How to Turn on Apple TV Without Remote?

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Apple TV is a digital media player that is developed and sold by Apple. It is an entertainment device, which is small in size and it can receive digital data from a lot of sources and stream that to a capable TV for playing it on the TV screen.

With the introduction of Apple TV, the company has once again proved its caliber when it comes to innovation. The manufacturer spends a huge chunk of money on research and development.

This is a magnificent contribution by a company to the world of technology. Apple TV has a lot of features, which will be discussed shortly. However, there have been many concerns raised by people on how to turn on Apple TV without remote. This is because the remote is a very small piece, which can be misplaced or lost.

It is actually quite easy to set up Apple TV without remote and also control Apple TV without remote. Before that, let’s have a look at some of the great features of this television.

Apple TV’s new addition allows you to access every HBO show; this is available on demand. Apart from the HBO movies and other programs, you can also watch ESPN via live streaming.

There is this app called AirFlick that lets you move any video or audio file directly to your Apple TV without jailbreaking it. These will also transcode the non-iTunes files on the fly so that there is no waiting to watch. It is a good way to watch different kinds of content on your Apple TV without hacking it.

If you already have a lot of videos on your computer that are not compatible with iTunes, then there are several programs you can use to transcode them. iMovie, an app that is included when you purchase a new Mac is a good start.

There is an app called HandBrake, which is free for Mac, Linux, and PC; this also works well. All these apps will let you dump your videos to your iPad and then beam them to your Apple TV using AirPlay.

How to Turn on Apple TV without Remote

AirPlay Mirroring lets you take whatever you see on your iPhone, Mac, or iPad and beam it wirelessly over to your TV. It is worth noting that not all apps are AirPlay compatible, as it is up to the app developers to develop apps that incorporate AirPlay functionality.

However, it can be used to play games, perform product demos on a regular TV or show keynote presentations.

These are just a few features of Apple TV. There have been amazing reviews about this television by the users. Users are always delighted with the products that they own, be it an iPhone or an Apple TV. Apple continues to amaze people with the quality of products that they sell.

How to Use Apple TV without Remote?

There have been many cases where people lose their Apple TV remote; the remote is very small in size and is so thin that it gets really difficult to locate it, and it is easier to lose something so tiny. There have also been times when people raise issues like Apple remote app not working.

If your Apple TV remote goes missing, you have a few alternative steps you can work on, and you do not have to pay any fees to do so. These are the steps that teach you how to set up Apple TV without remote

Use Remote App

If you own an Apple TV, then it is suggested that you to also have an iOS device in your house. Install a free Remote app that you can use on your Apple devices like an iPhone or iPad.

You will be able to control the television if all the Apple devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Once the app is installed, tap on the setup Home Sharing button and then enter your Apple login credentials. Once you are logged in, you will see your Apple TV listed.

If you do not see it, then make sure your home entertainment system is turned on and also check to see if home sharing is turned on in iTunes.

Tap the Apple TV icon to connect the iOS device to it. Home Sharing allows you to share your iTunes library with your Apple TV; therefore, the Remote app will open a screen that shows some of the contents of your iTunes library.

If you want to use your iPhone, iPad or any other handheld Apple devices to control the cursor on your TV, you will have to tap the small button in the upper right corner with the four arrows.

This opens up a screen with a familiar menu like a play or pause buttons from the Apple TV remote. Now, instead of the 4 arrow buttons, it provides a space where you can swipe to move the cursor; you can tap the screen to select an item.

Reprogram an Old TV Remote

For setting up an old remote that can act as an Apple TV remote, you need a remote that is in working condition in order to begin the setup procedure. It is good if you use the Remote app to set things up.

Get your old remote and on the Apple TV using the Remote app to go to Settings –> General –> Remotes –> Learn Remote. Click the Start button, then press and hold buttons to assign each a function.

You will first get a walk through the basic buttons like the Up, Down, Left, Right, Select, and Menu buttons.

Now, Apple TV will ask you to provide a name for your new remote. After giving a name to the remote, you will be asked if Playback buttons should be set up; that includes Play, Pause, Rewind and forward buttons.

This gives you greater functionality than the normal remote. This way, you can control your Apple TV even if you do not have the remote.

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