How To Share Books On Kindle

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Being a kindle user has an advantage that you can own many books than anyone else in real-time. The kindle offers thousands of free ebooks and others you can buy from Amazon by paying the required amount of money!

Suppose you have a good collection of books and one of your friends expresses his desire to have those books and message you, “can you share kindle books with me” then you can’t think anything but how to share a book on kindle??

You might face countless situations where you have to share kindle books with your family, friends or business partners! If some bucks have already been spent on a kindle book, why should your family and friends spend again on the same thing which they can get for free?

That’s where sharing kindle books come out to be handy. But without having the proper knowledge on how to share books on kindle, this easy task might seem troublesome!

But since you have landed on this page, it’s our duty to provide you with proper knowledge on how to share a kindle book, we’ll walk you through the step by step guide on sharing books on kindle. So, shall we start? Also see how to download Kindle for PC for reading books on big screen.

How To Share Books On Kindle??

In order to share your kindle books with your friends or family, all you need is an active internet connection and an amazon account with kindle books you have purchased.

Some of the books are eligible to be loaned while the other books are not. Don’t be worried about that, as I’ll let you know which books can be shared and which books can not somewhere below in the guide.

There are mainly three ways to share books on kindle.

#Method 1. Using Amazon Kindle Account:

The first method to share books on kindle is using your amazon account. Every amazon account is authorized to be associated with 6 kindle devices. So, you can use your friend’s kindle account to read e-books on his kindle and vice versa.

But be sure to share your account information with your close friends only since there is a limit of kindle devices supported by one account. Here’s is the steps you need to follow.

Step 1. The first and foremost step is to deregister from the kindle device. If your friends are supposed to use your kindle account on their device, they have to deregister their Kindle account information before registering your account.

Step 2. Once they have deregistered themselves, it’s time to share your kindle account ID and password.

Step 3. Now in the third step, they(your friends) should register to kindle using your login credentials.

Step 4. Now all your books will be loaded to your friend’s cloud which they can sync to their kindle.

Note: Before you share your account info with your friends, make sure Whispersync Device Synchronization is turned off. With the device synchronization on, all the kindle reading apps and kindle itself will always sync to your last page read, bookmarks, and all.

So to avoid such turmoil, turning off this option is a good choice. In order to do that,

Go to> My Account> Manage Your Devices> Set Device Synchronization to “Turn off“. That’s it.

And if you are not comfortable sharing your account information with your friends, the below method may teach you better how to share kindle books.

#Method 2. Sharing kindle books by lending out:

Yes, kindle books can be lent out. The duration for a book to be loaned is 14 days. The lending process is extremely easy. But remember, not all the books are liable to be loaned.

It depends on the publishers personal choice that if he wants his book to be lending-enabled. Below steps will guide you through the process to lend out a book on kindle.

Step 1. First of all, login to your kindle account and check the product details of the book you want to share. If the book is lending enabled, you’ll see lending- enabled mentioned there. If you can’t see such option there, it means that particular book can not be lent out.

Step 2. Now go to Your account and then Manage your content and devices. There, select the book you want to lend out and click on the Actions menu.

If the book is liable to be lending, you’ll see an option there called Loan this title.

Step 3. Click on that option and fill the required option like email address of your friend etc.

Step 4. Once you are done filling the required fields, It time to send the book to your friend by clicking the Send Now button.

Step 5. As sooner your friend click the Get Your Loaned book now button, he’ll receive the book and can use it for the 14 days time duration.

That’s it for this method. Easy right??

The third method I’m going to talk about is DRM removal. Let’s see how this method work.

#Method 3. By removing kindle DRM:

The third method is very easy to follow and very handy. The kindle e-books are DRM protected! It means you can’t copy them just on any device until you remove this limitation.

There is a number of free DRM removal software which allows us to remove DRM from kindle books, within minutes. The below steps you need to follow to remove kindle DRM.

Step 1. First of all, you need to download and install any kindle DRM removal like Epubsoft kindle DRM removal.

Step 2. Dealing with such software is extremely easy. You get provided with the instructions to use the software on the official website, or on the software itself.

Step 3. Just follow the instructions carefully and make your e-book DRM removed.

Once a book is DRM removed, you can copy paste this book on any device easily!!

So, this was all about How to share books on Kindle. Now you can enjoy reading your friends e-books and vice versa! If your Kindle is not turning on, here is how to fix the Kindle Fire issue.

If you found the above methods useful, use the below comment box and let us know your feedback. In the case of any doubt, feel free to put your query, we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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