting it incorrectly.

Discussed below are some very easy ways for iPhone SIM card removal.

  1.Safety Pin or Needle

If a paper clip is nowhere to be found at home or office, a safety pin or a needle should get the job done. Just be careful and don’t hurt yourself. Needles are very sharp, as you are aware.

It’s better not to use the sharp thin-needled pins since the board may have a chance of getting damaged and spoiling the mechanism of the SIM slot of iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. Don’t apply pressure at an angle only in the direction of the pinhole.

Grab hold of the SIM tray and pull straight out. Remove your SIM card and reinsert the tray. Make sure you have fixed the SIM in the proper position. Also, be conscious when you are inserting the SIM tray to place it in the proper order.

   2. Push Pin

A pushpin is probably not that hard to find around the office or home, especially if you have a corkboard somewhere. Again, these are sharp; so use the pin with caution when ejecting your SIM card or it might cause damage to your SIM card slot or your SIM card.

  3. Staple

You can find it in your workplace, and you need not invest more in it. A staple pin is thin and can be easily used for bumping SIM card.  It can be easily done by just rotating the metal base on which a stapler’s hand is pressed so that the staple gets inserted outwards.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t go inwards. The staple would be an excellent cause for the SIM card removal of your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

4. Toothpick

Yes, a toothpick works as well. We just tried it to make sure it does. However, you might have to go through several different toothpicks until you find one that’s thin enough for the purpose.

   5. Earring

Just find an earring that normally goes through the ears during piercing. This is usually thin and so is a possible way to eject the SIM card tray. Just be light so that no damage is caused to the SIM slot or your jewelry.

You don’t want to damage your jewelry, do you? Use an earring with a straight tip for best results. Make sure you use it carefully so that it doesn’t snap while being pressed against the SIM card ejection mechanism.

   6.Mechanical Pencil

You know what a mechanical pencil is. Go back to your school days. Do you remember your dividers and compass? Those are the ones. They have a useful tip that can be used to eject the SIM card with the tip as the lead gets into the pump hole.

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Make sure you release just a little bit of edge so that it doesn’t snap while being pressed against the SIM ejection mechanism.

The process for iPhone 4 SIM card removal and iPhone 4S is the same. Hope you enjoyed our article on how to remove SIM card from iPhone 4. If you did, make sure to leave a comment down below and share it with your friends on social media!


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